IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2007-01-04

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clbUpdate from opt: 4 Jan 14:56 - xchat: updated to version 2.8.009:18
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j^2hey all10:03
aonhi jaeger10:10
aonand j^2 too :)10:10
clbUpdate from opt: 4 Jan 16:08 - wpa_supplicant: update to 0.5.710:18
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clbUpdate from opt: 4 Jan 19:17 - prt-get-bashcompletion: fixed source13:19
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jaegerheyo, sip13:25
siphey jaeger13:25
sipi can confirm the python problem here13:25
jaegertalked with jue about it yesterday, it's easy to workaround but it would be nice to know why it happens13:26
sipbtw, what about shipping lbrsvg with our gtk?13:27
sipit's pluggable without recompilation so it's not strictly needed13:28
jaegerI've no objections13:28
siphmm.. just noticed there's an additional dep (libart)13:29
sipnevermind, better sticking with our current setup :-)13:30
jaegerfair enough13:30
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jjpkI have something to comment on.14:05
jjpkRegarding footprint mismatches, shouldn't they really be changed from errors to a simple FYI notice?14:06
jjpkSimply because it is misleading in most cases, at least in personal experience over the years using crux.14:07
jaegerpersonally I'd like it to be a warning with the option to halt on warnings14:11
sippersonally I'm fine with the option in pkgmk14:14
jjpksip: ignoring footprint mismatches you mean=14:14
jjpkTrue, it is a quick fix in the behavior.14:15
sipI mean, setting the proper option in the config file do just what you describe14:15
sipbut without warning, of course14:16
sipLemme rephrase: I thnk it's ok to add the warning, but the default should be to stop on errors14:18
jjpkThat would be one way to address what I am after.14:20
jjpkThen add a note somewhere describing it, etc. just a thought.14:21
sipI think it's much neede since we have a couple of questions a week about that14:23
sipEven if it's in the FAQ ;-)14:23
jjpkThose messages are exactly what motivated me to ask :p14:25
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