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j^2hey guys08:39
Romstererror: remote 'refs/heads/2.2' is not a strict subset of local ref 'refs/heads/2.2'08:49
Romsterbut i'm on branch 2.3 and trying to push up 2.3 not 2.208:49
Romsterthought i had git under control oviously not...08:49
tilmangit push +2.3:2.308:50
* j^2 tips hat to cruxers08:51
Romsterssh: +2.3: Name or service not known \n fatal: unexpected EOF08:52
tilmangit push YOUR_REMOTE_NAME +2.3:2.308:53
tilmandid you break contrib.git?08:57
Romsterno its fine thanks09:00
Romsterjsut that i missed that in the manual i was looking at..09:00
Romsterthanks tilman still got mroe todo but its a start.09:00
tilmanjaeger: i'm pondering updating flac once again. do you have a patch ready for that port that would be influenced by the upgrade?09:09
tilmanplease create one for 2.309:09
tilmanlet me know if you need help, if upstream didn't patch it yet, i can help out09:10
jaegerI couldn't find one that worked properly with gstreamer at the time09:15
tilmaneven not in their svn repo?09:25
jaegernot then... perhaps now09:26
jaegerI can't even find any mention of a version not working, they just require >= 1.0.309:32
jaegerjust found that :)09:34
jaegerI'll give it a try09:34
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jaegerhave to update gstreamer first09:51
jaegerRomster: I get an md5sum mismatch on libmpcdec09:53
Romsterhrmm checking.09:54
Romsterstrange i don't have a md4 sum error..10:01
Romsterdefently can't find a problem there...10:04
jaegerah, never mind, got it from a different source10:05
* jaeger shuts up10:06
jaegersorry for the confusion10:06
Romsterphew i was gonna say i wasn't going mad was i...10:06
Romsteris ok10:07
jaegerI've felt that way many times10:07
Romsterwas about to remove my ports tree and do a ports -u just to make sure...10:10
jaegerbit overkill, maybe10:14
Romstermaybe :/10:17
Romsteri can't download says bad gateway is that just me?10:23
jaegerI don't get a response10:26
jaegertilman: still doesn't work, even though the patch applies without errors.
tilmandid you update opt/flac to 1.1.3?10:28
tilmanoh, i know10:28 needs patching10:28
tilmanwhat version of gstreamer do you use?10:29
tilmanfor that patch10:29
jaegerplugins-good 0.10.510:29
Romsterdamn i'll try it later probbly my transparent squid saying 50310:30
tilmanon top of the diff you got10:32
jaegerthanks, I'll give it a try10:32
tilmangood that the flac guy didn't test his own patch10:33
Romsterfinally got that file server must be over loaded10:57
jaegertilman: no change, perhaps I'm doing something wrong11:05
tilmandamn flac punks11:07
tilmani can't be assed to d/l gstreamer etc right now11:07
tilmandefinitely not your fault.11:07
jaegercertainly not a show-stopper to be missing flac support for now11:09
Romsteri could test i have gstreamer installed.11:12
Romsterduh silly commont of course i do i made contrib ports :/11:13
tilmanbut it's not about testing11:14
Romsterthen what are you trying todo with flack involving gstreamer...11:15
jaegerbuild gstreamer-plugins-good with flac support11:15
jaegerafter upgrading flac to 1.1.311:15
Romsterah k wil try.11:21
clbUpdate from opt: 5 Jan 17:00 - dovecot: update to 1.0.rc16 || 5 Jan 16:58 - spamprobe: update to 1.4c11:22
Romsterthis check will also fail with FLAC 1.1.3 which changed API again < hrmm11:23
Romstersaw that on the end of that diff11:23
Romsterthat'll do for one nite its 5:40am now O_o nearly got all my stuff in contrib 2.3 now. and i'll double check everything to make sure its all ok.12:41
tilmanwho branched contrib to 2.3?12:44
tilmanjesus motherfucker12:44
tilmanwhat the fuck?12:44
Romster:/ i have but not quite added all my ports yet, the rest have todo theres yet.12:45
Romsteri created a blank branch not an actuall branch so i don't mess with the other ports that don't belong to me.12:45
tilmanthat was fucking retarded12:46
tilmanbranching it off at this time was stupid12:46
tilmans/branching it off/creating the branch/12:46
Romsteri know its still in testing and i have a setup to test it all in too..12:47
tilmanyeah, whatever12:47
tilmanyou're making my head hurt12:47
Romsterman i've spent all nte working on it... and a few days ago too.12:47
tilmanmaybe discuss things with someone before doing it12:48
Romsterso you think it was too early todo so....12:48
tilman(19:45) <   Romster> i created a blank branch not an actuall branch so i don't  mess with the other ports that don't belong to me.12:48
tilman(19:46) <    tilman> that was fucking retarded12:48
Romsterno one informed me i've typed in here days ago of my intensions..12:48
tilmanhello void, i intent to blow up this planet. kthxbye.12:49
Romsteri pasted in this channel how many days ago now it'll all be on the clb bot...12:49
Romsterdeleate the branch if you like i got the changes here...12:49
tilmando you truly expect all of us to read ALL OF THE logs to check for someone posting his intentions?12:49
tilmanthis is too much12:49
treachtilman: Please don't do anything dramatic, I rather like you. ;)12:50
Romsterand i would post to the ML but everything gets bounced...12:51
Romstermeh i'm going to bed all i try todo is build apon but i end up steping on every ones feet, and getting in the way...12:52
jaegerI don't really understand the fuss13:15
tilmanit's okay, i just stopped caring about contrib13:20
j^2i miss cptn :(13:43
j^2where is the bug reports for sips 2.3-test image?13:49
tilmannot sure how official sip intended the iso to be13:51
j^2i thought that was the one yall were using13:52
tilmanbut it's not meant for public consumption _i think_13:53
tilmanprobably best to yell at us in irc for now?13:53
tilmanand use flyspray once we have RCs13:53
tilmanwhich are pretty official ;D13:53
j^2hehe yep, ok, well i just noticed (extremely minor) that the boot up message said 2.2 :P13:54
j^2nothing too special13:54
treachj^2: sed -i s/2.2/2.3/ /usr/bin/crux ;)14:12
treachsed -i s/2.2/2.3-pre_alpha/ /usr/bin/crux maybe.14:13
tilmansed -i -e 's/CRUX 2.2/j^2's uber-limux 2.3/' isolinux/boot.msg14:14
j^2your my favorite :D14:14
treachI thought you were speachless for a moment. :p14:15
tilmanj^2: hey, if your uber-limux is a commercial success, i'd appreciate if you gave me 75% of the profit ;)14:15
j^2noted ;)14:15
j^2i'm gonna be adventurous and try 2.3-test in parallels14:16
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jaegerI have a 2.2 install in parallels, it's pretty happy15:50
treachhow about qemu? Still broken?15:55
tilmansip put a binary port in opt, that should work15:59
treachI whish I had the hardware to try out that new kvm stuff. :)16:00
tilmannever heard of that16:00
tilmanah, thanks16:02
treachyou're welcome.16:03
j^2you still playing?16:24
j^2i'm about to hit 60 :D16:24
jaegeryeah, when I can :)16:24
j^2nice UI, it's so....clean16:24
jaegerthat's the intent :)16:25
j^2i started a priest, i'm really liking it, but alas i'm so close with my warrior that i've backed off her for a bit16:25
j^2her name is "MsKahlan" ;)16:25
jaegerWhat a surprise :P16:26
j^2gotta honor her some how ;)16:27
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