IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2007-01-08

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clbUpdate from opt: 8 Jan 06:38 - dovecot: update to 1.0.rc17 || 8 Jan 06:36 - spamprobe: update to 1.4d || 8 Jan 06:33 - mailx: update to 12.2 || 8 Jan 06:32 - sqlite3: update to 3.3.901:05
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treachhmm, is there a way to change/recover your password for flyspray?07:30
treachI created an account there ages ago, but it seems like I've lost the password. :/07:31
clbUpdate from opt: 8 Jan 13:13 - git: updated to
tilmanno idea07:37
tilmanif there's no 'send me the passwd kthxbye' link, you prolly have to contact sip07:38
treachdamn, and I needed flyspray to contact him. :D07:44
treach(source link to Imagemagick is broken.)07:44
aonthere doesn't seem to be anything in users&groups in flyspray either07:47
aon(imagemagick sure breaks its tarball often)07:47
treachit appears that it's -6 now, rather than -5.07:47
aonperhaps there should be a bug like that's always open :)07:49
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treach 00 * * * * echo "check if imagemagick has changed" :>08:15
jaegeryou sure that's often enough?08:16
aonwhile [ 1 ]; do echo "check if imagemagick has changed"; done08:16
treachone can only hope :)08:16
jaegerthat's better08:17
clbUpdate from opt: 8 Jan 14:08 - git: fixed URL08:37
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j^2morning all08:47
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aonmorning j^208:50
j^2how you doing ao?08:50
aonjust found this band a while ago:
aonawesome :D08:51
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clbUpdate from opt: 8 Jan 19:23 - imagemagick: updated to 6.3.1-6 || 8 Jan 19:12 - directfb: drop the /usr/lib/directfb symlink13:38
* jaeger grumbles at imagemagick14:12
tilmandid anyone check whether they offer old tarballs anywhere?14:13
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