IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2007-01-09

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j^2morning guys09:02
j^2how's it going jaeger09:03
jaegerok so far, you?09:04
j^2finnally get training on the "ip office" today from avaya09:05
j^2i've been fighting for this for monthes09:05
j^2and i tried out pzizz last night09:05
j^2it works09:05
j^2really really works09:06
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sepenhi! someone could place my new pub key at, I need to commit some modification to contrib13:12
sepenalso I wrote a mail to sip asking for that13:13
tilmanyes, i can13:13
tilmansip isn't available for crux stuff atm i think13:13
sepentilman, thanks, at @codemonkey? Im going to write you a mail13:14
sepenthis is due to Im using one key at work and another at home, and I want to use only one key for all13:18
tilmanso i can remove the old key from authorized_keys?13:19
tilmansince you decided to paste it in the mail instead of attaching it, you could just have it pasted in irssi, too o_O13:20
sepenalso, now Im using dsa key13:20
sepenthe older is rsa no?13:20
tilmansee if it works13:21
sepen$ git clone crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib.git contrib13:23
sepenPermission denied (publickey).13:23
tilmantry again13:25
sepenyes, I works13:27
sepens/I/it     xDDD13:55
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