IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2007-01-18

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clbUpdate from opt: 18 Jan 13:54 - fcron: update to 3.0.2 || 18 Jan 13:53 - mpg123: update to 0.64 || 18 Jan 13:52 - scite: update to 1.72 || 18 Jan 13:51 - squid: update to 2.6.STABLE7 || 18 Jan 13:50 - sylpheed: update to 2.3.108:09
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j^2morning guys08:26
clbUpdate from core: 18 Jan 14:24 - strace: update to 4.5.1508:39
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clbUpdate from core: 18 Jan 14:40 - ed: update to 0.409:09
aonmorning j^209:10
j^2how you doing aon?09:14
aonjust got mail from my ex summer employer09:14
aonseems like i'm going there again09:14
aonfirst without pay for a month, then with pay for two months09:15
aonthat's what you get for being in school :)09:15
aoni could go to some other place without being paid as well09:15
aonbut then there would be the hassle of learning a new infrastructure09:15
aonor being completely worthless if not09:15
j^2what do you mean a "new infrastructure?"09:17
aonlike where everything is09:17
aonwhat software is used09:17
aonwhat's the system of paying for coffee, if any :)09:17
aoneh what?09:19
j^2hehe nothing, i'm not all here right now :P09:19
j^2if i wanted to parse through a directory of text files but only find the same lines how would i do it?09:33
aonfind the lines that are same in each file?09:33
aonwhy on earth would you like to do that? :)09:37
j^2i have a directory of spam, all raw source, headers and all, and i'd like to "diff" them, but see if they are any consistancys so i can add the line to my regex filter09:38
tilmandon't think that would work well anyway09:42
j^2how so?, i know diff'll find any differances, but there is no "reverse" diff?09:44
tilmani doubt it will work well on _spam_09:45
j^2yeah, but for shits and giggles i'd like to try to see if there were similarities09:46
j^2so there isnt?09:59
aondunno, make one10:05
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j^2hehe it's called "comm"10:07
j^2good ol RMS made it10:07
j^2it's part of textutils10:07
aononly two,though :)10:08
j^2i'm getting there though10:08
j^2so yah...comm + for loop "kinda" works10:18
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treachjaeger: are you aware of the flash9 release, or should I file a bug? ;)12:20
jaegeraware of it, just haven't messed with it yet12:25
treachjust got pwned by a sysup, annoying. :)12:26
treach(changed the port, forgot to lock it.)12:26
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