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clbUpdate from opt: 23 Jan 10:12 - netcat: removed 'nc' symlink03:09
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siphere comes our iputils man ;-)08:19
jaegersome problem with iputils?08:22
siphas it been committed?08:23
jaegerwas some change done recently? I can't remember :(08:24
sipI was re-reading the discussion on iputils, at the end if I understand well we only need ping from that package. Is it correct?08:24
jaegerare we replacing netkit-base entirely?08:26
jaegersorry I'm behind, haven't had enough time to keep up with everything08:26
sipI don't think so, netkit has inetd and services,protocols08:26
jaegerand ping08:27
sipplus ping, which is in iputils08:27
jaegerI'm confused... what do we need from iputils, then?08:27
sipThat's what I'm trying to ask in crappy sentences ;-)08:28
jaegerI'm honestly not sure where iputils even came into importance, to be honest08:28
jaegerand for extra redundancy08:28
* jaeger is tired08:28
jaegerthe only advantage I see to iputils off the top of my head is the ipv6 versions of ping and traceroute08:29
jaegerneither of which is a necessity, in my opinion08:29
siphmm, we'd need to enable ipv6 in the kernel08:29
jaegerI don't mind having ipv6 support but we've never made a big deal of it so I don't mind if we don't have it, either. it's easy to add later08:30
sipI agree, we could also do a 'make ping' and just build the ping executable08:30
sipif ping ends up being the cultprit08:31
sipmaybe just call the port 'ping', and remove ping from netkit-base.08:32
jaegerunless there's some problem with the ping from netkit-base I don't see a need to use iputils, really08:32
sipfine for me too08:32
jaegerguess I should fix the nvidia ports08:34
jaegerfatal: 'origin': unable to chdir or not a git archive08:39
jaegerfatal: unexpected EOF08:39
jaegerany idea what that means?08:39 blew up?08:39
tilmanseems to be a problem at anyway08:40
jaegerhrmm, ok08:40
jaegerguess I won't fix that right now, heh08:40
tilmandid you try to pull opt?08:41
jaegeryes, just before I changed the port08:41
* tilman tries08:42
sipseems to work here08:42
jaegerit appeared to work properly at the time08:42
tilmanjaeger: i mean, when did you get the error?08:42
tilmanwhen pulling, or when pushing?08:43
tilmanwhat command did you run exactly?08:44
jaeger"git push"08:44
jaegerI could pretend I know why you're smiling now but I won't. I'm really tired of how inconsistent git is08:46
jaegerI honestly don't understand why it's got to have a special problem with everything I do08:46
sipif you pull before making changes, generally things goes smooth08:49
jaegerI pull *EVERY* time before I make changes08:49
jaegerand it fucks up NEARLY every time08:49
sipthat's odd, really08:49
jaegerI almost always have to completely trash my tree and clone it again08:49
tilmanno idea whether that ^^^ applies to us though08:50
jaegerhas something changed in the config on the server side? I haven't changed anything on this end08:52
jaegerstill using the same git+ssh method, still have the same .gitconfig, .ssh/config, and .git/remotes/origin08:52
sipnot something that I'm aware of08:52
jaegerso why would it all of a sudden NOT work as expected?08:53
sipI just recreated the kde repo, but it's a separate one08:53
siphmm, something wrong at the disk level?08:53
jaegeris "git push git+ssh://crux/home/crux/scm/ports/opt.git refs/heads/2.2" safe to do?08:53
tilmantry "git push origin 2.2:2.2"08:54
jaegersame error08:54
sipwhat does the last commit appears to be locally?08:55
jaegerbesides mine?08:55
tilmani'll look at the frigging code08:55
jaegercommit c182ed7c6b0532538c176ee95df0068794ac059e08:56
jaegeraon removed the 'nc' symlink from netcat08:56
sipseems ok08:56
tilmani just committed and pushed a valgrind update btw08:57
sipjaeger, what if you pull now?08:57
jaegerdoesn't fast forward, of course... should I force it?08:58
sipyou'd lost your commit08:58
jaegerit's easy to redo08:58
siptry then08:58
jaegernow it's once again up to date and I see the valgrind commit08:59
sipwait a sec, pushing08:59
clbUpdate from opt: 23 Jan 14:50 - valgrind: updated to 3.2.209:10
siptilman, is it ok for you too to skip iputils integration?09:14
tilmanjaeger: "strace git push origin" and paste it somewhere09:16
clbjaeger: 23 Jan 14:50 - valgrind: updated to 3.2.2 || 23 Jan 10:12 - netcat: removed 'nc' symlink || 21 Jan 11:47 - xemacs-sumo: updated to 2006-12-21 || 18 Jan 13:54 - fcron: update to 3.0.2 || 18 Jan 13:53 - mpg123: update to 0.64 || 18 Jan 13:52 - scite: update to 1.72 || 18 Jan 13:51 - squid: update to 2.6.STABLE7 || 18 Jan 13:50 - sylpheed: update to 2.3.1 || 17 Jan 20:12 - cryptsetup-luks: bumped (2 more messages)09:20
jaegertilman: oh, man, this is fucking stupid09:20
jaegeropen(".git/config", O_RDONLY)           = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)09:20
jaegeropen(".git/branches/origin", O_RDONLY)  = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)09:20
tilmantouch .git/config09:22
tilmanmaybe better use the default .git/config file09:23
tilmancd /tmp && mkdir foobar && cd foobar && git init-db09:23
tilmancp .git/config /blah/opt/.git09:23
jaegerit looks the same :/09:23
tilmanstrace again please09:24
jaegerwell, I already did the push in the right place, it's just beyond my why this has changed09:24
jaegeropt/nvidia vs. opt09:25
tilmanwhat do you mean?09:25
jaegerI'll explain09:25
jaegerI cd <devel area>/opt/nvidia, make my changes there09:26
jaegerthen update index, commit, push09:26
jaegerwhich has worked in the past09:26
jaeger(even though .git/* is not in the nvidia dir)09:26
jaegernow it doesn't09:26
tilmanoh, you need to be in the root of git repo09:26
jaegerthat's what the strace indicated, and it worked when I changed to the root09:27
tilmanfeel like asking in #git about that?09:27
jaegermaybe a bit later when I'm less annoyed by it09:28
sipmeanwhile, I'm updateing git on crux.nu09:29
tilmanSubject: [ANNOUNCE] xserver 1.2.009:34
* sip faints09:35
sipSubject: [ANNOUNCE] CRUX 2.309:35
* tilman slaps sip with jjpk 09:35
tilmanoh, he's already up again :P09:35
jjpkouch :(09:35
tilmansip: gotta read up on iputils again09:36
sipgood luck with that09:36
tilmanmike requested a sync of /etc/services and protocols with netbsd, but that would mean we actually lose entries09:36
tilmanthough these aren't directly related :D09:36
sipyeah, had a look at the irc logs09:37
sipmaybe we should have a look at free|openbsd as well09:37
tilmannnhm yeah09:37
sipnot to say netbsd is the debian of the bsd world, but hey :-P09:38
clbUpdate from opt: 23 Jan 15:36 - conky: update to 1.4.5 || 23 Jan 15:33 - dnsmasq: update to 2.36 || 23 Jan 15:31 - msmtp: update to 1.4.10 || 23 Jan 15:28 - sqlite3: update to 3.3.11 || 23 Jan 15:19 - nvidia: added gl-select to dependencies, removed nvhelper.sh09:40
tilmansip: can/could/should we do iso builds on
sipyou mean bootsrapping there?09:44
sipa bit risky09:44
sipa dedicated machine would be nice, though09:45
sipdoes "CRUX Team, core-ports at crux dot nu" sound ok for Pkgfiles?10:17
jaegerthat's fine by me10:19
tilman"crux system team" maybe10:19
tilmannot sure whether we settled with "system" over "core" though ;)010:20
jaegerno preference here10:22
sipcommitted as "CRUX System Team"10:27
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siphi j^210:31
j^2how's it going sip?10:31
sipnot too bad, thanks. And you? How's life?10:31
j^2great, i just started to run spamassassin, life is good, not sleeping though...10:33
j^2not much else to say :D10:33
sipis the no sleeping part related to your new mail admin tasks? :-)10:35
j^2nervious to say the least :D10:38
sipanybody here using blackbox? Johannes was the maintainer and we need a new one since it'll be in 2.3 iso10:40
j^2i could :D10:41
jaegerI do while I'm installing gnome, hehe10:42
sipheh. I use it daily but with my infamous patches for right-click->shade10:43
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jaegerthis mean anything to anyone in here?
jaegerit's a backtrace from hald10:51
tilmanno error in the log?10:54
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jaegerhrmm.. hald's working again... this is odd11:36
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aonjaeger: any plans to update wxgtk to 2.8.0?12:32
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clbUpdate from opt: 23 Jan 21:36 - atk: updated to version 1.12.4 || 23 Jan 21:28 - glib: updated to version 2.12.915:43
clbUpdate from opt: 23 Jan 21:52 - pango: updated to version 1.14.816:13
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clbUpdate from opt: 23 Jan 23:40 - gtk: updated to version 2.10.917:43
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