IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2007-01-24

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j^2morning guys09:06
j^2how's life jaeger ?09:08
jaegernot bad so far, you?09:11
j^2well i'm not learning how to hack perl, i have to parse out data in text logs now09:17
j^2and i'm totalally not a prograwer09:17
j^2(well i cant type it seems either :P)09:18
jaegerspelling is overrated09:39
aonjaeger: so how about wxgtk 2.8.0? :)10:05
jaegerto be honest, I hardly ever use it. do you want to take it over?10:13
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aoni might10:38
tilmanj^2: check out the ruby language :D11:06
tilmanit's easy to pick up, and powerful ;)11:06
j^2hehe, deja vu' :D11:06
j^2yeah, but i'm scared...11:07
tilman+ there's a hilarious book11:07
j^2seriously, it just seems forgien to me11:07
tilmanwhich is good if you like hilarious11:07
j^2link me?11:07
j^2oh yeah!11:08
j^2i remember this one :D11:08
tilmanwho uses pkgutils from the master branch?11:17
tilman(ie, w/ libarchive?)11:17
treachNP: Simon_And_Garfunkel-The_sound_of_silence11:21
aonnp: Rainbow - Silence11:23
aontilman: I do11:23
aonalthough it's not mighty recent11:23
tilmanlast commit:11:24
tilmanlast commit: Date:   Fri Dec 29 16:51:27 2006 +010011:24
tilmandamn irssi11:24
aonDec 30 13:48 /usr/bin/pkgadd11:24
tilmani'm trying to figure out how to proceed with that branch11:24
tilmanmaybe we should make a release just after 2.3 has been released11:25
tilmanor something ;)11:25
aoncould be11:25
aonhm, this actually isn't a bad song11:25
aonlate rainbow usually is :>11:25
treachtilman: minor question: this version should be easier to get working on a non-GNU system, right?11:26
tilmani don't know of any issues with libtar on non-gnu systems11:27
tilmanbut if there are, then the answer is probably 'yes'11:28
treachI guess I'll find out eventually. :)11:28
j^2tilman, this guys is demented.... I love it!11:34
j^2his humor reminds me of Eddie Izzard11:39
aonwho? where?11:39
treachaon: presumeably in the link above.11:40
tilman(18:07) <    tilman>
aonjaeger: smpeg has a broken url13:55
aonit also fails to build on 2.313:55
aon*sigh*, damn that cat is stupid13:57
aonit just went through an inane struggle to get out of a cardboard box, now it got in there again13:57
aon...but getting out was easier this time :)13:57
aonalthough well14:00
aoninane fits too14:00
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jaegeraon: ok, thanks14:42
clbUpdate from opt: 24 Jan 20:51 - firefox-flash-plugin: updated to version
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jaegeraon: smpeg compiles with gcc 4.0.3 in 2.2, what is that patch really for?15:32
tilmanor rather, gcc 4.115:32
jaegerjust wish it were a bit more usefully named, I guess15:35
aonwell, that's how it was named in pld16:01
aonso i guess it should be renamed16:01
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