IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2007-01-25

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j^2mornin' guys08:53
j^2doing well aon?08:55
j^2is there a way to grep for something and grab 2 or 3 lines around it?09:50
j^2ie, log files09:50
tilmanman grep09:50
j^2:P, i just thought there might be a quick and dirty way09:51
aonit's like the first and third switch09:52
aonin the man page09:52
j^2oh :D09:52
j^2god i'm lazy09:52
tilmanj^2: it would be nice if you invested a minimum of your own time in trying to figure something out09:52
aontilman: i guess that's not how things work in the U.S. :)09:53
j^2"Why do it yourself when someone else can?"09:53
jaegerto avoid growing lazy09:55
clbUpdate from core: 25 Jan 15:59 - bindutils: update to 9.3.410:01
clbUpdate from opt: 25 Jan 16:12 - uw-imap: update to 2006e || 25 Jan 16:08 - squid: update to 2.6.STABLE910:31
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