IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2007-01-26

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clbUpdate from opt: 26 Jan 12:09 - libdevmapper: updated to 1.02.1606:23
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clbUpdate from opt: 26 Jan 14:46 - sqlite3: updated md5sum || 26 Jan 14:43 - dovecot: update to 1.0.rc1908:53
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j^2morning all09:12
j^2how's life jaeger ?09:27
jaegerbusy but not bad. you?09:29
j^2eh, i woke up last night hypoglycemic so i'm completely off today.  i'm thinking of raiding tonight which gives me something to look forward too09:35
jaegerodd combination but ok09:37
j^2i'm not all here right now09:37
j^2as i like to say09:37
j^2"not firing on all cylinders"09:38
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j^2public Pair() { }09:39
jaegergood stuff09:39
j^2yep, never seen this site09:40
tilmanvery nice09:40
tilmanj^2: the empty constructor is okay imo09:40
j^2yeah my java teacher was totally against them09:41
j^2literally yelled at us if we did them09:41
jaegerdoes anyone want to take over transcode, vcdimager, and their deps? I've asked before but figured I'd ask one last time before simply removing them from the ports trees09:42
tilmanj^2: hum, i don't think you can say they are bad in general09:43
tilmanjaeger: not me09:43
jaegerattic is going away soon, is it not? is there any point in putting these ports in attic or should they just be removed?09:52
tilmani _think_ the idea is to just remove them09:54
tilmanif you want to revive and old port, you can use the git tools to find them etc09:55
tilmanbut maybe it's a good idea to ask sip for confirmation09:55
clbUpdate from opt: 26 Jan 16:43 - removed: vcdimager, transcode, toolame, mjpegtools, libmovtar, libjpeg-mmx, libfame, ...10:53
jaegerhrmm... I wonder if the ping from iputils is really worth the upgrade11:09
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treachaon: *nudge*, *wink* :p22:36
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