IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2007-01-27

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aontreach: yeah04:18
aoni'll test building on 2.2 and commit it04:20
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treachaon: cool, apparently fontforge had a newer version as well.06:44
tilmanw/ a gtk2 ui?07:13
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treachtilman: no idea, haven't tested it yet. (as oposed to the updated wine =) )08:09
treachtilman: apparently not. :)08:17
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aon okay10:28
aoni updated wine10:28
aonbut i have a rather heavy stomach virus now so i'll do fontforge later(tm)10:29
treachok, it's no biggie10:29
treachactually all I had to do was change the version #10:29
aonand it probably doesn't effect the wine port in any way10:30
treachhope you feel better soon.10:30
treachnot that I've noticed.10:30
aonyep, i hope so toon as i'd have to leave to the other side of the country on tuesday :)10:30
aonback to bed ->10:31
clbUpdate from opt: 27 Jan 17:37 - wine: updated to 0.9.3010:32
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