IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2007-02-01

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j^2morning all08:38
clbUpdate from opt: 1 Feb 16:23 - postfix: updated to 2.3.7 || 1 Feb 16:22 - gnupg: updated to 2.0.210:37
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jaegeranyone use bittorrent regularly?14:04
tilmanif i say 'yes' i get to maintain the port?14:05
jaegerI wouldn't say it's automatic, I'm just curious if anyone uses it... I rarely do14:06
treachremove it, see if anyone - like ronny - yells. ;)14:07
jaegerI have no doubt someone will :P14:07
tilmani might do it14:07
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tilmanbut i'd put an older version back in14:07
tilmanwhich might piss ronny off as well14:07
jaegerironically, I mentioned a few times in the past that I intended to drop transcode and deps14:07
jaegerand even asked if anyone wanted to take them over14:07
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jaegerif it does, he's of course welcome to maintain his own version14:07
tilmanno worries re. transcode14:08
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j^2any one else having trouble with contrib?14:40
treach error: 'trouble' undeclared (first use in this function)14:48
j^2it was a line in contrib.rsync14:49
j^2as per jaegers suggestion it needs to be: collection=ports/crux-2.2/contrib/14:50
jaegermy guess is that sip recently turned off the 'crux-contrib' rsync repo14:51
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jaegeroh, this is fun. :P nautilus for gnome 2.16.2 won't start properly without hald ( required by gnome-mount), which crashes on start :P23:09
* jaeger flogs gnome23:09
treachheh, welcome to the club. ;)23:14
treachbtw, I think there's a 2.16.3 you could try your mad skillz on if all else fails. :p23:15
jaegerI may do that23:16

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