IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2007-02-07

clbthrice`: 6 Feb 17:09 - dovecot: update to 1.0.rc22 || 5 Feb 19:14 - openldap: updated to version 2.3.32-stable-20070110 || 5 Feb 18:12 - dnsmasq: update to 2.37 || 5 Feb 18:11 - fuse: update to 2.6.3 || 5 Feb 18:10 - [notify] samba: update to to 3.0.24 || 5 Feb 16:40 - valgrind: updated to 3.2.3 || 3 Feb 10:17 - [notify] wireshark: updated to 0.99.5 || 3 Feb 08:37 - dovecot: update to 1.0.rc21 || 3 Feb (2 more messages)00:04
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j^2hey all09:13
j^2how is everyone?09:14
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jaegerI love our little chats09:15
jaegeranyway, good morning09:15
j^2hehe, i missed the first part :P09:15
j^2actaully i do to, it's a great way to start the working day :D09:16
jaegerthat was the first part, actually, just commenting on your drive-by09:16
j^2yeah colloquy had an update09:16
jaegerdid you ever get crux going on your macbook?09:20
j^2actually it honestly never crossed my mind09:20
jaegeror did I mix you up with someone?09:20
j^2i'd put it in parallels though09:21
jaegermust be someone else09:21
jaegerit works well in parallels, for what that's worth09:22
j^2hehe nice09:23
j^2i run crux on all my routers/fileservers though09:24
* j^2 waves to aon09:25
j^2doing well my friend?09:25
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aonj^2: yeah11:46
aonnow that took a while to notice :D11:47
j^2i just tried installing 2.3, well i'm installing it, and it seems that if you do core+opt it forces you to install the xorg menu too :-O15:17
j^2in the ./setup script15:39
j^2yeah it's odd15:41
j^2i'm thinking because of firefox et al.15:41
j^2maybe we should seporate them for the install cd, console apps and xorg or something15:42
aonUSE FLAGS!115:42
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clbUpdate from opt: 8 Feb 00:31 - postgresql: updated to 8.2.318:38
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