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j^2morning everyone08:37
j^2how you doing jaeger?08:38
jaegerok so far, you?08:41
j^2it's all drizzly here, other than that, good08:42
j^2hey aon08:42
aoni'm trying to cook08:43
aondunno when the last time was :)08:43
j^2start with a simple steak and rice, almost impossilbe to mess up and tastes soooo good08:44
aoni boiled some macaroni and threw it in a casserole with some peas, corn, bell peppers, cream and cheese08:45
aonand a bit of ground chili08:45
aoni'll see what happens when i bake it08:45
j^2ah nic08:45
j^2might have to run to McDonalds eh? :P08:45
aonprobably not, that's a bit far away :)08:46
aonbut there's a pizza and kebab place nearby :)08:46
j^2pizza is always a good choice08:46
jaegerI've cooked jambalaya and red beans & rice recently, first couple times I've cooked anything more than frozen stuff in years08:47
jaegerkinda fun08:47
aonj^2: yeah, but nowadays i tend to prefer kebab :)08:47
aoneither with potatoes or rolled inside a pizza base :)08:48
j^2hehe, i'm all about this place myself...08:48
j^2it's a lame ass site08:49
j^2but good god the pizza is great08:49
aoni think it just crashed my ff08:51
j^2yeah i think it broke safari too08:51
j^2sorry :(08:51
aonnp :)08:52
aonthere are about two places that i like to go to :)08:53
aonneither of them have websites :)08:53
j^2pizza beer and WoW, now that's a saturday night... (seriously, that's what me my buddy and my girlfriend do :))08:54
aonhehe :)08:54
j^2well my girlfriend likes tequila more...but you get the point :D08:55
aoni guess WoW starts to go wrong after enough of that? :)08:55
j^2lets just say instances...start taking longer to set up against mobs :P08:56
j^2i'm actaully thinking about getting her into #crux, she messed with ubuntu for a bit, but horrible ati drivers so her x was all messed up08:57
j^2stupid ati08:57
aoni've been running the stock 'nv' driver for ages now08:58
aonsomeone asked me today what gpu to buy08:58
aoni just said "erm.. i dunno"08:58
aonor actually i didn't say that, but the equivalent08:58
jaegergive me nvidia any day. I don't mind that it's closed, it works and works well :)08:58
j^2especially with the dual monitor setup08:59
aoni have a dual monitor setup too09:00
aoni'm using one09:00
aonthe other's behind my back on the floor09:00
jaegerI've been able to use dual-head with ATI hardware with a good success rate... what I can't manage to do reliably is 3d stuff09:01
j^23d and i have never seen eye to eye09:01
jaegerwith nvidia hardware 3d and I get along quite well09:02
j^2and the quatro cards are dropping fast too, which helps when trying to build another box, i saw one for like 40 bucks this weekend09:03
jjpkHard to believe the last GPU I bought was back in 2002.09:07
jjpkOpen source OS's have made me lazy because there is no need to buy new hardware :p09:08
jaegerI only buy new hardware for gaming, which I do less and less of these days09:09
jjpkWell, of course one could but being a poor student doesn't get you far :p09:09
aon02:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV17 [GeForce4 MX 440] (rev a3)09:10
jjpkYeah, that is another reason why I have not upgraded for years, I do very little gaming these days.09:10
aonsame here09:11
jjpkI am getting a bit paranoid because the hardware is getting older and older.09:11
aonand hardware has been adequate for ages for all the other purposes :)09:11
jjpkJust don't want it to break down :(09:11
aonwell, spares are cheap :)09:13
jjpk~3 more months of dependence and then I won't care.09:16
aonwhat happens then? :)09:16
jjpkI "graduate". Not officially, but then my thesis has to be ready. :p09:16
jjpkThe last thing left is a foreign exchange period, but it does not really count because you just have to pass them.09:18
aonhave you already dealt with SA?09:18
aon < that thing :)09:18
jjpknot yet :D09:19
jjpk2008 summer, maybe.09:19
aonit seems i'll go 9.7. this year :)09:19
jjpkI'm busy until spring '08 so it has to wait.09:20
jjpkWell not spring, but late winter anyway.09:20
aonwell, that stuff can wait indeed :)09:20
j^2oh wow, yall have required military service?09:21
j^22 years?09:21
aon6 months, 9 months or 12 months09:21
jjpkYou have 3 choices. 1) go serve in the armed forces (6months - year) 2) civil service (13 months) 3) sit in jail if you refuse both09:21
aondepends on the training09:21
aonyeah, jail is also a year?09:22
jjpkProbably longer than that.09:22
jjpkWHo knows, might get lucky if the government downsizes the armed forces.09:22
j^2crazy as fins09:22
aonjjpk: seems like it's half of the remaining civil service time09:23
aonie. 6.5months at max09:23
jjpkoh ok.09:23
jjpkActually, make that 4 choices. 4) run away :D09:24
aonrun away + stay away for 8 years09:24
jjpkLast year there was some complaints that the prison option is a human right violation, maybe a decent refugee excuse :D09:25
j^2according to wikipedia yall are the 6th happiest nation on the planent09:25
aoni think the complaint is ongoing :)09:25
j^2 --> he just looks finnish... :P09:26
jjpkThat guy is the prime minister.09:27
aonour system is a bit similar to DDR :)09:27
j^2thank god for wikipedia09:28
aonwell, so is our educational system ;)09:28
j^2according to wikipedia yall use saunas alot :P09:31
* jaeger reimages his laptop to start building gnome 2.16.309:36
clbUpdate from opt: 8 Feb 15:27 - pyrex: updated to version
clbUpdate from opt: 8 Feb 17:18 - tightvnc: added some more manpages; thanks to Clare11:40
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