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clbUpdate from opt: 9 Feb 13:03 - mpg123: update to 0.65 || 9 Feb 13:02 - [notify] mod_php: update to 5.2.107:17
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j^2w00t everyone came back08:47
j^2Windows Live Hotmail, what kinda queer crap is that? hell its not even html anymore!08:52
aon what is it, then? did they invent some markup of their own+09:01
j^2isnt it aspx now?09:01
aoni dunno, i don't get mail from :)09:02
j^2it's turning more and more into an fronted for outlook09:02
j^2i started there, went it was html09:02
j^2before m$ bought it09:02
j^2then...gave it up :P09:02
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aoni've never used hotmail09:11
aonmsnm for like half a year :)09:11
aonhm, has to have been more09:14
jaegeranyone running gnome in here? want to test something09:18
j^2nope :(09:19
jaegerwell, tell me if has transparent corners in your browser?09:19
jaegerit seems to work for me everywhere but as a gnome splash09:20
jaegerok, thanks09:20
jaegerI wanted to make this the default splash for gnome 2.16.3 but it's annoying me09:21
aontransparency works in other images?09:23
jaegeronly tested 2 so far but it didn't work in either09:23
j^2i've offically come full circle in my *inx learning09:26
jaegerI haven't tried it on a different distribution yet, that's worth a shot09:26
aonj^2: how so?09:26
j^2i started in freebsd 2.2.2 with fvwm2, and i just started configing fvwm2 in freebsd 6.2-release in parallels09:27
j^2i dunno why, but i've always been drawn to fvwm2...ugly as all hell, customizable09:28
aoni've realized that i don't really want to customize my wm09:28
aonalthough i've changed the theme and the menu :)09:29
jaegerI made a theme for fvwm once... no idea where it is now09:29
j^2yeah it's something i do when i'm's programing...but not :P09:29
aoni just mostly sit and listen to music when i'm bored09:31
aonie. always09:31
j^2yah being my network is runnig without a hitch now, i just basicly show up to work... dont really do anything all day09:32
aoni know the feeling :)09:32
j^2irc idle and frack around :P09:32
aonsleeping would be fun, too, but you can't really do that :s09:32
j^2and next week i should be getting a raise! :-O09:32
j^2you know it's odd, i couldnt get 2.3 installed, but freebsd worked great09:33
aon"Who's that guy? He just sits there all day." "Erm, must be some manager." "Why is he being paid that little?" "Dunno, let's give him a raise."09:33
jaegerwhat happened with 2.3?09:33
j^2aon: hehe09:34
j^2jaeger: i dunno, it just wouldnt boot...i think it was a parallels thing09:34
jaegermy ultra5 won't boot right now but something's missing from the kernel... I can't figure out what, though :P09:35
j^2stupid ultra509:35
* j^2 gets his shotgun09:35
j^2time to go out to pasture :P09:36
jaegerI'm tempted to buy myself a copy of parallels, it's so much nicer than vmware09:38
j^2it's worth it, other then the 2.3 issue, i havent had a problem with it yet09:38
j^2i just need more ram09:38
aon no server? :(09:38
aonlike vmware esx server09:39
j^2vmware isnt free either right?09:39
jaegerthey have something they call compressor server but it's not a virtualization server09:39
aonj^2: nope09:39
aonjaeger: yeah, i noticed that09:39
treachvmware server is free iirc09:40
jaegerthere's one free vmware product09:40
treach(as in beer.)09:40
jaegerwell, 2 if you count the player09:40
j^2i remember back in the day when it cost money09:40
aontreach: yeah, vmware server is, esx server isn't :)09:40
treachindeed. :)09:40
aonthe free one doesn't let you build your own systems09:41
treachit does09:41
aonit does?09:41
treachthe server that is.09:41
jaegerserver does, player doesn't09:41
treachit's just that "player" thing that doesn't.09:41
aonwhere's the catch, then? :)09:42
aonnot much crucial differences09:45
aonvlans and the 'service level guarantee' stuff, perhaps09:45
jaegermostly commercial support09:45
aonseems to be available for server, too09:46
aonwho needs that for vmware, anyway? :09:46
treachit's about mindshare, now that m$ is about to include it's own viritualisation.09:46
treachbundling, here we go again. :/09:47
treachaon: well, if you're hosting mission critical stuff on it I bet you'd like someone to hold your hand if things go wrong.. :>09:47
jaegerwe host a couple servers with it here, with that attitude09:48
aonbackups? :)09:48
aonyep, my former and future employer uses it for some servers, too09:48
aon(same corp :))09:48
jaegerI don't use it for that, myself, need too much of a beefy server set09:49
aonthey have a rather nice server for it, don't remember the specs09:50
aondisks attached with fibrechannel :)09:51
aonxSeries seem to be renamed to System x so probably no luck trying to find anything from ibm's site :/09:52
aon"learn to use ed"09:53
treachaon: the final point in that table sounds pretty important if you're running some serious servers.09:53
aonyes, as i said09:54
aon"Virtual machine service level guarantees for CPU, memory, disk, network"09:54
aon17:45  < aon> not much crucial differences09:54
aon17:45  < aon> vlans and the 'service level guarantee' stuff, perhaps09:54
treachYes, I just noticed you mentioned it.09:54
treachAlso clustering could be nice in such a setting. :)09:54
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jaegerj^2: no problems booting crux 2.3 in parallels here14:03
j^2really? :(14:03
j^2maybe i'll give it another shot14:03
j^2the test1 iso right?14:04
j^2what do you have installed on it?14:09
j^2just core?14:09
jaegercore, opt, xorg. removed a few things I don't use14:18
j^2hmm...ok, well i'll starte with just core14:20
j^2jaeger: bastard :P14:26
jaegerI actually needed a crux VM to test gnome on 2.3 anyway14:27
j^2ah true14:28
* treach considers putting up his freebsd screenshot as well. :>14:28
j^2in case you b0rk it?14:28
jaegerit's just cheaper to do testing in a VM14:28
jaegeralthough I do a lot of reimaging and building on my laptop, too14:29
jaegerI keep a clean image of my laptop with crux 2.2, xorg, nvidia drivers, wired and wireless networking set up, X configured14:29
jaegermakes it easy to reimage and build gnome when I need to14:30
j^2yeah, extremely smart...about how big is it?14:30
j^2not too shabby14:30
jaegercould clean it up a lot by removing kernel source, etc.14:31
jaegerbut with gigabit networking it doesn't bother me14:31
jaegertreach: I find my freebsd screenshots look much like my crux screenshots, when I'm not running gnome14:37
treachexactly. which is why I haven't bothered. They would be identical. :P14:37
jaegerI only posted a shot of both because I was using both at the time14:37
treachbut I'm actually running fbsd on my laptop.14:38
jaegerI haven't used 6.x much until just recently. portsnap is a nice change, in my opinion14:38
jaegerI have it on one of my laptops but it was out of date until the weekend14:38
treachagreed, by god..14:38
treachcvsup the portstree==teh sucks.. :-/14:39
treachabout the only negative thing I can think of is that there is no decent build of OOo available. :/14:40
jaegerI have it installed on enough other machines in linux and windows that that hasn't bothered me yet14:41
jaegersucks, though, hehe14:41
treachaye, I don't use gnome, and I don't want to get half of it in through the backdoor. :/14:42
jaegerI don't see the connection but I can understand that14:43
treachif you try to pkg_add -r it, it will bring in like half of it as "dependencies". :/14:44
j^2jaeger: yeah my install stalls at 196008 KB extended memory14:45
j^2dunno why :(14:45
jaegertreach: ah14:45
jaegerj^2: doh14:45
j^2yep, no errors..hard to debug :(14:45
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j^2fraking mr15:19
j^2that was the problem15:19
j^2the mbr wasnt being writen15:19
jaegeroh. :P didn't install a boot loader, then? :)15:19
j^2btw, what's with the new rc.d/net file?15:19
j^2lame eh?15:20
jaegermore specific?15:20
j^2the "ip" commands15:20
j^2i've never seen that befor15:20
jaegerthat's the new iproute2 syntax15:22
j^2dhcpcd eth0 doesnt work anymore?15:23
jaegersure it does15:23
jaegerthe others are only for manual configuration15:23
j^2hehe, ok, works :P15:26
j^2i'm retarded... but 2.3 is working in parallels too now15:26
jaegergood deal15:27
j^2(lame question, but are we testing with 2.2 contrib?)15:29
aoni am15:29
jaegerI am as well15:29
j^2i was going to, too15:29
aonor 2.2 and the necessary updates15:29
aon...i think my libcap update for 2.3 is somewhat busted :)15:30
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