IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2007-02-13

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j^2hey guys11:54
aonhi j^211:56
j^2*sigh* not at work, in dallas...running at a billion miles per hour11:59
j^2how yall doing?11:59
jaegerheyo. really tired today, not sure why12:01
j^2it's the weather aint it?12:03
jaegermy allergies aren't helping12:03
aonhere it's allergy-wise nice :)12:03
jaegerlucky :)12:04
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j^2*sigh* gotta work, bbl later yall12:11
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jjpk+++++ :D14:41
jjpkto say the least.14:42
jaegerthere will always be lazy people around, what changes is when, how often, and how long they come into #crux14:42
jjpkToday is a double dosage day14:42
* tilman does a dance. again.14:43
jjpknp: The Devin Townsend Band - Deadhead14:44
jjpkvery fitting.14:44
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Romsterjaeger, you get allergies like sneasing alot runny nose like a tap, drowsyness and feels like a cold when its just hayfeaver?19:17
Romsteri suffer from that ^19:17
jaegersometimes, though it's usually not quite that bad20:31
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