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clbUpdate from opt: 16 Feb 07:55 - cups: update to 1.2.8 || 16 Feb 07:50 - dnsmasq: update to 2.38 || 16 Feb 07:49 - sqlite3: update to 3.3.1302:05
clbUpdate from core: 16 Feb 07:46 - curl: update to 7.16.102:05
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j^2morning all08:32
aonmorning j^208:35
j^2how you doing aon?08:35
j^2it's 29 degrees here, any closer to you? ;)08:35
aon-1.2°C here08:36
tilman29F or 29C? :P08:36
j^2hehe what's this C? :P08:36
aonthat's 29.84F :)08:36
tilmanit's spring-ish here atm08:37
tilmanmaybe 15C08:37
tilmanor 1208:37
tilmanor 10, fuck if i know08:37
aonj^2: i'm not doing wery well atm, but i guess it'll get better :)08:37
j^2aww man, i'm sorry to hear that08:37
j^2it's friday though, think of it that way08:37
* tilman gotta finish a paper til monday08:38
tilman+ prepare a talk about it08:38
jaegerman, I love having repo support08:38
jaegerit's -10C here08:38
jaegerso quit complaining :)08:38
aonj^2: actually i like to think that i have three weeks of vacation to come :)08:38
j^2is it really jaeger ? jesus.... only like what 200miles from you!?!?08:39
j^2aon: crazy ass socialist :P08:39
j^2you have to work all the time!08:39
j^2me i mean08:39
jaegeryeah, our weather is on crack this week08:39
j^2seem to be here too08:40
aonj^2: but i'm a student, so it's a bit different :)08:40
jaegerit's supposed to go from -10C now to 6C today08:40
tilmanj^2: are you confusing finnland with soviet russia? :P08:40
jaegersweet, cups found all the printers on my subnet by itself, that's cool08:41
j^2tilman: if it's not in texas... it's in russia :P08:41
jaeger18 printers, I didn't even know about 15 of them08:41
j^2yeah, i know the felling, my mac found like 8 extra...08:42
tilmani bought a printer recently, too08:42
tilmancups works very well08:42
tilmani was pretty suprised08:42
tilmantook a while until i noticed i needed a kernel module for printing via the parallel port though08:42
jaegerI've used cups for quite some time but this is the first time I've noticed this automatic discovery08:43
jaegerI wonder if it has zeroconf support or something08:43
jjpkCould be, or the default is to query the lan.09:00
Romster37C down to like 20C at nite and gonna be the same till sunday nite :/ then a cool change on monday so i get a hot weekend to work in :|09:01
jaegerjjpk: a neat feature, either way09:02
jjpkI had some odd problems when getting my printer shared to my laptop.09:03
jjpkTo this day it is unclear, but at least it works :p09:03
Romsterjaeger, care to apply a patch to guile in opt rational.patch its needed for lilypond09:08
Romsterelse i'll just use the port i made off yours, but you may like to incoropate it, then i'll remove my version.09:09
jaegerwhat does it actually do?09:12
treach*chirp* *chirp*09:15
Romsterlilypond is a sheet music editor and displayer09:15
Romsterwithout that patch lilpond won't compile.09:16
Romsterany verdict?09:37
jaegerI meant the patch, rather than lilypond09:42
jaegerI don't mind adding it if it doesn't cause problems for anything else09:43
Romsterah not over sure it just requires it to work, is where i ended up finding it i'm not sure if it breaks anything else, i'll doa dependent and test with my patched version09:47
Romsterwhat do you use it for i haven't found any dependencys other than lilypond i built.09:50
Romstergrep -r guile /usr/ports/jaeger/ returns nothing :/09:51
Romsterand yeah i got your repo checked out.09:52
jaegerdon't remember, honestly09:53
Romstergraphviz maybe?09:57
Romsterabout all i can find so far09:57
Romsterdosn't depend on it yet its got guile libs in that port strange.09:58
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Romster<jaeger> don't remember, honestly10:01
Romster<Romster> graphviz maybe?10:01
Romster<Romster> about all i can find so far10:01
Romster<Romster> dosn't depend on it yet its got guile libs in that port strange.10:01
Romsterand maybe swig but nothing that says depends on, so i assume its safe to apply that patch.10:01
Romstercan always revert it if anyone compalins.10:01
jaegerI saw all that10:02
jaegeryeah, probably not a big deal10:02
Romsterlooks like my lilpond port is the first to use it. other than maybe some ports in private repos.10:02
Romsterwasn't sure looked like you pinged out :/10:02
Romsteroh you quit not pinged out i should pay more attention10:03
jjpkNone of that happened, an extra jaeger just showed up. :D10:03
jjpkThen quit.10:03
jaegerno worries10:04
Romsterjjpk, heh10:10
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jjpkno worries indeed. :p10:22
jaegerI wonder why mod_php won't build with fastcgi support, even though the configure log says something like "checking whether to build fastcgi support... yes"10:23
jaegerah, because apxs support must be disabled first10:44
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clbUpdate from opt: 16 Feb 16:59 - guile: added rational bugfix patch11:06
* j^2 cheers clb11:06
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jaegerexciting, huh? :)11:14
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j^2very :D11:26
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tilmanoy, git 1.5.0 is out12:49
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treachheh, ok tilman, I think I can report the first problem. :P13:14
treachjust kidding, it's not your problem. ;)13:15
tilmanthank $deity13:15
treachbut gradients in fvwm seems to be broken by 7.2. :/13:15
treachLooks like shite. :(13:15
tilmando you use exa?13:16
tilmancan you see wheter using xaa makes a difference?13:16
treachI'll give it a shot.13:16
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treachtilman: ok, that fixed it. thanks.13:18
tilmanwhen you upgraded x, did you update xorg-xf86-video-ati, too?13:19
tilmanor was it only the server update that triggered the bug?13:19
treachI pulled all the available updates.13:20
treachI forgot to see if the ati stuff was among that, or if I should have rebuilt it.13:20
treachseems like I missed it.13:21
tilmancan you check the date of /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/
treach11th of Dec.13:21
tilmandoes prt-get even offer an update?13:22
treachapparently it didn't13:22
treachif it had, I would have updated it.13:22
tilmantreach: can you file a bug at
treachhm. Me and writing bug-reports. :/13:27
treachI'll look into it, but not now. I'm way too tired.13:27
tilmani think you should be capable of writing a good-enough report13:28
tilmanmost of them suck anyway, and they still get processed13:28
treachwell, I've been trying all day to figure out a C program I wrote during a period when I was in a pretty bad condition. :/13:29
treachman, it's a mess.13:29
tilmani'll ask around ,maybe it's already known13:30
jaegerI hate doing that13:30
treachtilman: if you decide to ask around, it's fvwm 2.5.21, and the colorset looks like "VGradient 20 #543000 #ce8f1e NoShape13:35
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treachtilman: I've tried rebuilding the ati-drivers just in case, as well as fvwm, but it makes no difference.13:40
tilmangood, thought so13:40
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Viper_somebody familiar with php?16:02
tilmanecho 'nope' # hohoho16:03
Viper_hmm is it possible to add comments to the end of an array entry?16:05
Viper_something like this: "..", #comment ?16:05
tilmanyou want to add an comment to an array?16:05
tilmanso that the array contains the comment?16:05
Viper_yes sounds a bit strange :)16:05
tilmansounds totally retarded16:06
Viper_hmm do you have shell access to
Viper_ah than please have a look at /home/crux/bin/pdbcacher.php16:06
Viper_at the beginning there's a huge array16:07
tilmandon't have time right now16:07
Viper_ah ok :)16:07
Viper_i wanted to add people's real name behind the corresponding array entry16:07
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Romsteri ran revdep to make sure noting else needed recompiling.19:59
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