IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2007-02-17

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clbUpdate from opt: 17 Feb 11:29 - wine: updated to 0.9.3105:41
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tilmando we list build time-only deps or not?10:55
jaegerall, I would hope11:01
jjpkhey. I'm slightly worried about this whole crux "staff" notion.11:08
jjpkSomehow things do not seem very transparent these days.11:08
tilman"staff" -> teams?11:08
jjpkMaybe it's just me, but I think the community is withering away :|11:10
tilmanyes, we don't even have a public available list of the teams and members11:10
jjpkThere is something on the site, but it's very old.11:11
tilmandon't have time to ponder/discuss this right now :x11:11
tilmangotta finish my bloody paper11:11
jjpkfun :|11:12
tilmanit's terrible11:12
tilmanworst.topic.ever. ;)11:12
jjpkI'm in a similar problem, just finished the "core" courses.11:12
jjpkNow I should be focusing on a final research project, a stripped down thesis if you will.11:12
tilmanit pisses me off that i still haven't learned NOT to procrastinate stuff11:14
tilmandon't know how many times i've been in a situation like this now ;)11:14
jjpkI know the feeling all too well...11:16
tilmanminimum required pages... /me shudders11:18
jjpkConstantly have trouble with minimums and upper limits. Hate them11:20
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aontilman: seems like has updated, now i only have two neighbours but compatibility is "Super"14:53
tilmanyour friends list looked so empty ;p15:02
aonstill does, though15:04
* aon +1hp15:05
tilmanBest Regards,15:05
tilmanThe Email Monkey15:05
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