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clbUpdate from opt: 19 Feb 14:19 - fetchmail: update to 6.3.708:23
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j^2morning all08:36
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aonmorning j^2_08:50
j^2_hows it going aon?08:55
aonsigned a work contract for the summer today :p08:55
j^2_whatca gonna do?08:56
aonmostly general admin stuff08:56
aonbut also some programming this year, it seems08:56
j^2_ah fun08:56
j^2_how big a network?08:57
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aonaround 100 hosts, i think08:58
j^2not too shabby08:58
aonperhaps not that much, but over 50 anyway08:58
jaegernice :)08:59
aonthey'd just bought some iSeries machine :)08:59
j^2heheeh, i5OS on there, or you think *nix?09:00
j^2(i5OS is EVIL)09:00
aonnah, can't be nix09:00
aonthey migrated some AS/400 app09:00
aonso i5OS, probably..09:01
aonit does look rather evil :)09:01
j^2:) it's..."different"09:01
aonthe problem in that place is that even though there are relatively few production machines (some 30ish), its hell of a job to actually find them :)09:04
j^2like the famous bash quote...09:05
aonat least i placed them carefully in nagios so now i can just print a map :)09:05
j^2"i've lost my server...i can ping it...but i cant physically find it in my room!" or something to that effect09:06
aonyeah :)09:06
j^2hehe, i was actaully just about to suggest that09:06
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jaegerI don't know which is worse... the OLD sourceforge behavior of having outdated mirrors that responded quickly or the NEW behavior of having slow-as-hell mirrors with smarter round-robin10:35
jjpkNo change, it still sucks period :D10:38
j^2well at least it doesnt....11:03
j^2wait no it still blows11:03
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prologicjaeger, so about my gnome gdm/X problem :)14:21
prologicany ideas ? - what did you mean b running ldd against gdm ?14:21
jaegerldd /usr/lib/gdm/gdmgreeter14:22
jaegersee if something comes up not found14:22
jaegeralso, post the error log somewhere14:22
prologicall found14:23
prologic# X14:23
prologicX: error while loading shared libraries: X: unsupported version 0 of Verneed record14:23
jaegerwould be really helpful to know what shared library isn't loading14:28
jaegerstrace it?14:28
prologicone sec :)14:29
prologicI'm short on cat5 cables and my brother keeps taking it back on this machine :)14:29
prologicaccess("/etc/", R_OK)      = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)14:35
prologicthat might help maybe14:35
prologicshould that be happenning ?14:35
prologicI notice that I didn't change /etc/
prologicit still had /usr/X11R6/lib in there14:37
prologicwhich doesn't exist with Xorg14:37
jaegerthat shouldn't matter14:38
jaegerrun strace -f X > somelog.txt 2>&114:38
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prologicargg crap17:06
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prologichey jaeger18:09
prologicthere's the output of strace18:10
prologicI did a prt-get update xorg-server -fr18:10
prologicand X now works again18:10
prologicbut I'm 100% sure that if I start gdm, it'll stop working again18:10
jaegerhrmm... no idea what the deal is... but I'd suggest giving it a try18:11
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prologicjaeger, try running gdm again ?19:04
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Romsteryou did do sysup --install-scripts ?19:57
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jaegerprologic: just got back home, still broken?21:07
prologicI started gdm22:10
prologicseemed to work okay - least from my terminal22:11
prologichaven't pluged in keyboard/monitor yet :)22:11
prologicjust have to reboot and see if it still works22:11
prologicI'll plug em in now22:12
prologicthen reboot and see if it sitll works22:12
prologicso far so good22:13
prologicgnome works at least22:13
prologicnice work on the ports btw :)22:13
jaegerthanks :)22:14
prologicgnome is look'n very pretty22:14
prologicit works22:15
prologicI'm shocked22:15
prologicwhy would it have done that in the beginning ?22:15
prologicsurely not becuase of a misconfigured /etc/ ?22:15
jaegerI would guess the xorg upgrade22:16
jaegerbut I haven't experienced any problems yet, here, so I'm not sure22:16
prologicwell I didn't upgrade though22:16
prologicthis was a fresh install22:17
jaeger /usr/lib is one of the default locations so even an erroneous entry in would be no trouble unless there was something in that erroneous location that overrode the proper libraries22:17
jaegerah. no idea :(22:17
prologicfresh 2.2 install22:17
prologicyeah well22:17
prologicthe default is /usr/X11R6/lib/22:17
prologicwhich in 2.3 should be removed altogether22:17
prologicthe file should be left blank now22:17
prologicneways, thanks for helping :)22:18
jaegerno problem, wish it had been a bit quicker solved22:18
prologic*eh* nps mate22:20
prologicI just couldn't work it out myself22:20
prologicnormally problems are quite easy to solve on linux and linux software22:20
prologicbut this one stumped me :)22:20
prologicsince it wasn't complaining of any _real_ missing libraries, I just recompiled xorg-server22:20
prologicwhich seemed to fix it22:20
prologicthen rebooting broke it again :)22:20
prologicbut seems to be okay now for some strange reason22:21
prologiconly thing different now, is that erroneous entry which I removed22:21
jaegeraye, that was pretty odd22:21
jaegerdo you have any files in /usr/X11R6/lib left over?22:21
prologicI removed x11 before I started22:21
jaegervery odd, then22:21
prologicI might install a fresh 2.2 on a vm and test this out22:22
prologicsee if I get the same result22:22
prologicit could be one of those really weird freaky bugs with the gdm-binary22:22
jaegerworth a try22:22
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