IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2007-02-21

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prologichey jaeger got a min ?08:40
j^2morning guys08:40
prologicI"m trying to get full screen magnification working with gnome-mag08:41
prologicfollowing the following doc:08:41
prologicI can't seem to get it to work though :/ just see a really blank white screen08:41
prologicand lots of warnings/debug messages on stderr from /usr/bin/magnifier08:41
jaegergot a log somewhere?08:43
prologicI run that - presuming it's right from what I've read08:43
prologicexcept that I don't seem to have the grpahical tool - not that I need it08:44
prologicI just get a zoomed in white screen with a mouse cursor08:44
jaegerhrmm, doesn't mean much to me, sorry... I don't know the low levels with gtk/gdk08:44
prologicme neither08:45
prologicany experience with the gnome accessiblity tools ?08:46
prologicie: gnome-mag :)08:46
prologicClick on Startup Mode in the Gnopernicus menu window.08:47
prologicwhere do I get these apps it's talking about from ?08:47
prologicI only have gnome-mag and parts of the gnome libraries installed08:47
jaegerI don't even have gnopernicus installed... hasn't it been replaced by orca?08:49
prologicI don't know :)08:49
prologicI've never been able to get any of this to work :/08:49
prologicI'll install orca then ?08:49
prologicmay as well08:50
jaegerworth looking into, maybe it works better08:50
prologicyou don't have a port for gnopernicous right ?08:50
jaegernot in the current tree but there's probably one in the old branches in svn08:51
prologick nps08:52
prologicI don't have the dummy video driver installed :/08:57
prologicthat could help :)08:57
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prologicjaeger, apparently the gnome-mag sucks :)09:33
prologicthere is compiz-mag now in the design - but no code or releases yet09:34
prologicfrom what I've read, gnome-mag doesn't matnify very well and does a terrible job :/09:34
prologichardly even work keeping a port of it :)09:34
prologictry it out yourself in that link I pastd before09:34
prologicsee if you get the same crappy results :)09:35
prologichuge white border, crappy mag, can't move around the screen or see much of it :)09:35
prologicwhat's even worse, you switch to another workspace, and the magnification disappears09:35
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jaeger$ uname -a10:58
jaegerLinux acheron 2.6.20 #1 SMP Thu Feb 15 04:10:26 CST 2007 i686 pentium4 i386 GNU/Linux10:58
jaeger$ file /tools/bin/gcc10:58
jaeger/tools/bin/gcc: ELF 32-bit MSB executable, SPARC, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.6.0, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), not stripped10:58
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clbUpdate from opt: 21 Feb 18:04 - dovecot: update to 1.0.rc2312:18
tilmanwonder whether he'll ever stop releasing RCs12:19
j^2probably at a nice round number like 25 ;)12:22
jaegerI was gonna guess never but it'd be nice if your guess was right12:23
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Romsterdon't know what happend to the shadow home site the dns is not resolving, found the file at though.20:51

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