IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2007-02-23

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pitillowich kernel version will be provided by 2.3?04:20
prologicmost likely 2.6.2004:35
pitillotested sip version with 2.6.19...04:36
Romster2.6.20.1 is out now james.04:36
pitillothanks prologic :)04:36
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sepen|workwho is authorized to contrib on 2.3?04:57
prologicnot i :)04:59
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sepen|workplease somebody can take a look or confirm this bug #170 ?06:05
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prologicViper_, thanks for the suggested fixes for snownews07:01
Viper_np :)07:01
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j^2morning yall08:43
aonhi j^208:53
j^2hey aon08:53
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clbUpdate from opt: 23 Feb 22:17 - firefox: updated to version
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