IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2007-02-26

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j^2hey all08:30
jaegeryour birthday today?08:31
jaegerhappy birthday08:32
j^2i share a bday with Muhammad :D08:32
* jaeger shares with the queen08:33
j^2and for me the other was jackie glencen or however you spell his name08:34
aonhappy birthday j^2 :)08:35
j^2thanks aon108:36
aonjohn kerry is born on the same day as me :)08:38
aonsome years earlier, though :)08:38
j^2you know yall wished me a happy bday before even my coworkers :P08:52
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clbUpdate from opt: 26 Feb 16:08 - dar: update to 2.3.310:26
* j^2 cheers clb 10:31
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clbUpdate from opt: 26 Feb 23:12 - lyx: updated to 1.4.4 || 26 Feb 23:06 - kqemu: updated to 1.3.0-pre11 || 26 Feb 23:05 - qemu-bin: updated to 0.9.017:27
prologicdo our repos have their commit msgs sent to CIA ?17:30
treachIs that a serious question?17:32
prologicbecuase I notice gentoo and pld up there :)17:35
prologicactually kde and gnome hit the top of the list today17:35
prologicjust was thinking maybe it'd be nice if crux was up there :)17:36
treachpld? "Prologic Linux Distribution"? :P17:36
prologicunfortunately no :)17:36
prologicsome rpm crappy distro17:37
aonP = polish, iirc17:38
aonoriginally, at least17:38
prologicall crux repos combined are only 99M :)17:42
aonwhat a bad name for such a project, btw :)17:44
prologicwhat pld ?17:45
prologicyeah I agree17:45
aonno, cia17:45
prologicwhat's it stand for even ?17:45
aondunno, except for the other meaning17:46
treachCentral Intelligence Agency, now, that's an oxymoron..17:48
aonperhaps there should be a project called SÄPO to monitor crux commits17:48
treachThose guys are downright sad. :-/17:49
prologicfbi for crux :)17:49
prologicno but seriously17:49
prologiccan we not put crux up on cia ? :)17:49
prologicor noone in favour of that17:49
aonit doesn't seem awfully evil17:50
aonthe per-developer stats seem niceish17:50
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aoni wonder if it can work somehow centrally or does it require messing with every single client?17:52
prologicI could make it work centrally17:52
prologicin fact I've already started creating a combined repo17:52
prologiccaleld "crux" :)17:52
prologicwith all crux suh-project repos and contrib17:53
prologichopefully you'll just need a single hook to post to cia from that17:53
treachFor a moment I thought you were exposing yourself as an SCO employeé. :P17:54
prologicno sorry17:54
prologictypo :)17:54
prologicbad one :)17:54
treachdon't worry. you're nowhere near the master.. :P17:54
Romstershould i but in now :P17:55
treachI suppose you could *butt* in..17:55
Romstererr yes 'butt'17:55
treachlol, finnish secret police -> SUPO.. (swedish sup -> drink, shot)18:06
prologicwe got git 1.5 in ports yet ?18:06
aontreach: :)18:08
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prologictilman, sent you .diff for git port23:47

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