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clbUpdate from opt: 27 Feb 07:19 - rake: updated to 0.7.201:34
prologictilman, get my mail ?02:45
pitilloprologic, what happen with amsn update?.. . (it is 0.95 and 0.96 is out some months ago)02:48
prologicI tried to update to 0.9602:49
prologicaccidently comitted bogus crap02:49
prologicthen reverted :)02:49
prologicI haven't finished patching the damn Makefile yet02:50
pitillooki :)02:50
prologicthe lazy upstream devs don't give you a DESTDIR var02:50
prologicwhich I have to patch in myself :/02:50
pitilloI made it in other way, worse that yours sure.02:50
prologicI might send them the patch ymself for their next release02:50
prologicI'll update it today hopefully02:50
prologicglad someone uses it :)02:50
prologicI use gaim personally :)02:51
prologicdon't really like amsn :)02:52
pitillowell I use it, and my sister too. Im fine with 0.96.02:54
pitilloI hope I can see the new Pkgfile for it and compare to mine. (To see my errors)02:55
prologicactually you could save me some work if you've updated to 0.96 alreay02:56
prologiccan you send me a .diff ?02:56
pitilloprologic, I did not make in your way, made a little shit I think. You can find my repo and amsn update there.02:57
pitilloI did not patch Makefile, that why I said that. :)02:58
prologicahh right02:58
pitillobut if it can save you a bit of work, it is there.02:59
prologicyou a contrib maintainer ?02:59
pitillono I am not... I need more knowledge (and make better ports,)02:59
prologicwas gonna say if you were you're welcome to take over the port :)03:00
pitilloxD well, like I said, I did not it in the correct way. (seen your port and han's and are quite different from mine)03:01
prologicI quite like your Pkgfile03:01
prologicmight borrow it if you don't mind :)03:01
pitillo(time to eat something)03:02
prologicbut the upstream should really patch their Makefile03:02
prologicso we don't have to do this03:02
pitillotake a look to it, and change what you want. :)03:02
prologicyour Pkgfile installs a lot of crap unfortunately :/03:03
prologicoh well :)03:03
prologicgood try03:03
pitilloyes tons of crap03:03
prologicyou're installing src files and just about everything03:03
prologic.c and .cpp03:03
prologicI'll patch the makefile03:03
pitillooki, i will take a look it when update :) (bb later)03:04
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j^2morning all08:41
aonmorning j^208:46
j^2how's it going aon?08:46
j^2good to hear08:47
j^2well "hear" :P08:52
aonexcept that'd seem like you'd see me being well08:53
aonwhich you don't08:53
aonyou just see me reporting it08:53
aoni could be lying08:53
j^2bah no one ever lies on irc! :P08:53
j^2if that is true...then...does that mean wikipedia and tv is fake!?!?08:54
aonwikipedia is less fake than tv :)08:55
jaegerI have an odd issue with make, maybe someone will know what the deal is. I'm building a crux iso and every time I run "make iso" the kernel target is rebuilt09:17
jaegerspecifically, the "kernel/linux-$(KERNEL_VERSION)/arch/i386/boot/bzImage" target09:18
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aona completely different matter, has anyone tested vsftpd with 2.3?09:20
jaegerI'm building in a chroot, the system time is correct and kept up-to-date, the timezone is set properly09:20
jaegernot I09:20
pitilloaon, not here, but I can test it.09:21
jaegerI've never used vsftpd; in your opinion, is it better than proftpd?09:21
pitilloaon, builded fine. Wich test do you want to try? the service use?09:23
aonpitillo: just start it and do 'ls'09:24
aonsee if it oopses09:24
aonie. log into it09:24
aonjaeger: imo it is09:24
pitillook, I need  a bit of time09:24
jaegerfrom a quick search it seems they're considered more or less opposite ends of a "functionality vs. security" scale09:26
pitilloaon, seems that the service is not available. (looking at default conf, did not touch anything and got that). Listening on :21.09:29
aoni think the default conf uses tcpwrappers09:32
aoneither add ftp: ALL (or something) to hosts.allow, or set tcp_wrappers=NO in vsftpd.conf09:33
pitilloaon, looking at it.09:33
pitilloaon, setting tcp_wrappers=NO got connection. ls -> 200 PORT command succesful. Consider using PASV. 150 Here comes the directory listing. 226 Directory send OK.09:37
prologicjaeger, you trying to build the iso from the current iso.git HEAD ?09:39
jaegeractually, from my updated cd svn09:39
pitillotouched one file to see if it shows it. And seems to show it fine. (anonymous connection)09:39
prologiccan I have the url to that ?09:40
jaegerthe kernel target is the same, the iso target contains kernel... not sure what the problem is here09:40
prologicI'll try/test here09:40
prologicI know a bit about make :)09:40
pitilloaon, do you have some chroot setup? added users?09:40
jaegernormally make doesn't give me trouble, not sure what the deal is09:40
prologicgimme a min09:40
prologicerr hmm that the svn url to co with ?09:41
prologicnevermind :)09:41
prologics/web//g :)09:41
jaegermy local copy only has a few changes; kernel version is with a newer squashfs patch and aufs patch, a sed to avoid building man pages in the CD udev, and a tune2fs to disable mount count on the initrd image09:42
prologiccan I cheat this without building the entire thing :)09:42
pitillo(sorry if that was not very usefull)09:43
jaegerprologic: you could just run the iso target, I guess. if you don't have the packages built it'll complain when it runs mkisofs but you should at least get past the kernel target09:43
jaegeranother alternative would be to create empty files with the right package names09:44
aonpitillo: no09:44
aonpitillo: and this was on 2.3?09:44
prologicI should have most of them built already09:44
aon(of course i've added users...)09:44
jaegerif you have the updated iso around, copying them from that works fine as well09:45
prologick nps09:45
pitilloaon, 2.3 fresh install (added some packages only from core/opt) and fresh conf (modified hosts.allow and vsftpd.conf removing wrappers)09:46
jaegeractually, it would fail earlier than mkisofs, at the squashfs target... but still after the kernel09:46
pitillo(fresh 2.3 install inside a vm)09:47
aonnow it does work indeed09:47
prologicjaeger, where does it put the kernel source ?09:48
prologicI can cheat that too :)09:48
aoni think it was my previous libcap hack that caused it to not work09:48
jaegerin kernel/09:48
aonnow it does, with or without libcap09:48
prologicok it's building the kernel09:49
pitillook, I can not help too much :D09:49
prologiccan I have your .config ?09:51
jaegersure, sec09:51
prologicunless it's the same as the prev09:51
prologicthis could take a while09:57
jaegerthat's mostly why it's so annoying... building a kernel from mrproper every time09:58
prologicdoes it place the image in kernel ?09:58
prologicI could just copy a pre-built one09:59
prologicI happen to have one09:59
jaegertrue. kernel/linux-$(KERNEL_VERSION)/arch/i386/boot/bzImage is the check09:59
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* j^2 dances a little jig10:30
j^2can i make a feature request?11:00
j^2or start the discussion for it?11:00
j^2in the default /etc/fstab we have #SWAP# and the like, if you go up to it and cw it it doesnt change the word beacuse of the # can we do something different?11:01
clbUpdate from core: 27 Feb 16:43 - nfs-utils: update to 1.0.1211:12
j^2i'm taking that as a no?11:18
jaegersounds lazy to me, hehe11:19
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j^2no love :P11:26
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tilmansip: did you see i updated pkgutils to 5.22?13:11
tilmansip: i'd rather wait for libarchive 2.0 final before pushing out pkgutils based on it13:11
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siptilman, ok for me13:52
sipshall I build the RC tonight?13:53
jaegerdon't do it! it's a TRAP!13:55
jaegerer... sure13:55
sipjaeger, regarding the -jx problem, I think we can take care of it after the release13:55
sipie, next autoconf bump will also include -j113:56
tilmanyou mean automake?13:56
tilmanthey add -j1 to the makefiles by default? :)13:56
sipthe bug report says autoconf13:56
tilmanok, whatever13:57
tilmaninteresting anyway13:57
siptalking about
tilmanoh, thought of upstream13:57
tilmanoverriding MAKEFLAGS seems pretty evil/hackish13:59
sipan additional reason to demand the decision after 2.3 ;)14:00
sipcrux 2.3, codename "The art of procrastination"14:01
* tilman still didn't update the handbook14:02
tilmani wondered whether i could ask till to do it :D14:02
siphhmm, the shadow port already includes Johannes patches14:04
jaegerwow, you can do atomic mount moves since linux 2.5.1, that's slick14:17
prologicatomic ?14:17
jaegerI've been converting my updated ISO to unionfs but I think I'll convert it to initramfs as well, very cool14:17
prologicah k14:18
prologicmorn'n all btw14:18
jaegerprologic: not unmounted, just moved... for example, mount --move old new14:18
prologichey a though about merging rejected files by rejmerge14:18
prologicisn't there some way in future we can build in a system of some kind to automatically upgrade files that haven'ted been touched by the user ?14:18
prologicso that files that are rejmerg'd are only ones that have _actually_ changed by the user14:19
jaegerhow would you keep track of which haven't been modified by the user directly? hash table?14:22
prologicin fact I think I could build this feature into pkgutils myself14:22
prologicand send you guys a patch14:22
prologichash table14:22
prologicbash each file that _can_ be upgraded14:22
jaegersounds pretty straightforward14:22
prologicif the file in question has never changed from it's first hash14:22
prologicjust upgrade it14:22
prologicif it has, then do the normal rejmerge14:22
prologicyeah it does14:22
prologicsave me doing a whole heap of "U" :)14:23
prologicI don't change much in the way of config files or files that can be changed in software14:23
prologicfor instnace apache's std-ssl.conf14:23
prologicand postfix's other config files you generally don't touch14:23
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prologiccool shall I do it ?14:25
jaegerI don't see why not. I'm not sure what the majority opinion of it will be but I think it could be pretty useful14:26
prologicwe'll find out I guess14:27
jaegerhrmm... there's really no reason to bother with unionfs for the install CD, I think15:41
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clbUpdate from opt: 28 Feb 00:33 - gl-select: fixed .md5sum18:45
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clbUpdate from opt: 28 Feb 00:58 - gl-select: fixed md5sum again and comments19:15
jaegeroh man, now it's gonna get ugly... gotta build a uClibc toolchain and busybox20:13
prologicwhy are you using busybox anyway ?20:18
prologicwhat's wrong with the live-cd without it20:18
jaegerjust want some extra functionality20:19
jaegeroriginally it was ssh and unmounting the CD if needed20:19
jaegerthe ssh thing is easy to accomplish with unionfs these days, though20:19
prologicwhat does busybox give you that you can't do without ?20:19
jaegera smaller initrd/initramfs without shared libraries20:21
prologicahh yeah20:22
prologicbut does it really amtter ?20:22
jaegerit does to me20:22
prologicour cd is what, 200M ?20:22
prologicyou want it smaller :)20:22
prologicnah fair enough :)20:22
jaegerI just want it to work :) since I've started, I plan to finish it20:22
jaegerdon't like to leave things half-done or half-assed20:22
prologicI actually want to build a dvd iso - which I'll start tomororw20:23
prologicwhat'll it bring the cd size down to you reckon ?20:23
jaegerno idea, it might not even be noticeable20:23
jaegerwe'll see :)20:24
prologichey did you solve that kernel make problem thingie ?20:24
jaegerone useful thing this should accomplish is allowing the user to unmount the install CD - which could be cool if he/she has a CD/DVD full of prebuilt packages and wants to install some20:24
jaegernot yet20:24
jaegerI'm working around it until I have time to figure it out20:24
jaegerI imagine make -d will help sort it out but I'm gonna worry about it later20:25
prologicahh yeah20:25
prologicthat would be cool20:25
prologicand I'll build a dvd iso of pre-built packages :)20:25
prologicyeah I actually tried make -d :)20:25
prologicbut I didn't have time to sort through the log :/20:25
jaegerhrmm... I really should build this on a faster machine20:26
prologicI have an AMD Seprom 3200+ (64bit) here :)20:26
jaegerI'm moving it to my AMD64 X2 3800+ :)20:27
prologicdamn you :)20:27
jaegershould be a bit better than this (1.8GHz single core pentium M)20:27
prologicis there any different in a dvd iso and a cd ?20:28
prologicsame format right ? just larger20:28
jaegerif it's formatted iso9660, no20:29
jaegeryou can use udf if there's some reason to20:29
prologicno need to :)20:30
prologichey is your crux-livecd repo's ancesstry the crux iso git repo ?20:30
prologicor svn as it was20:30
jaegeroriginally, yes20:32
prologicgawd svn is sooo slow :)20:43
prologicjust created a git repo based from crux's iso git repo20:45
prologicthen merged yours in20:46
jaegercould be messy20:50
prologicnot really :)20:50
prologiconly a dozen or so merge conflicts20:51
prologicyou want the resulting git repo :)20:51
prologicsave you guys time when you _do_ merge your livecd and the crux iso repo20:51
jaegernot at the moment, but thanks20:58
jaegerI prefer to avoid git as long as possible20:58
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Romsterprologic, you wanna take over the world next :P21:42
prologicof course I do!21:47

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