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sipthe bootstrap stopped at exim :/ anybody with 2.3 can confirm exim compilation fails with openssl 0.9.8e?06:08
pitilloremoving exim 4.66-1 and rebuilding here.06:10
pitilloupdating directly06:10
pitillosip, true. got a error. In file included from tls.c:8606:13
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Romsterhmm i can test if you lieki got 2.3 on one of my pc's07:30
pitillotest it too Romster07:43
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j^2hey all09:26
pitillohi j^209:27
* j^2 waves to pitillo09:27
aonhi j^209:39
j^2hey aon, how you doing09:40
aongoing to leave to see a play soon :o09:41
j^2ah nice09:41
j^2cultured i see ;)09:41
j^2a bunny!?!?09:45
j^2what is this a pro-finish pride play? :P, where's america in it? bah!09:46
aonit is not included09:46
aoncome on, it's about _escaping_ the capitalistic society ;)09:46
aons/ic//, i presume09:47
j^2still a fraking hare/bunny as a traveling companion?... that bunny better be a hot girl, like a playboy bunny or something :P09:48
aonin the movie it's a rabbit09:48
j^2though a hot girl hit by a car....09:48
j^2that's not that sexy :P09:49
j^2not sexy09:49
aonit'd be a lot worse if it wasn't a hare09:50
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sipanybody using madwifi? a new maintainer is needed, otherwise we'll ship 2.3 without it (and sharutils)12:52
tilmandamn, forgot about jdolan's ports12:53
sipatm there are compilation issues with the new kernels. should be easy to fix but I see no point in including stuff nobody is taking care of12:53
tilmani don't think sharutils matters that much12:53
jaegernot I; my only atheros card is in my router, which runs pfsense12:53
tilmanand i have NFC about wlan :/12:53
jaegersharutils is only there for madwifi, I believe, so yeah12:53
sipintel stuff here :)12:54
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sipbtw, I think the version currently in ports has some remotely exploitable bug12:55
tilmanpretty damn annoying that leaving maintainers don't remove/untag their ports12:56
tilmanshould be possible to spend 10 minutes on that ;p12:56
jjpkInclude a clause in the documentation, which is never read anyway :]12:59
siptilman, how much for tagging xorg 2.3? :-P13:00
tilmanjaeger: can you add the xorg git repo to clb here?13:00
tilmanjaeger: so you'll see when i tag it in a minute?13:00
jaegergive me a min to remember how :)13:01
tilmani doubt it will show branch-creation anyway13:02
tilmanbut it would look like this if it did13:02
tilman<clb> xorg repo: branch 2.3 has been created \o/13:02
tilmanfatal: bad revision '^'13:02
tilmanseems to have worked though o_O13:02
jaegeractually, it's already added, just have to turn on the announcement13:03
tilmansip: thanks for the reminder13:03
clbjaeger: 22 Feb 11:33 - xorg-server: removed /var/log from footprint || 17 Feb 19:38 - xkeyboard-config: depends on p5-xml-parser || 16 Feb 15:35 - removed xorg-liblbxutil || 16 Feb 15:27 - xorg-libxkbfile: updated to 1.0.4 || 16 Feb 15:26 - xorg-libxrender: updated to 0.9.2 || 16 Feb 15:24 - xorg-libxpm: updated to 3.5.6 || 16 Feb 15:22 - xorg-libxi: updated to 1.0.2 || 16 Feb 15:19 - xorg-libxevie: updated (2 more messages)13:03
jaeger@config supybot.plugins.RSS.announce.#crux-devel core opt xorg13:05
clbjaeger: The operation succeeded.13:05
jaegerI don't see any useful way to get versioned rss13:08
jaegerfrom gitweb, at least13:08
tilmanyou mean per-branch?13:08
jaegerthe rss link on the 2.3 page is the same link, for example13:09
jaegerif that's fixable I could easily reorder the feeds in the bot13:11
sipI'd wait until I update gitweb to 1.5. you never now what comes in a new gitweb release ;)13:14
jaegernot a show-stopper, I think. presumably the 2.3 feeds will be default soon anyway13:15
tilmani'm still working on a plan for the git update13:15
tilmanto minimize the pain inflicted by it13:15
sipwill 1.5 break thing?13:16
jaegeronly when I start using it13:17
tilmansay you want to update a port:13:21
tilmanvim foo/Pkgfile # do the changes13:21
tilmangit add foo/Pkgfile   # hey git, i want foo/Pkgfile to be in the next commit13:21
tilmangit commit     # commit the added stuff13:21
tilmanit takes a while to get used to13:21
siphmm, I used update-db that way13:24
siptilman, any idea why gcc 4.1.2 bails on this? if (!(SSL_CTX_set_info_callback(ctx, (void (*)())info_callback)))13:24
sipit says worng type argument to unary exclamation mark13:25
sip(this is the exim error i mentionet earlier today)13:25
tilmanwhat type does SSL_CTX_set_info_callback return?13:27
tilmanor evaluate to, if its a macro13:27
tilmanof course you cannot apply the ! operator to void13:29
tilmanthere's nothing there13:29
tilmansip: can you paste the code context from exim?13:30
tilmani want to see what it tries to determine there13:30
sipjust return an error: this is the 2nd line13:30
sipreturn tls_error(US"SSL_CTX_set_info_callback", host);13:30
tilmanmust be due to the openssl version bump btw, not due to gcc 4.1.213:30
tilmansip: okay, since the function cannot fail these days, you can just remove that code13:31
sipoh, ok then. I thought of some casting weirdness13:31
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siphey jue13:40
sippatching exim13:40
jaegerheyo, jue13:40
juesip: thanks for info13:40
sipshall I commit the fix?13:41
juesure, if it works13:41
sipwell, it works in the sense that compilation does not fail ;)13:42
sipif it's openssl related I suppose it should be backported to 2.213:43
jueyep, will do it, it's openssl related13:44
jueworks with 0.9.8d here13:44
sipbtw, do you happen to use madwifi? the port needs some love13:45
juesorry no, intel here13:45
sepenjaeger, thanks for the commits14:06
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prologicyou guys still need a maintainer for madwifi ?17:13
jaegerdo you use it?17:13
prologicI have a few wifi cards that can :)17:14
jaegerwell, I don't think any of the rest of us do, mostly intel stuff17:14
prologicahh k17:15
prologicmost of my stuff is ndiswrapper and madwifi17:15
prologicI used to have an athertos one too17:15
jaegerI've only got one atheros card but it lives in my router 24/7 and that doesn't run linux17:16
prologicwell I can maintain if you guys need me to17:17
prologicI've played with madwifi and wlan and the tools quite a bit17:17
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jaegermakes little difference to me, having none of them in use by linux, but perhaps there are enough who use it to want it on the CD17:21
prologicwell I'd be terribly disappointed if it weren't on the cd :)17:22
prologictry installing crux on a laptop with no ethenet cable spare :)17:22
jaegerI have :) but without madwifi, hehe17:25
jaegerin any case, you might email sip and tell him, I dunno if he checks the logs17:25
prologicgotta go to class17:29
prologicback in a few hours :)17:29
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