IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2007-03-02

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pitillogetting rc1 to test it :)01:07
Romsterheh i'm alraedy got 2.3 on a pc here.01:13
pitillowith the new rc1? or with the test release?01:15
pitillotest release works very good here in a vm01:15
pitilloI am quite sure rc1 will be work well too, but testing is good imo01:15
pitillo(and quite sure sip tested it :)01:16
Romsterwith the ports repo01:24
Romsteri did it manually01:24
pitillohere too.01:27
Romsterwhat arguments you using on qemu?01:32
pitillonot using qemu. virtualbox here over ubuntu.01:35
Romsternot tryed virtualbox01:45
Romsteropensource edition huh?01:48
Romsterwhat they got only binarys of some parts of there codebase?01:49
pitillothere are binaries and source... binaries can not be distributed I think...01:49
pitillobut there is cvs version too.01:49
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clbUpdate from opt: 2 Mar 12:14 - xpdf: updated to 3.0206:10
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j^2wa-wa-whats up yall?08:40
j^2my mailer daemon just told me was trying to send us email08:41
j^2i like that domain name...i bet it took a while to think up08:41
prologicdon't ya just love spam08:43
prologicI really gave up on maintaining my filters and spam software yaers ago :/08:43
prologicI should probably get around to tightening my mail servers08:43
j^2i am totally not awake right now08:47
prologicme neither08:47
prologicI was asleep, got up it's sooo hot :/08:47
j^2no ac?08:47
Romsterhot its like 20C outside...08:48
j^2....20C? thats...not.. F... brain freaking out08:48
prologicnah no ac :/08:49
prologiccan't afford it08:49
j^2:( you cant live in texas without it08:49
prologicI very much doubt it's 20C outside right now08:49
prologiceither that or my body hasn't cooled down since my races tonight08:49
prologicaccording to the METAR station at the Brisbane Airport:08:50
prologicTemperature: 25.0 C / 77.0 F08:50
prologicRel. Humidity: 88%08:50
prologicwhich is why it feels so hot08:51
prologicit might rain tonight by the looks08:51
prologicjaeger, can I upgrade all my machines remotely by pkgadding the packages from the cdrom and running the setup-helper script ?08:52
jaegeryou could certainly try it08:52
prologicI've seen in the logs somewhere you've done this yourself ? :)08:53
prologicI have a look at the setup script, if I"m not mistaken that's all it seems to do08:53
jaegernot that I recall, heh08:53
prologicahh k08:53
prologicmy bad :)08:54
prologicguess I should try it on my vms first :)08:54
prologicbefore I break my servers08:54
prologicmy users might shoot me08:54
prologicI should maintain a script called remote-upgrade just for this :)08:55
prologicreckon I could get that added in for 2.4/2.5 ?08:56
jaegerperhaps, though I personally wouldn't like people to think we were encouraging that type of upgrade08:59
prologicwhy so ?08:59
prologichow else do you upgrade a remote box you have no monitor/keyboard to09:00
prologicor cdrom :)09:00
jaegerfortunately I don't have that problem :)09:00
prologicbah humbug :)09:00
prologicI'm sure there are users that do09:01
Romsterj^2, thats C its about 70F, bit warmer inside though09:01
jaegerj^2: ask the bot when you need conversions :)09:01
j^2oh wow..yeah i'm used to 100F here09:01
Romsterall i did was rebuild the tool chain using 2.3 and install that then force rebuild all ports and rejmerge09:02
prologicyou know we release new cd's and iso images for a reason y aknow :)09:03
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jaegerfuck madwifi right in the eye09:05
jaegerwhy is it that it can NEVER fucking build twice in a row when making an ISO?09:06
tilmanhave a bad day jaeger? ;)09:06
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jaegerno, not so far09:06
tilmanmaybe it modifiers your system when you build it?09:06
jaegerbut every time I make an updated ISO, guess which port is the one that fails :)09:06
tilman(ie, access stuff outside of $PKG)09:06
tilmani had that problem with git once o_O09:07
tilmanevery 2nd build would give me a footprint mismatch :D09:07
jaegerit's a different problem every time, it seems09:08
jaegernow it can't find linux/config.h09:08
prologicsip hasn't gotten back to me about tkaing up madwifi and wifi related tools yet :/09:08
jaegerI'll be really happy if that shit gets taken off the ISO until the authors clean it the fuck up09:08
tilmanjaeger: remove it right now from opt then09:08
jaegerI don't even USE madwifi and it's a nightmare09:08
j^2hence "mad" :P09:09
tilmani don't think there were major objections about that on tuesday09:09
j^2sorry i had to09:09
jaegerI think there will be once we remove it09:09
jaegerI shall now threaten the port with #ifndef AUTOCONF_INCLUDED09:11
jaegeranyone have fakeroot_1.6.tar.gz?09:16
tilmanno, but i can offer fakeroot_1.6.tar.gz.partial ;))09:18
prologicyeah I do09:19
prologicbut the latest is 1.6.309:19
jaegerI know09:19
prologicjust updated version to 1.6.309:19
prologicoh wait, sorry misread09:19
prologicI don't think I have the source for 1.6 :/09:19
* prologic checks09:19
prologicnope sorry09:20
jaegerI think I'll just wait for the 2.3 release to make another ISO09:20
prologiccan't use 1.6.3 ?09:20
jaegerI could, but 1.6 is the current 2.2 port version09:21
prologicyeah point taken09:21
prologicI might have it on a few other remote machines if you wanna bear with me09:21
prologicthey're offline atm :/09:21
prologicI'll check in the morning09:21
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prologicactually I have a dvd archive somewhere too09:22
jaegernot a big deal, seems 2.3 is close anyway09:22
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jaegeranyone want to have a look at the initramfs ISO?09:31
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jaegerjust found and fixed a typo, heh... let me rebuild it, will upload in a min09:35
prologicthe makefile somehow removes the .svn dir09:35
jaegerdoesn't look that much different from the previous CD but it works well so far in my testing09:35
prologiccheckout out your repo again :/09:36
jaegerI need to readd the module loading but otherwise it's pretty near done09:36
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prologictaht's the netinist iso right ?09:53
prologicoverwrite my existing one :) ?09:53
jaegerthe boot is the only interesting part, that's why I didn't upload the other09:53
jaegernah, it's not meant to be used yet09:53
prologicoh crux :)09:54
prologictoo late09:54
jaegerwell, if you need the current real one, it's still up in the normal location09:54
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treachhm, playing around with 2.3, anyone had alsa-utils failing with "speaker-test.c: In function 'main': \ speaker-test.c:767: error: 'LC_ALL' undeclared (first use in this function)" ?10:35
tilmansounds dumb10:36
treachactually, sound seems to be totally screwed up in general atm, no idea why though. :-/10:40
clbUpdate from opt: 2 Mar 16:35 - dovecot: update to 1.0.rc25 || 2 Mar 16:35 - fakeroot: update to 1.6.3 || 2 Mar 16:31 - xsane: update to 0.99310:46
treachfunky, audio group exist, and I'm a member of it, still if I try making noises, it says  Control info /dev/mixer error: No such file or directory10:50
treachls -lh /dev/mixer -> crw-rw---- 1 root audio 14, 0 Mar  2  2007 /dev/mixer10:51
* treach scratches head.10:51
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prologican upgrade to 2.314:19
prologicand windows machines usingp utty can't ssh in14:19
prologicthey get a message saying "Incoming packet was garbled in decryption"14:19
prologicfor refernce14:37
prologicthis is a problem with 2.3 apparently and windows putty clients14:37
prologicbecuase of a cipher selection on the client14:37
prologicand/or not using ssh214:37
prologicyou have to use ssh2 + blowfish14:37
prologicand btw the remote upgrade was 100% successful14:38
prologicshall I post the script to the ml :)14:45
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prologicsetup script working great :)15:00
treachprologic: tell me if you get sound working all right. I've got some funky issue here. :-/15:26
prologicnps will do15:38
prologichaven't touched my desktop yet :)15:38
prologicI'll reboot this thing with a kernel first15:39
prologicthen upgrade to 2.315:39
jjpk2.6.20.1 is giving me the creeps. Had several oopses and two hardlocks when rebooting.15:45
jjpkoopses are now gone (they were netfilter related), hopefully it won't cause the same problem now.15:46
treachno such problems here.. but a really funny permissions problem.15:47
jjpk"0000:00:08.0: tulip_stop_rxtx()" is where the machine would stop dead in its tracks. Since I had to hard reset the desktop, it had to rebuild/resync my software raid o_o15:48
prologicI'm not game enough to try yet :)15:48
treachI guess things have worked too smpothly lately, I'm totatlly confused now when stuff doesn't work anymore. :P15:48
jjpkThis is still on 2.2, I'm not touching 2.3 until it's out :p15:48
prologicI just upgraded two remote machines okay15:49
treachprologic: does alsa-utils build ok for you?15:50
prologictwo remote machines 2.2 -> 2.315:51
prologic100% successful :)15:51
prologicI already have it installed, so I guess so15:51
prologicwant me to rebuild ?15:51
treachyes please.15:51
prologic$ prt-get listinst alsa-utils -v15:52
prologicalsa-utils 1.0.13-115:52
prologicwe building the same ver ?15:52
treachalsa-utils 1.0.13-115:52
prologic-- Packages updated15:53
treachit dies here with the message found above.15:53
prologiccare to repaste ? :)15:55
prologicmissed it15:55
jjpkA few lines up, it's not hard people.15:55
prologicno I really did miss it :)15:56
prologicI have a nasty habit of pressing ^L :)15:56
treachit's in the log.15:56
Romsterthen look up your log file...15:56
prologicpita :/15:57
prologicboth of you :)15:57
Romsteri can't find the exact line i looked15:58
Romsterother than jjpk's software raid problem with the new kernel15:59
prologicyou suck :)15:59
prologicI found it in my logs15:59
prologictreach, even with LC_ALL remove from my anv16:00
prologicit still compiled successfully16:00
treachmmh, I have no idea what's going on. :-/16:00
prologicI can send you over a binary ?16:00
treachno worries.16:00
prologicis that a y/n ?16:00
treachI have the package. I just don't like the way it fails.16:00
prologicthis is on 2.2 right ?16:01
prologicoh 2.316:01
prologicahh wait16:01
treachit's the rc.16:01
prologiclemme try building it on 2.3 then16:01
treach. . . .16:01
prologicone sec16:01
prologicslow vm :)16:01
treachwhat are you running it on? A 486? ;)16:12
prologic-- Packages installed16:14
prologicon a 2.3 system16:14
prologicI'm running 2 qemu vms on this desktop16:14
prologicfor my bloody brother's obsession (NukeZone an online game -
prologicanyway alsa built fine16:14
prologicsorry :/16:14
treachmeh, it's I who should be sorry. :/16:15
prologicwonder wehn they're going to fix that bug in sshfs-fuse16:17
prologicwith the bogus vmstat it returns16:17
prologic                     1000G     0 1000G   0% /mnt/crux16:17
treachheh, yeah.16:17
prologicmaybe I should patch it myself16:17
prologicand send to them16:17
jaegerhate that one16:17
jaegerwhile I'd like to have 7.5T on all my machines, I don't :P16:18
prologicI have 5 such mounts on my desktop16:18
prologicsurely they'd know about it16:18
prologicbeen around for quite some time16:18
prologicit used to report 1T before :)16:18
prologicnow 1000G16:18
prologicdo I dare upgrade my desktop to 2.3 and :016:19
jaegerI plan to install the RC on my laptop when I get home, the test worked fine16:19
prologicyeah this is true16:20
prologicI found a slight problem with my remote upgrade script :)16:20
prologicneed to pkgadd glibc and gcc first :)16:20
prologicor you break the system and can't complete the upgrade16:20
prologichmm my fuse mount keeps dropping out16:21
treachhm, anyone with a clue why crw-rw---- 1 root audio 14, 0 Mar  2 18:15 /dev/mixer doesn't allow users in the "audio" group to use the mixer device?16:22
treach(yes, the audio group does exist and it did work before the upgrade)16:22
prologicno clue :/16:22
Romsterrebuilt udev?16:25
Romsterkernel agenst the new glibc? etc16:25
treachyes, I've rebuilt the kernel.16:25
jaegeris the snd-mixer-oss module loaded?16:25
treachjaeger: I'm using exactly the same kernel config as before.16:26
treachand I'm not using modules for sound btw.16:26
jaegerdunno then16:26
treachreally strange.16:26
treachthe device *does* exist, and it works fine as root.16:27
treachbut if you try with a normal user who is a member of audio, the application claims the device cannot be found..16:27
jaegertried strace?16:28
treachno. not yet. :)16:28
Romsterhmm rebuiild udev16:28
Romstertry the easy thing first sounds like some permissions are funky16:29
Romstermaybe even shadow16:30
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treachsorry about that, strace made somthing (X) unhappy I think.16:34
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jaeger@seen treach20:39
clbjaeger: treach was last seen in #crux-devel 4 hours, 5 minutes, and 8 seconds ago: <treach> sorry about that, strace made somthing (X) unhappy I think.20:39

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