IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2007-03-03

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clbUpdate from opt: 3 Mar 10:33 - wine: updated to 0.9.3205:03
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j^2hey guys16:09
j^2hey man how you doing?16:14
j^2is it gorgous up there too? here it's fraking amazing16:14
jaegerthe sun's out but it's 43F16:15
jaegerso not fantastic16:15
jaegerdoing well16:15
j^2oh wow it's 60F here16:15
j^2 been wowing?16:16
jaegernot in quite some time16:16
jaegercancelled my account a month ago16:17
j^2oh wow16:17
j^2no pun intended :P16:17
j^2yep, finally converted to horde16:17
j^2started a bloodelf, it's actually really fun16:17
j^2what's the irc server, bittlebee or something? for aim and all that jazz?16:19
jjpkYep, that's bitlbee.16:19
j^2ah nice thankss16:20
jjpkYou can even use a public one, they have a list on their site.16:20
j^2yeah i'm in a console right now, and i'd like to, see if my gf is on16:20
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