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prologictilman, I'd have to say the 2.3 upgrade didn't go so well with the rc1 cd :/03:15
prologicI'll try to figoure out what went wrong/what's broken this week03:15
clbUpdate from opt: 4 Mar 09:04 - uw-imap: update to 2006f || 4 Mar 09:04 - squid: update to 2.6.STABLE1003:15
prologicafter a whole day of mucking around, I finally re-instaleld my desktop with 2.2 and xfce4 from the xfce repo03:16
Romsterwhole day... why didn't you keep all the packages of the 2.2 setup b4 you upgraded to 2.3 then you could of just pkgadd -u them packages back to 2.2 in no time.04:37
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clbUpdate from opt: 4 Mar 11:51 - postfix: updated to 2.3.806:20
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tillbi still have problems with xorg in 2.3 RC110:41
prologicso do i10:41
prologicit doesn't work for me :/10:41
tillbcould not open font 'fixed'10:41
prologicswitching videos modes ir broken as it switching vt's10:41
tilmantillb: you need to run mkfontdir on your font directories10:41
tilmani *still* haven't documented that :(10:42
tilmanfor i in `ls -d /usr/lib/X11/fonts/*`; do `mkfontdir $i` `mkfontscale $i`10:42
prologicisn't this is the post-install of the font prots ?10:43
tilmanports aren't available to setup;p10:43
prologichehe why not :)10:43
prologicwe have pre-install and post-install scripts we should use them well :)10:44
prologicor let's just remove pkgutils/prt-get support for them now :)10:44
prologicactually I think it's only prt-get that knows what they are right ?10:44
tilmanmaybe they can be moved into the pkg10:45
tilmantillb: oh, you'll also need/want to run "fc-cache" _once_ to tell fontconfig to update its font list10:45
jaegera small post-install could be added to the setup program, perhaps10:46
tillbok it works :-)10:47
tilmanjaeger: we decided against that iirc, don't remember why though10:48
prologicseems a good idea to me10:48
* jaeger shrugs10:48
jaegerdoesn't bother me, personally, as long as it's documented, but I doubt we'll hear the end of questions about that for a LONG time10:49
prologicyou'd start to get sick of running those commands after installing xorg a few times10:49
tilmanjust how often do you install/upgrade crux prologic ??10:49
prologicoften enough :)10:49
tilmani did it three times in 3.5 years10:49
prologicyou must only have 1 machine :) ?10:50
jaegerI do a new install somewhere probably 2-4 times per month, for full gnome test builds... but I use an image, not a fresh install :)10:50
prologicanyway my point is, if we have pre/post scripts we should make use of them10:50
tilmanjaeger: yeah10:50
prologicand of course docs are good10:50
tillbnext problem: i can't get my network running - are there any known issues with iproute2?10:51
jaegerwell, pre/post install scripts as they are now don't work all that well on the CD for setup purposes, since it's not using prt-get. we'd have to do some manual work there10:51
tilmanprologic: the scripts are NOT available on the cd. ok?10:51
jaegerlike setup-helper or something10:51
tilmanit should stay that way10:51
tilmanmayeb one day we can make pkgmk glue the scripts into the tarball10:51
prologicoh sorry no I wasn't referring to the cd :)10:51
jaegertillb: works fine for me so far, what's the problem/error?10:51
* deus_ex thinks README in a port would suffice10:52
prologicnot such a bad idea - clueing them into the tarball10:52
deus_exbut who reads *that*, anyway ;) ?10:53
prologicno one :) unless you have readme set to verbose in prt-get :)10:53
deus_exthat should be default, imho10:53
prologicwell it isn't :/10:53
prologic*** tuxracer error: Couldn't initialize SDL: No available video device10:54
prologichmm great package :/10:54
tillbjaeger: driver loads fine; ip commands work without error messages; dmesg says "link up, 100 Mbps, full-duplex"; but i cant't ping10:55
tilmanthat font problem only affects the first install via the CD10:55
tilmanof course the post-install scripts work just fine when you upgrade/install anything on the real system ;)10:55
prologicspeaking of pkgutils btw, do we have plans to use the c version of pkgutils ?10:56
prologicI've been using it for quite some time now, and it works really well10:57
jaegertillb: hrmm, definitely odd... I'll see if I can reproduce it on my laptop10:57
tilmandon't think i want to use bd2's version (just my opinion though)10:58
prologicwhta are your objections ?10:58
tilmanhe sucks.10:58
prologicI meant of his software :)10:59
jaegertillb: no problems here, can ping both my routers and outside my own network10:59
tilman(ie, NIH, i guess :D)10:59
prologicI don't quite agree with things he says but *eh* :)10:59
tilmantillb: does /sbin/ifconfig eth0 give the expected output?10:59
tillbjaeger: yes10:59
jaegerno ICMP echo blocking, firewall-wise, I presume11:00
jaegercan you ping the interface itself?11:00
tillbjaeger: setting up the device with ifconfig also doesnt work; dhcpcd reports a timeout error11:00
prologictillb, I have madwifi compiled okay here atm btw11:01
prologicjust have to rest on 2.6.20.x11:01
prologicerr tilman rather11:01
jaegertillb: any suspicious kernel output from the driver?11:01
tillbjaeger: i an ping the device itself, and no kernel output11:03
tillbjaeger: except "link up" :-)11:03
jaegervery odd :/11:03
jaegerdo you have access to another device you can test? a different card or a usb one you can plug into that machine?11:04
tillbi'll try to get wlan running, may be its a hardware problem11:04
jaegermy guess is the driver but hard to tell11:04
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prologiccan I see your chroot build/run scripts ?22:12
prologicI have ones posted quite some time ago by someone22:12
jaegerit's not scripted, I just chroot and bootstrap22:12
prologiceasy way out :)22:12
jaegerI suppose22:12
jaegerseems to me that it makes sense to use the structure that's already there22:13
prologichmm ?22:13
jaegeraka the Makefile22:14
prologicwanna build a 2.2 dvd by this weekend if I can :)22:15
prologicgonna need to use my faster box though22:15
jaegerafter 2.3 is release I'm going to try to sync up the 2.3 ISO makefile with my initramfs stuff22:20
prologicahh good22:20
prologicand what about your livecd features, ssh, etc ?22:20
prologicbe nice to have those in 2.4 or a newer 2.322:20
jaegerinitramfs actually made those easier22:20
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