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j^2what's going on yall?08:39
jaegerthrashing around with alsa-driver and kernels greater than 2.6.1708:39
j^ :P08:40
j^2had a good weekend?08:40
jaegerI dunno about fun but since the current release is broken it needs doing08:42
jaegerweekend was ok, just not long enough. yours?08:42
j^2yeah i think i was in the same boat. i actually thought about calling in sick today, but' a good worker bee08:44
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jaegeris there a way to revert one file/dir in a git checkout among others that have been modified but shouldn't be reverted?09:15
jaegerit's not marked for commit09:15
Romsternot sure for a file/dir but for undoing a commit, thats not been pushed yet its possable09:17
jaegerwell, not the problem in this case, but how do you undo a commit? I should know that, too09:18
Romstergit-reset --soft HEAD^09:18
Romsterwill undo 1 commit add more ^ to the number of going back think you can add a number too but i hadn't used that.09:19
Romsterbe best to man that page09:19
Romsterman git-reset09:19
j^2new kernel working out for you jaeger ?09:19
jaegeryeah, working fine. I've had no problems with on any machines so far, just upgraded this one to test the alsa updates09:19
j^2ah nice09:20
jaegerRomster: interesting, didn't realize that's how that worked. I've used git reset --hard before09:20
jaegerfor different situations09:20
Romsteroh hard will loose your current changes09:42
Romster2006.12.31, Sunday :: buffer overflow in asmrp.c < mplayer the current version has a buffer overflow and requires a patch
Romsterjust noticed that now, looking over dependencys of transcode that i'm messing with09:43
clbUpdate from opt: 5 Mar 15:16 - alsa-driver, alsa-lib, alsa-utils: updated to version 1.0.14rc209:45
jaegersorry, had to go out of my office for a few09:50
jaegerI know hard loses the changes, that was what I wanted at the time :)09:50
Romsterreverts to the brach versions is good if you don't mind loosing changes not commited.10:07
jaegerhrmm, true10:07
Romsterjaeger, thats ok i sometimes take time to reply too, care to check up on that patch you maybe overlooked?10:08
Romstermplayer ^^10:08
Romsterits not affecting me but leaving a vunability dosn't sound like a good idea.10:08
jaegerI saw it, haven't had a chance to grab it yet10:09
Romsterk thanks jsut didn't know if you did or not i didn't get any ack :D10:10
Romsteri know its hard to keep up on everything10:10
jaegersorry, I'm at work, heh10:10
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Romsterah k heh10:12
jaegerok, got some time to look at it now :)10:13
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jaegerRomster: updated10:58
Romsteri had to restart xorg it was bugging me that every minute of inactivity it blanked the monitor10:59
tilmanman xset11:02
Romsterwonder if its dpms or screansaver...11:04
Romsteri could do a test and see what xset commadn i gotta do to stop it.11:04
tilmandpms probably11:04
Romsterits oviously a bug11:04
Romsteroh and i have also noticed that the numlock led may not always be on but the numpad is active as if the led should be on, i gotta press that numlock key twice to see the led and have it work the same.11:06
Romsteri'll recompile xorg and then try that dpms if it still acts up11:07
tilmanwhat about trying dpms FIRST11:07
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tilmanrun "xset q" to see the current timeouts for DPMS/screensaver etc11:08
tilmanlook for "1 minute" anywhere11:08
tilmanoh, it's in seconds it seems11:08
RomsterStandby: 1200    Suspend: 2400    Off: 360011:09
Romsterthats ok atm now i gotta open another xorg session then when i exit that then return to this one i get that problem so i'll check it now11:10
Romsterhasn't changed the values i'll get a coffee and if its off when i get back it has to be the screansaver.11:12
jaegera remote screenblanking exploit could be amusing for a while11:13
clbUpdate from opt: 5 Mar 16:54 - [security] mplayer: added RTSP stream buffer overflow patch, see http://www.mplayerhq ...11:15
Romsterok odd it didn't do it...11:17
Romsteri'll keep trying or wait till it does it again aftey my brother uses he's account11:18
RomsterServer does not have the FontCache Extension < hmm but i got all of the ports in deptree xorg, plus some others..11:20
tilman  --enable-fontcache      Build FontCache extension (default: disabled)11:22
Romsterthat can't be good..11:23
Romsteryou would think it be default: enabled11:24
tilmando you know what fontcache is?11:24
Romstera cache for fonts :/11:24
Romsternot sure of its exact pourpose but soemthing todo with diferent sizes? and dithering or something like that..11:25
tilmanwhat app requires that fontcache extension?11:30
Romsterit was in the xman q stats11:31
tilmanyou mean xset?11:33
Romsteroh sorry xset q11:33
Romster4:35am here :/11:34
RomsterFont cache:11:34
Romster  Server does not have the FontCache Extension11:34
Romsteris what it prints for me11:34
Romsteri installed xorg as per the instructions11:34
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Romsterthat was when 7.1 was out and sysup --install-scripts when 7.2 came out.11:35
tilmanyou're on crux 2.2?11:35
Romsteryes desktop is on 2.211:36
Romsteri got another pc here thats on crux 2.3 but that dosn't have xorg on it.11:36
tilmanpkginfo -i|grep fontcache11:36
Romsterxorg-fontcacheproto 0.1.2-111:39
Romsterxorg-libxfontcache 1.0.4-111:39
Romsteri oftern use that command to check for installed ports11:39
Romsterfontcache extensions can be removed?11:46
tilmanyou don't have it anyway11:48
tilmanmy point is, there's no reason to panic11:48
Romsterhmm I'm not pannicing, just it seemd odd that its off when i would assume it to be on.11:50
tilmanyou assume it was on because "fontcache" sounds cool11:50
tilmanwhich is stupid, if you have no idea what it actually is11:50
Romstermeh i'll read up on it later.11:53
jjpkAnother "Z0MG!!111twelve" case methinks. :D12:23
tilmanbut he doesn't know what 'leet' means12:24
tilmankinda funny12:24
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Romsterl33t pfft12:31
Romsterall i did was point it out, if you wanna make fun of me go ahead tilman12:31
tilmanRomster: i meant the battle_rodent guy12:32
Romsteroh ok i wasn't watching that channel sorry misunderstanding12:33
jaegerand it'll be logged for your amusement later :P12:33
Romsterhell why does the fun stuff happen when i'm not viewing it12:39
tilmani swear i talked to the rodent before12:40
tilmanbut i can't figure out when/where12:40
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treachI wonder why they say that..14:28
tilmani had a similar thought14:28
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tilmanit's one of those days again14:30
treachmmh. :/14:30
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tilmanbtw, i won't be able to make it to the meeting tomorrow14:59
tilmanif there's new x issues to report, please queue them up14:59
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