IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2007-03-06

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j^2morning all08:44
aonhey j^209:11
j^2yo aon09:12
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clbUpdate from opt: 6 Mar 16:40 - xsane: update to 0.99410:42
clbUpdate from core: 6 Mar 16:24 - file: update to 4.20 || 6 Mar 16:22 - findutils: update to 4.2.3010:44
treachthe url to tcsh still doesn't work. (Because it's still pointing to 6.14)11:09
treachcould someone change the url to either or to ?11:10
jaegerany issues with 6.15 we need to worry about?11:15
treachNot that I know of, but hey, I'm hardly any expert on tcsh. :P11:17
jaegerit builds and runs for me but I don't use it as my default shell so don't really know how to stress test it11:17
jaegerwell, we can revert if necessary11:17
clbUpdate from core: 6 Mar 17:19 - tcsh: updated to version 6.1511:44
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treachjaeger: did you forget to update 2.3? ;)12:47
jaegerno... just figured it would get merged14:02
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