IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2007-03-07

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j^2hey all08:39
jaegerheyo, j^209:04
* jaeger starts a 2.3 initramfs bootstrap09:05
* j^2 waves to jaeger 09:05
jaegerIf anyone wants to take a look at the new initramfs stuff (without the 2.3 changes, they aren't committed yet) I put up a new repository yesterday09:05
* j^2 wishes he knew what initramfs was... (is it the initd sitting in ram in inital bootup?)09:06
jaegerthe current 2.2 updated iso stuff is in tags/2.2-updated-initrd09:06
jaegerinitramfs is basically the 2.6 smarter replacement for initrd09:06
jaegerand yes, more or less09:06
j^2is it on wikipedia?09:06
j^2oh cool09:06
j^2....i'm finally becoming a linux geek :P09:07
jaegersee also linux/Documentation/early-userspace/09:07
j^2you learn something new everyday ;)09:08
jaegerit's a lot cleaner than initrd, easier to use, less voodoo :)09:09
* j^2 throws away his voodoo doll :P09:11
j^2bah! dont need you anymore!09:11
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clbUpdate from opt: 7 Mar 16:31 - dovecot: update to 1.0.rc26 || 7 Mar 16:29 - socat: update to
* j^2 cheers clb :P11:12
j^2always on top of your game you crazy bot!11:12
jaegerwouldn't be a very good one, otherwise11:14
j^2very true ;)11:14
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clbUpdate from opt: 7 Mar 17:32 - exim: added openssl patch11:57
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