IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2007-03-08

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jaegerdoh! my bootstrap failed due to cups being installed08:31
jaegercurse you, gtk!08:31
* jaeger resumes it08:31
j^2morning jaeger et al08:42
aongood evening08:46
aonor afternoon, perhaps :)08:47
j^2i shaved my head :D09:00
aoni grew my beard for a month or so09:01
aonbut then i tried to trim it a bit and it got totally out of hand09:01
aonso now i don't have it anymore09:01
j^2:( i could never do it, it itches waaayyy too much09:01
j^2its' funny all my coworkers are looking at me funny09:02
j^2a couple even asked if i lost a bet :P09:02
jaegerI *nearly* shaved my head yesterday09:05
jaegerby which I mean I did get a haircut and the woman cut it shorter than I wanted09:05
jaegerbut that's fine09:05
aonmine is always way too short when i get a haircut09:05
j^2yeah i started getting an afro, so i figured hey what the hell :P09:05
j^2yeah and if you shave it yourself you save like 30 bucks09:06
aoni've last been to a barbershop in 2002 or something09:06
j^2that's always a plus; not to mention you get your/a woman to do it and you can drink a beer and relax09:06
j^2women like shaving mens head's for some reason or another....dunno why09:07
aonthis time it has been strange, though, my hair is quite long now but i still don't need to comb it in the morning and it looks somewhat acceptable09:08
j^2opps s/ci/ic09:09
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clbUpdate from opt: 8 Mar 17:03 - gnupg: upgraded to 2.0.311:08
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jaegerhrmm... my bootstrap failed again, xsltproc wants gcrypt installed13:31
* jaeger grubmles13:31
jaegereven though xsltproc doesn't seem to be linked against it13:32
tilmanit does for me13:34
tilmanlibxslt uses libgcrypt for the extended xslt functions iirc13:34
tilman(ie, libexslt)13:34
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] > pkg-config --cflags --libs libexslt13:34
tilman-I/usr/include/libxml2  -lexslt -lxslt -lz -lm -lgcrypt -lgpg-error -lxml213:34
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] >13:34
jaegerlibxslt is in the xorg deps13:34
tilmanlibxcb requires it at build time13:35
jaegeryeah, that's what failed13:35
jaegersince my bootstrapped xsltproc didn't have gcrypt linkage13:35
tilmanjaeger: did xsltproc not start up again, or it did say it would be cool to gcrypt cause the libxcb input files require the crypt modules?13:36
jaegerit's probably just a problem with my all-chroot target, need to go back over it13:39
jaegerI misread the errors13:39
jaegerxsltproc is linked against gcrypt and gcrypt's libraries are missing13:39
jaegeroh, I guess it's not a problem with the bootstrap, it's that I have gcrypt installed on the build system13:46
jaegerwhich doesn't get installed into the chroot13:46
tilmanit's not listed in ISO_PACKAGES/PORTS_opt13:48
jaegerguess I'll just go back to building everything in a chroot like I was before, it's annoying to have to remove/add packages repeatedly13:48
jaegeris there a good reason to have lilo and grub in ISO_PACKAGES?13:53
tilmanpeople still want lilo13:56
jaegerthat's fine, but why do they need to be in ISO_PACKAGES?14:04
sepenI recently installed crux-2.3rc1 on a box and ... rsync: link_stat "/crux-2.3/contrib/." (in ports) failed: No such file or directory (2)14:19
sepenwhat's the problem about the contrib repo?14:19
jaegerthere isn't a 2.3 contrib yet14:20
jaegerchange it to 2.2 and it'll work14:20
sepenyes heheh seems that also I need it14:20
jaeger(at least, not in the rsync repos)14:20
sepenlittle mistake xD14:20
sipthere is a 2.3 branch bit it's not exported (yet)14:20
sipsetting it up now14:20
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sipshould work now14:22
jaegersip: I should have an initramfs 2.3 iso ready to play with soon :)14:23
sipcool, so you won over busybox?14:23
jaegeryeah, finally14:23
sepenjaeger, you know dietlibc?14:23
jaegerI built buildroot and busybox with their default configs, then used that buildroot to build a static one14:23
jaegerI know of it, haven't used it14:24
sepencould be an alternative for rootfs14:24
jaegerthe busybox that I use in the initramfs image is built against uClibc, it's probably sufficient14:25
sepen... yeeha I like it14:25
siphmmm, shall we try to solve the x fonts creation 'problem'?14:26
jaegerI think we should possibly automate it in some way or we'll never stop answering the question14:26
sipIt'll be annoying to have a few mails/day reporting it14:27
sipthat means either putting the required stuff in ISO_PACKAGES (=bloat) or put a check somewhere in our init scripts14:27
jaegeror something like setup-helper?14:28
jaegera simple one-time post-install14:28
sipsetup-helper would require the packages to be on the iso14:28
sipmkfont* & deps14:29
jaegeranother idea- a "firstboot" type script that gets run and deleted?14:29
sipthat's why tilman and I decided to leave it to the user back at the time14:29
jaegeraye, makes sense14:29
sipyeah, that was my second option (init scripts)14:30
sipie put something in /etc/rc or create a dedicated /etc/rc.d/fixshit script enabled by default14:30
sepenwhat about of using kickstart files like other linux as fedora?14:30
jaegerare the fonts fine if you do a normal install of xorg, including post-install scripts?14:31
jaegerif so, it's not something we'd need to police at every boot, only a fresh install14:31
sipanybody installed rc1 can confirm the xorg.rsync file is actually missing?14:31
tilmanjaeger: right14:32
jaegersip: I don't remember, I could install a new one in short order if needed14:32
tilmansip: i wonder about that, too14:32
tilmanit's weird14:33
jaegerI'll install it into qemu and check14:33
tilmanjaeger: i think it will only affect an upgrade from 2.2 to 2.314:33
sipwe badly need a release notes page, if somebody's interested14:36
siptilman, have we already discussed about using a pre-built font package?14:39
tilmanyou mean an uber font package that contains all the fonts for a specific directory?14:40
siponly the files generated by a mkfont*14:41
sipso we can pkgadd it from the iso14:42
tilmanit might contain fonts.dir files that aren't valid on the target system14:42
tilmanbecause the actual fonts are missing14:42
jaegeryeah, I think a fixshit type script would be cleaner14:43
tilmanit's two or three lines of commands to type in14:43
jaegerthough I'd probably call it runonce or firstboot or something instead of fixshit :)14:43
sip+1 for fixshit :)14:44
jaegerwe haven't had a shark in a while14:44
tilmanjaeger: do you volunteer to do the fixshit script?14:45
tilmani've got the mkfonts commands14:45
sipbtw, rc1 missed the setup-helper stuff to hanfdle the net-tools changes, in case somebody else did not notice14:46
jaegertilman: I could do it, should be a rather simple thing14:47
jaegermy preference would be to have it copied in by the setup script, then delete itself. no need to put it in a package14:48
tilman"rm -f $$" or something14:49
jaeger$0 might work better :)14:49
tilmanor that14:49
treachyou gotta work in a bank to do rm -rf $$ :p14:50
siphmm, I'd prefer something less subtle14:50
jaegerto be honest, that sounds a bit much when we could just add a small setup-helper thing to do it14:50
jaegerafter packages/kernel are installed14:50
jaeger(xorg.rsync does exist on a fresh rc1 install)14:50
tilmansip: was there a reason not do chroot and call mkfontdir and friends?14:51
sipnot sure about that :)14:51
jaegerexactly what I was just thinking14:51
sipsounds like the simpler option, indeed14:52
jaegermkfont{scale,dir} don't even need a chroot, right? just fc-cache14:52
sipthe problem relies on avoiding to put mkfont* on the iso packages14:53
sipbut if there are few deps, the chroot-less way is not bad14:54
jaegerchroot's the easiest way14:54
jaegerand I don't really see a disadvantage14:54
sipok for me. even if this means we discussed way too much about a very simple problem :-)14:56
jaegerchroot /mnt /bin/bash --login -c "for fdir in /usr/lib/X11/fonts/*; do cd $fdir; mkfontscale; mkfontdir; done; fc-cache -f"14:57
jaegersomething like that14:57
jaegerchroot /mnt /bin/bash --login -c "for fdir in /usr/lib/X11/fonts/*; do (cd $fdir; mkfontscale; mkfontdir; done); fc-cache -f"14:57
jaegerdo you want me to install 2.2 and upgrade to 2.3 to check the xorg.rsync driver?15:00
sipno need to, I'll test it with next build15:01
sipI think if we're good at fixing this small things, we can put out a rc2 that will likely become final15:01
sipor at least that's my view. any other idea?15:02
jaegerseems reasonable to me15:02
sipdo you feel it's ok to merge it now with your intramfs iso or better waiting a bit more?15:03
jaegerI should be done pretty soon, but I'd like some of us to test it first, so if it's ready before then, fine, if not no problem15:04
jaegerI've just started a new bootstrap, as soon as that's finished I'm going to take a look at setup and friends15:05
jaegerand that should be all that's needed, I think, unless there's a big change between 2.2 and 2.3-rc1 that I've missed15:05
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