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jaegerheyo, cptn08:34
tilmanhi cptn :)08:38
cptnso tilman, I upgraded to 7.2 and now I'm missing that 'fixed' font...08:39
cptnjust kidding ;-)08:39
jaegerasshole! :P08:39
* jaeger ducks08:39
jaegerthe first thing I saw today was "<@tilman> don't fucking upload it"08:40
jaegerbad sign when he's already mad in the morning here :)08:40
cptnjaeger: careful, I'll fly over to the US on sunday08:40
tilmanthat was only because he complained about the "fucking fixed font" earlier08:40
tilmanasked him to look up stuff in his xorg.conf, and he uploads the whole thing08:40
tilmanlazy bastard >:08:40
jaegerwhat for?08:40
jaegertilman: I know, just being a pest, hehe08:40
jaegeron a different note, my bootstrap completed fine, I'm working on the setup script now08:41
cptnto steal your car and crash it for that asshole remark ;-)08:41
cptnno no, holidays08:41
cptnwell yeah, except that it's rather cold in New York...08:43
jaegerstill vacation08:44
cptnyeah :-)08:44
j^2_morning guys08:49
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cptnhey j^208:49
j^2hey cptn how you doing?08:50
j^2everything settling down for you?08:50
cptnI'm doing fine, thanks08:50
cptnI have two weeks of vacation ahead08:51
j^2oh nice, congrats08:51
cptnwhat about you, how are you doing?08:52
j^2still working at, got my linux backbone working and about to, on the 17th, offically be up 100 days without any down time08:53
j^2i'm really proud of it ;)08:53
j^2gonna open a bottle of chapane that day ;)08:54
cptnheh, or a green beer :-)08:54
j^2so true :D08:54
cptnis there a St.Patrick's day parade in Austin?08:56
j^2i think so, i've never been, but the night life is crazy, i mean crazy!08:57
j^2a great excuse to get TRASHED :P08:57
j^2not that i drink....08:57
j^2<-- horrible lier :D08:58
aonhi guys08:59
cptnhi aon08:59
j^2oh i'm also the email admin at image also now ;)08:59
* j^2 waves to aon08:59
cptnoh, congratulation08:59
j^2thx ;) cut spam by 66%09:01
cptnwhat's that?09:07
cptnit was easy to guess in context :-)09:08
j^2hehe.. and my spelling hasnt got any better :P09:08
tilmancptn: hey, what's up with SiMon!? :P09:11
tilmancptn: the link in your blog is broken; did you ever publish it?09:12
cptnmmmh, it may have worked a year ago :-)09:12
cptnI should probably move it to sourceforge to die gracefully ;-)09:12
cptnI used to have a bazaar repository online09:13
cptnnot sure if it's still working though09:13
tilmani was just looking for a fan monitor when i was procrastinating from work a few weeks ago09:16
cptnit's one of those project I'd like to work on, but except to never find time to do it...09:17
cptnanyway, gotta go buy a new suitcase :-)09:19
cptnsee you in a while09:19
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sepenj^2, mailgraph.cgi is the same as
j^2yep, but mailgraph doesnt require snmp10:37
sepenj^2, well, I like it! can I download sources?10:38
sepenj^2, 2 many thankx10:39
j^2no worries ;)10:39
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sepenj^2, could be a nicely feature for our appliance10:41
sepenj^2, Im working with perimeter systems (
j^2oh cool :D10:43
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jaegeranyone want to test my initramfs iso?15:30
treachtoo bad you weren't a bit faster, I had a candidate earlier tonight. :-/15:35
treachcongrats to your new coffe table btw, soon all you need will be a bike shed. ;)15:39
jaegerthanks :)15:42
jaegerI mean to buy some hooks and hang my bike in the garage15:42
treachI see, it's not your bike but rather some kind of trophy? ;)15:43
treachoh, right, the garage. I guess it should have been over the fireplace in that case. :p15:44
jaegerI don't really understand why it would be anything other than a bike15:45
treachfailed jokes 1 - treach 015:46
jaegerI would only hang it when it wasn't in use, if that wasn't clear :)15:47
tilmantreach: i got the joke15:48
treachtilman: thanks, you saved my day. :)15:48
tilmanjaeger: like you hang animal heads in your dinner room to show off ;)15:48
jaegerI got it... just didn't really find it funny, I guess15:49
* jaeger shrugs15:49
jaegerI'm not the type to have trophies around, anyhow :)15:49
treachman, seems to be quite the patch..16:08
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