IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2007-03-12

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j^2hey all08:44
j^2...i mean morning ;)08:45
tilmanmorn j^208:45
j^2how's it going tilman ?08:45
tilmanpretty well08:46
j^2always good08:46
tilmanshould be studying right now though08:46
tilmanbut i think i'll start in 15 minutes ;p08:46
j^2hehe, and when that comes round it'll be another 15 later? ;)08:46
aonhi j^208:58
aonyeah, i should've been studying for some weeks now08:58
j^2hey aon !08:58
j^2how was your weekend?08:58
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jaegerif anyone wants to try my initramfs 2.3 ISO, have a look here:
jaegerI'm sure there are things I've missed, feel free to tell me about them. The netinst hasn't been updated for 2.3 yet, just the CD install09:27
* j^2 waves to jaeger 09:35
j^2how was your weekend jaeger ?09:44
jaegerpretty good. didn't have much by way of plans, ended up buying an xbox 360 and a couple games09:45
j^2great, i slept 16 hours on saturday, it was amazing :P...360 eh? what brought that on?09:48
j^2i still havnt gotten my wii :P09:49
jaegerbeen chatting with a friend who has one lately and kinda missed playing stuff on xbox live with him and a few other guys10:00
jaegergears of war and crackdown both look really nice in 1080p HD10:01
j^2oh nice, yeah xplay was ranting and raving about crackdawn10:03
jaegerI love it so far10:18
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clbUpdate from opt: 12 Mar 19:10 - cairo: updated to version 1.4.014:12
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