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j^2hey all10:02
aonhi j^210:02
j^2how's it going?10:02
aoninstalling kdelibs :/10:03
j^2fun :P10:04
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clbUpdate from opt: 13 Mar 16:11 - ruby-doc: update to 1.8.6 || 13 Mar 16:10 - ruby: update to 1.8.611:12
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clbUpdate from core: 13 Mar 16:30 - ed: update to 0.511:42
aonyay \o/11:43
treachwow, new ed.11:44
* treach rushes to upgrade.11:44
aonyeah, it's amazing11:45
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tilmanmaybe we should limit branch merges (2.2 -> 2.3) to critical/important stuff12:02
tilmanto reduce cluttering the tree12:02
treachtilman, btw, I did take a look at the gtk/pdf issue.12:02
tilmanepdfview slowness?12:03
tilmanor what do you mean?12:03
aonand just do one huge merce? :o12:03
treachtilman, well. I knew epdfview isn't ideal but it works for me12:04
treachsince I rarely use pdfs that are big enough to cause serious problems.12:04
aonthat'd make staying up-to-date with 2.3 at the moment quite tedious..12:04
aonor not really12:04
treachhowever, I had a look at the gtk-evince stuff, and all I can say is that it's too deep water for me.12:04
tilmanfair enough12:05
treachthe patches also seem to be for a fairly old version of evince.12:05
tilmantreach: it might have been due to my b0rked x configuration12:05
tilmanhow lame12:05
tilmanthe title bar says "blah.DVI"12:05
treachno, epdfview sucks performance wise. :/12:05
tilmaninstead of "blah.PDF"12:05
pitillotilman, did you try the last version? 0.1.612:06
treachit's updated..?12:06
tilmanpitillo: i'm using whatever treach offers ;)12:06
pitillotreach, yes, sorry I see it know.12:06
pitillotilman, not sure if you re-did the port, sorry :)12:07
treachpitillo, no problem, I was just a bit surprised.12:07
treachI usually take a look at the site now and then, but I almost seemed abandoned.. so I had kind of forgotten about it12:08
tilmanchangelog sounds boring though12:08
tilman/ is a shortcut to 'find'12:08
treachtilman, well, the new version seems quite a bit quicker here at least.12:11
treachstill no speed demon though. :)12:12
tilmanmaybe we should compile poppler with -fomfgwtfoptimize12:12
treachI doubt that would help.12:12
treachevince isn't nearly as slow, and it also uses poppler..12:12
tilmanoh shit, seriously?12:13
treachActually I have no clue why epdfview is so slow.. I mean, what performance critical stuff is in it?12:13
treachalmost everything should be done by poppler if I got things right..12:13
tilmanwell, if you really care, you could fire up oprofile12:13
tilmanand find out :)12:13
treachit'd be cool. :)12:14
tilman(re-build epdfview and poppler with debugging symbols first)12:14
tilmantreach: yes, i thought so, too12:14
treachI just updated the port ;)12:15
tilmanthe one in your stealth repo? ;)12:15
* tilman just send a mail to the epdfview author12:16
tilmanto keep him going12:16
treachI hope he continues. It's pretty neat really.12:17
tilmanwhy does that stupid window have an initial size of 1280x1004 though?12:19
tilman(solution on that screen being 1280x1024)12:19
tilmanso that it fits, i guess12:19
treachI think you're asking the wrong people. :)12:19
tilmans/it/the pdf/12:19
tilmanthe cool thing about epdfview is:12:20
tilmanit doesn't EAT MY CPU if i click and hold the mouse button12:20
tilmandoing that w/ acroread is worse than running seti ;D12:21
treachugh.. anyhow, I bet it's easier to make epdfview a good app than evicting the gnomes from evince..12:21
tilmanSegmentation fault12:47
tilmanwhat the hell does gdb use libexpat for?12:49
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treachisn't that regex stuff?12:53
tilmanxml stuff12:53
treachxml debugger? :>12:54
treach is probably a better starting point.12:57
tilmani'll just accept that ;)12:59
tilmanand i can't get a useful backtrace from gdb either ;(12:59
tilmanvalgrinding it is fun13:00
treachhm, I think that's the first time I've read "valgrid" and "fun" in the same sentence..13:02
tilmannah, valgrind is awesome13:02
tilmanbut running it on the slowest app in existance sucks13:02
treachheh, I get the picture :D13:03
tilmanoh hey13:03
tilmanepdfview is written in C++13:03
tilmanmaybe that's why it sucks13:03
treachcall cptn. ;)13:03
tilmanthat explains why overriding CFLAGS didn't help :)13:04
tilmanit leaks memory like a sieve13:07
treachseems likely.13:08
tilman^^^ my segfault i think13:09
treachAt least you're not alone. :)13:09
treachhmm. scrolling with pg{up,down} doesn't even work for me, unless I hold down "shift" :D13:16
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tilmanjust fixed a very stupid memory leak13:17
tilmani'd say the guy is a noob ;)13:17
treachhmm, iirc he was a cruxer once.13:17
tilmanlol, really?13:17
treachI kinda got that impression as well.13:17
tilmanhe wrote his own makeDirWithParents()13:18
tilmanthat's totally sucky13:18
tilmanit's slow, malloc happy13:18
tilmanit leaks13:18
treachUnless I'm mistaken, which of course is quite possible.13:18
tilmanwhy not use g_make_dir_with_parents() from glib13:18
treachwell. Inexperience accounts for a lot of bad decisions..13:18
treachIMO coding it self isn't half as difficult as finding out what kind of functions already are available and where. :/13:19
treach(disregarding getting rid of that damned "\n" from the input buffer..)13:21
tilmandid you succeed?13:21
treachI'm clueless.13:21
treachI think I've tried just about everything you could think of. :-/13:21
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tilmanit's tuesday, isn't it :P14:23
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tilmanhi jue :)14:27
juesorry, hopefully not too late :-)14:28
tilmanwe didn't start yet14:28
tilmani have no idea whether sip wanted to attend or not14:28
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tilmanjaeger: how's the autofixmeonboot script going?14:40
tilmanjue: would you mind switching ruby{-doc} to the bz2 tarball? :)14:40
jaegerto be honest, I haven't had a chance to mess with it yet14:42
jueoh, didn't noter that there is one14:42
jaegerbeen fighting with blackboard and oracle for days14:42
tilmanjue: yeah, i think they didn't offer one before14:42
juesure, will change that14:42
jaegeranyway, what I planned to do was this: install a script like /etc/rc.d/firstboot - the script will fix fonts via fc-cache and mkfont{scale,dir} and then remove itself14:43
jaeger /etc/rc will check for its existence and run it if found14:43
jueis the font-thing the last open issue for a final 2.3 ?14:47
tilmanjue: i think the plan was to do rc2 with the font fix14:53
tilman(which would hopefully be the final)14:53
jueah, ok14:53
tilmanjaeger: what about /etc/rc.firstboot?14:54
tilmanjaeger: i think that might fit a bit better than rc.d/*14:54
juehope we can do it soon, it's kinda boring to have two active branches ;-)14:55
tilmanah, btw14:55
tilmanjue: we should probably not sync them for every update we're doing to 2.2. too much noise imo14:55
juehmm, so I'd prefer to stop updating 2.214:56
tilmanjaeger: wrote the script, will test tonight14:57
tilmanjue: feel free to ignore some boring version bump ;)14:57
jaegerthat's fine with me15:01
jaegerby wrote the script, do you mean rc.firstboot?15:02
jueok, what is our policy now, updating both branches or only 2.3 ?15:02
jaegeralright. sorry about the delay, too much work going on :/15:02
tilmanjue: well, the plan was to _do_ update 2.2, i'd just like to avoid syncing 2.3 very often ;))15:03
jaegeras for branches, I currently update 2.2 and wait for the merge if it's a change that needs to be in both15:03
jaegerif it's 2.3-specific, I only update the 2.3 tree15:03
juesorry, but I'm working with 2.3 sincs months, only test the ports on my second box which is still running 2.215:04
juejaeger: btw, could you update the nvida and gl-select port for 2.3, please ?15:06
jaegerthey're on the list of things to update, hehe15:06
jaegercurrently have some in my personal repo15:06
jueyep, I'm using them, works fine15:07
tilmanjue: okay, i see that's painful. do as you see fit then :)15:07
jaegerok, good15:08
jaegerI'll try and move them over tonight after work15:08
juetilman: ok :-)15:08
tilmanthat scary firstboot script should probably apply pkginfo to check whether we have xorg at all :P15:09
tilmanso i just tested it15:11
tilmanand now it's gone, duh15:11
jueanother thing that came to my mind: we should answer Till's email wrt handboook and iproute215:13
jaegerhrmm, yeah15:17
tilmanbash scripting was invented to annoy mankind15:18
tilmanin a function, $1 is the first argument?15:18
aonshould be, yes15:18
juejaeger: would you mind writing a short answer to Till?15:21
jaegerare we set on iproute2 as default now? I'd be inclined to leave the old ifconfig style instructions available but recommend the new stuff15:23
jueat least the rc.d/net script uses the ip commands instaed of ifconfig15:24
jaegertilman: looks reasonable to me15:24
tilmanthe nested if is disgusting15:25
tilmanbut the line gets pretty long if i AND them15:25
jaegeri meant as far as what it's intended to accomplish15:25
tilmani failed at writing a "have_package" function ;>15:25
jaegerit's not like it's permanent, anyway15:25
tilmanjaeger: so you're okay with the file name being /etc/rc.firstboot?15:26
jaegerso can I respond to till that we'd like to go ahead with iproute2 as default and leave the old instructions for reference, as well as adding a note for upgrades?15:27
jaegertilman: yes, that's fine with me15:27
tilmanbrb, testing that masterpiece of bash scripting :D15:28
juetilman: the awk/grep thing isn't very nice, you could do the same with15:29
juepkginfo -i | gawk '$1 ~ /^fontconfig$/ {print $1}'15:29
tilmanjue: cool, thanks15:33
tilmani stole that from setup-helper i think15:33
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jueI guess that's unbeatable: [Dovecot] 1.0.rc27 released :-)15:42
jaegerI'm waiting for rc980712315:42
jaegerit's well on the way15:42
tilman"The RC naming came a bit too early (actually I messed up the version numbering 4 years ago already)"15:47
jueyep, that's the problem, he rewrote most of the stuff as dovecot was already at 0.99.something ...15:48
juethan we had around 50 test releases and now the rc's15:49
juebut it's a pretty cool imap/pop3 server ;-)15:49
jaegeraye, agreed15:52
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