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j^2hey all08:46
aonhey j^208:56
j^2how's life treating you aon ?08:56
j^2btw, have you ever messed with proxy servers?08:56
aonnot bad08:56
aonyeah, sometimes08:56
aonwith squid08:56
aonnot in a while tho08:56
j^2ah, every messed with tinyproxy?08:57
jaegerany blackbox users encountered a problem where blackbox won't render interactable buttons in java app windows?09:03
aonother wms do?09:04
jaegerusing twm at the moment to work around it09:04
jaegerit's not on a crux box, just curious since I know a few around here use bb09:05
clbUpdate from opt: 15 Mar 14:38 - thunderbird: updated to version
pitillojaeger, is a web based app?09:55
pitilloI can test it under 2.3 with bb...09:55
pitillo(I have bb only there)09:56
pitillostrace pssetup09:57
jaegerjust java, not an applet... it's the oracle universal installer09:57
pitilloI can test it if I find it09:58
jaegeroracle's downloadable from their site but it's a big download for just testing that, I wouldn't bother09:59
pitilloI have the vm near... I am just working on mine and I can test it.10:00
pitilloOracle app server 10g?10:00
pitillobuh... near 700Mb xD10:01
pitillois it? app server 10g rel310:02
jaegerrdbms, not app server10:08
jaegerthe database10:08
jaegerversion 9i in this case10:08
pitilloumm found only 10 version... I need to look better10:09
pitillodo you know the release? (
jaegeryes, that's the one10:16
jaegerthe current 9i release is but you have to install and upgrade it10:17
pitillo3 discs?10:17
pitillomay be is a big download... I have only about 2 hours here...10:18
jaegertoo big to download the whole thing if all you're doing is testing the draw bug :)10:18
pitilloI have it making nothing, but you are in true, it is a big download.10:21
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clbUpdate from opt: 15 Mar 16:00 - ruby, ruby-doc: switched to the bz2 tarball || 15 Mar 15:58 - cups: update to 1.2.9 || 15 Mar 15:57 - ghostscript: update to 8.15.4 || 15 Mar 15:56 - dovecot: update to 1.0.rc2711:18
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