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sepencore/shadow: seems to be broken06:46
treachI posted a link to a gentoo mirror in #crux a little while ago, in case you need the file,06:47
sepenmm thanks06:57
sepenIm testing on 2.3 my ports06:57
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prologicit's also in my archive :)07:09
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sipany vote for skipping rc2 and releasing final instead?09:23
jaegerno preference here. I'm pretty happy with rc1 on my test installs09:25
sipjust tested an upgrade from 2.2 to 2.3-rc2, worked fine09:26
jaegergood deal09:26
sipuploaded rc2 there09:26
jaegerI lost a lot of work on the initramfs iso, unfortunately09:27
jaegermight have a backup but I haven't had a chance to check yet, been fighting oracle all week09:28
sipby experience, oracle always win09:29
jaegeryay, I do have a backup09:29
jaegeryeah, it usually does09:29
jaegerI beat it this week, though, fixed a nasty problem yesterday09:29
jaegerinstalling a new instance of oracle 9i and blackboard on a test server today to mirror our production setup again09:30
* jaeger updates the svn so he won't lose the work again10:07
sipjaeger, do you have any contact info for our ftp host at fukt?10:09
jaegerno, sorry :(10:11
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sipwho feeded 2.2? johannes?10:15
jaegerI don't remember =/10:16
sipheh, oracle ate your brani :-P10:16
jaegerit's notorious for that, and blackboard isn't any better10:16
sip:) gotta go now, see you later if you survive.10:18
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jaegerI will survive... as long as I know how to love I know I'll stay alive10:19
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jaegergonna lose one of my 218 day uptimes today :P13:40
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j^2i'm hitting 100 tomorrow on my main company router15:13
prologic100 what ?15:14
prologicload avg ?15:14
prologic$ ssh root@virgo "uprecords" | egrep "^ +1.*"15:15
prologic     1   104 days, 17:25:29 | Linux           Wed Aug 16 21:05:30 200615:15
j^2ah nice15:17
prologic     2    62 days, 03:02:05 | Linux           Wed Jan  3 11:20:11 200715:17
prologic     3    34 days, 07:49:41 | Linux           Thu Nov 30 03:29:51 200615:17
prologicit would have been much higher right now15:17
prologic2 power outages this year :/15:17
prologiceven though I have a UPS15:17
prologicstupid power company can't fix the outages quick enough15:17
jaegerj^2: it had 218 days but now it has 8 gigs of RAM, so I guess it's all good15:31
j^2yah i think that's jusitfied ;)15:32
prologicmy shiny new desktop has more ram than any of my servers now :)15:32
prologichmm 2G :)15:32
jaegerboth my desktops and my laptop have 2G, love it15:32
prologicit's funny how the kernel by default doesn't support >1G15:33
prologicit's nice ain't it ?15:33
prologic$ free -m15:33
prologic             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached15:33
prologicMem:          1963       1671        292          0        259       106915:33
prologicthat probably being the nicest part :)15:33
prologicholy shit I've just about used all my ram!15:33
j^2swap swap swap goes prologic's box15:34
prologic0 swap :)15:34
prologicdecided not to have any this time15:34
prologicaccording to top, qemu, opera and X are the memory hogs :/15:35
tilmanqemu and x are probably false positives15:36
treachI bet that goes for opera as well. :)15:37
prologicI've read up on the kernel's memory allocation techniques15:37
prologicand the so-called numbers :)15:37
prologicseems the more ram you have, the more elusive it becomes :)15:38
treachyikes. I thought we were rid of him..15:56
jjpktreach: ?15:57
treachlooks like he's worn out the ":" key. :P15:57
jjpkoh that one :D15:57
prologicrid of who ?16:00
treach"Mr :D :D :D :D :D"16:01
prologicwho ? I've never seen this so-called Mr :D yadda yadda16:03
prologicnever really seen him here much16:03
prologicmaybe I should pay more attention16:03
treachHe's been MIA for quite a while. Even if I hesitate to use the term "Missing".16:04
jjpkProgramming FUD night? haha16:15
tilmanclaiming your code is "ansi c" without specifying the gcc flags you used is worthless16:24
tilmanthis is just sooo retarded16:24
prologictilman, sorry.16:26
prologicI also used tcc (not gcc)16:26
prologicand you're right C99 does have boolean data types16:26
prologicI was just talking about C8916:26
treachI do not read peoples minds, but I think that particular discussion should be in OT, if you can't contain it to #crux, now that you've managed to hi-jack it.16:28
tilmani've got one ace left in my sleeve, but i hope i'll manage to just shut up :P16:28
treachtilman, /kick ? :P16:28
tilmanmake it two16:28
prologicdo we have to resort to that16:29
tilmanit's a J O K E16:30
prologicyou do realize how hard J O K E ' S are to get on IRC right ?16:30
treachJ O K E S you mean?16:30
prologicit's not like I (we) can see your facial expressions or hear your verbal ones16:31
tilmantreach: quick, we need the angry flower16:31
prologicyes that16:31
treachprologic, rest assured that I would never finish a threat with a ":P" smiley..16:31
prologicgood glad we're on some leve of communcation here!16:32
prologicin any case it's all fun, it's not like there are any serious crux/linux realted problems or discussions going on right now16:33
prologicCRUX just doesn't seem to have too many issues - either that or we have a small user base16:33
prologicI'll romantically stick with the first theory16:33
prologicthere I've moved the discussion16:38
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