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* sepen 's testing ati driver with and xorg7
aongah, new wine10:21
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tilmani wonder whether i should lock it10:24
tilmanit probably breaks shit ;)10:24
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tilmanaon: also, don't they release weekly? ;)10:31
aonlet's see10:31
aonnot quite10:32
treachhope this version works a bit better, current was a step backwards for me.10:34
aontreach: was 1.3.1 for both plugins and audacious the broken combo?10:39
treachsegfaults as soon as I try to play anything.10:40
treachhmm, is it really a good idea to select *all* of xorg to be installed by default?12:14
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tilmancouldn't lighttpd just use the www user?13:36
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clbUpdate from opt: 17 Mar 22:17 - wine: updated to 0.9.3317:48
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aonhi sepen19:42
* sepen testing 2.3 rc119:44
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sepennow xDD19:45
sepenIm working on it19:46
sepenand now using it with fine results19:46
sepenalso gl-select seems to be right without libGl.a's19:47
sepensame as nvidia19:47
sepenbut what about names ... xorg-gl-select or gl-select?19:48
jaegerwith the 2.3 release there won't need to be separate ones, so gl-select should be fine19:49
sepenwell, when Im sure I'll work with contrib 2.319:52
sepenit's plained 2.3rc2?19:52
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treachjaeger: I tried the iso to^H^Hyesterday as I promised. Wasn't it supposed to do away with squashfs?20:12
jaegerno, it was intended to do away with initrd... the squashfs part is still quite useful20:13
jaegerinitrd was a pain in the ass20:13
treachI guess I got something wrong then. :)20:14
jaegerthere are 2 goals with it, really: the ability to 1) start sshd for remote installs, and 2) unmount the CD if needed20:14
jaegerfor other package CDs, wireless firmware, etc. etc.20:14
treachOk. I see.20:15
treachanyhow, I didn't hit any real problems.20:17
jaegergood to hear :)20:17
jaegerany minor ones that should be fixed?20:17
treachwell, I guess that's a matter of taste.20:17
treachI didn't really like that all packages for xorg were marked for installation by default.20:18
jaegeryou do have the option to customize them20:18
treachyes, but it's hard to know wether they are really needed or not.20:18
jaegerI suppose, but at least you have control over it afterwards, as opposed to the all-or-nothing setup with x11 6.9.x20:19
treachbut the point I try to make is that IMO it's easier to add what you need than removing things you don't need.20:20
treachespecially wrt obscure packages.20:21
treachbut of course, that's just my personal opinion.20:21
jaegerwell, here's a thought - disable the xorg section but customize the install and only add the xorg metaport20:21
jaegerthe setup will determine the dependencies20:21
treachgood deal. I didn't think that far, I was thinking about not installing X at all but adding it from ports later. :)20:22
jaegeralso valid, just more time-consuming :)20:22
treachindeed. which was why I wasn't really happy about that "solution". :)20:23
treachbut that setup-helper thing was funny.20:25
treachremoves and injects net-tools only to end up complaining about "package net-tools not found on ISO" :P20:26
jaegerhrmm... oops20:28
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