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clbUpdate from opt: 19 Mar 07:26 - git: updated to
aonwine <306:23
sepenIm testing ports on a 2-3rc1, Im also up to date, should I re-install rc2 for any reason?06:23
sepenI have the lastest rc.* files and ports and works really fine on my box06:24
aoni don't see any reason why you should06:25
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clbUpdate from opt: 19 Mar 12:17 - squid: update to 2.6.STABLE1107:36
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j^2heyo all09:00
j^2how's it hanging jaeger ?09:01
jaegerour ldap server is pissed off, so it's a bit annoying this morning09:02
j^2still havent gotten ldap on my end :(09:04
j^2started to09:04
jaegerprologic: you around?09:22
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_mavrick61Will the crux 2.3 support VMWARE LSI SCSI? See my bugg repport.10:53
jaeger_mavrick61: what's the corresponding line from lspci for the vmware scsi hba?11:01
_mavrick61I'll chack that..11:10
_mavrick6100:10.0 SCSI storage controller: LSI Logic / Symbios Logic 53c1030 PCI-X Fusion-MPT Dual Ultra320 SCSI (rev 01)11:11
_mavrick61I have set up test envorioment for 2.2 I'll can test wchich device drivers needed.11:25
jaegervmware server in windows at least has an option to use buslogic or lsi logic, for what that's worth, but I'll still check into it11:28
_mavrick61LSI is recomended and in complex envorioment it is most sufficient.11:29
jaegerhow complex does your vmware environment become?11:29
jaegerI would test it but vmware pisses me off so I don't use it, heh11:32
_mavrick614 to 9 Virtual host and upp to 1.5 TB. Based on 2 AMD Dual Core 4 GB RAM. And 1 GB LAN connection with 802.1q VLAN communication.11:32
jaegerI fail to see how that really affects which *virtual* scsi hba you use, but I'll take your word for it11:32
_mavrick61I see most improvement using SCSI handling when the virtual system use databases..11:35
_mavrick61I found out which device deriver is needed in Menu Config.11:36
_mavrick61Wait a moment11:37
_mavrick61Decvice drivers: Fusion MPT device support: <*> Fusion MPT ScsiHost drivers for SPI.  And SCSI Device support   <*> SCSI device support  <*> SCSI disk support11:41
_mavrick61That works fine for CRUX 2.2 as virtual host in VMWARE 1.0.211:41
_mavrick61VMWARE server 1.0.211:42
_mavrick61The basic disksystem for the VMWARE HOST are based on SATA-3 RAID Level 5, which is very sufficient.11:49
_mavrick61 And LSI SCSI is superior suffisient then the VMWARE IDE emulation.11:49
_mavrick61I have updated the bug report12:01
sepencan someone take a look of this
sepenI think could be useful have this output from prt-get deptree (imo)13:09
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prologicjaeger, morn'ng :)15:37
prologicwhat's up ?15:37
jaegersip mentioned something about mail forwards at not working and said I should ask you about it15:38
jaegerthough they seem to be fine, to me15:38
prologicwhy should I know anything about it ? :)15:38
jaegerI think he mixed you up with someone15:39
jaegerbut I asked if you were around before I'd gone and looked at it15:39
prologicmost likely15:39
jaegersorry about that15:39
prologic*eh* nps15:39
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sepenwhat about ports which depends on the older x11 port (e.g 2.3/opt/qt3) it's a definitive solution16:42
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_mavrick61Is there problem with the eMail?17:25
prologicen email I tried to send to never got to him apparently17:25
prologicthis was a couple o weeks ago now17:26
prologicI'm not sure if it's the general case or just a freak coincidence17:26
prologicmaybe just check that the aliases are working okay17:26
_mavrick61I just wonder if it was some general problem I need to look into here...17:26
prologicI presume you're running's MX records ?17:27
prologicyeah it could be, check it up17:27
prologicI got the feeling the aliases don't work in general from sip17:27
prologicnot sure :)17:27
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_mavrick61I have made som updates for several domain.. It have bean some general changes for the MX record in our system. 10 domain was not updated. Including crux.nu18:16
prologicahh k18:19
treachuh.. isn't this dirty...?
aonyes, it is19:26
prologicI don't get it :)19:27
treachprologic: are you blind.. oh, sorry. It's *irssi*, on a mac, with a gui..19:27
treachdisgusting to see.19:28
prologicis it just because it's a MAC ?19:28
prologicnothing wrong with irssi on a gui :)19:28
treachmac users can't use stuff without a gui.19:28
prologicoh wait19:28
prologicyou mean that irssi has a gui now ?19:29
prologicnot just curses ?19:29
treachNo. it appears to be a fork.19:29
prologicthey had been planning that for a while now19:29
prologicseen the latest mac ads ?19:29
prologicthe one with vista and it's security buddy :)19:29
treachiirc irssi had a gui in the past, gtk. not sure what happened to it.19:29
treachlack of demand presumeably.19:29
treachNo. Macs have practically 0 market here.19:30
aonirssi was initially supposed to be a gui client19:30
prologicI'd use irssi (curses/console mode) if it had tab support :)19:30
aonand there was the gtk1 gui, yeah19:30
treachprologic: it has. it's called "lalt-<num>"  :P19:31
aonbut apparently it got dropped as everyone uses the console client19:31
prologicanyone planning to make gui for prt-get/pkgutils ?19:31
prologicjust curious as nipul and I (nipul started it, I pithced in) tried to start one called gports, never got off the ground :)19:32
aonirssi2 seems to be somewhat about reacquiring the gui, though :)19:32
aonnot irssi2, icecap19:32
treachI'll never consider gui apps for pure text purposes as anything but a waste of time and resources.19:32
prologicyou both make good point :)19:33
aonalthough i do use thunderbird for news19:33
treachisn't slrn or snownews good enough? :P19:35
prologicI use snownews :)19:51
prologicgreat piece of software19:51
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