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* tilman already pushed 8 gb01:32
tilman_mavrick61: thanks, i'll double check that jaeger wants to nominate morpheus for the RR, and then i'll contact you again :)01:34
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pitillonice job, thanks to all. I will try the torrent link if I can run torrent :) If not I will wait to the http/ftp.02:02
tilmanif we delete ports from git, we should delete them one by one02:13
tilmanie one port per commit02:13
tilmanthat way, you can easily revive a port by git revert'ing the removal commit02:13
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sepen8) ---> (2.3)03:14
prologictilman, why was some (ihmo) essential packages removed from the 2.3 iso ?04:26
prologiceg: rp-pppoe, wvdial04:26
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Romsterwtf removed...05:35
Romsterhow can ya get on the net without rp-pppoe or wvdial..05:36
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clbUpdate from xorg: 21 Mar 06:44 - xorg-libxinerama: updated to 1.0.2 || 21 Mar 06:41 - xorg-xdpyinfo: updated to 1.0.207:31
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clbUpdate from opt: 21 Mar 13:29 - Merge branch '2.2' into 2.3 || 21 Mar 13:29 - firefox: updated to version
tilmanjaeger: what's the ip that you want to have as an A record for
tilmanjaeger: _mavrick61 said all he needs is the ips, then he'd set it up :)08:44
tilman_mavrick61: alright, can you please add and as A records for
jaegersharing:  oo  (7319.5 MB up / 0.0 MB down)08:45
jaegersharing:  oo  (5229.0 MB up / 0.0 MB down08:46
jaegerquite a few downloads08:46
tilmanindeed, 12 gb for me now08:47
treachI accidentally killed my seeding earlier, but I'm closing in at 7GB in total :)08:50
tilmanjaeger: is the tracker statistics page public?08:51
jaegerI suppose so08:53
jaegerit's not advertised but it's reachable by any08:53
jaegertreach: nice :)08:53
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treachbut you should probably use "dependent"09:53
jjpkHe probably has enough time on his hands ;)09:54
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tilmanj^2: that's klingon, isn't it?10:17
tilmanENGLISH DO YOU SPEAK IT ****?10:21
j^2it's "prost" or "cheers" etc10:21
j^2i thought we'd get a kick out of it ;)10:21
sepencongratulations team! but where I can found the iso? has only the changelog10:39
tilmanread the announcement again :P10:40
jjpkSince crux is a small distro with a small user base, it makes sense to use bittorrent10:41
sepenmmm only the torrent10:41
sepenand that?
tilmanat the moment, yes10:43
sepenah good!10:43
sepenyou plained to expand the mirror list?10:43
tilmanwe don't have easy access to the current master site atm10:43
tilmanthat's why the iso hasn't hit all the mirrors10:43
tilmansepen: if you've got a mirror, we'll happily add it :)10:44
sepenmmm I wrote to (spanish mirror)10:44
sepenI think in a couple of days the admins will reply me10:45
sepensee external connectivity with Geant (10G backbone)10:48
sepentilman, also I have my own server box ( but my bandwith is too limitate10:52
tilmandon't worry, we have lots of mirrors10:53
tilmani don't think it's a problem :)10:53
sepenanother question, 2.3-i586 is planed to release?10:55
sepenI could build a release candidate on my old crux server10:56
sepenIm very happy with 2.3   8)10:57
tilmani can hardly believe i've stuck with crux for so long10:57
tilmanit's like a miracle10:58
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sepenIm using 2.3rc1 yet xDD11:03
sepenand works fine after prt-get sysup11:03
sepenit's not a miracle I think it's a good team job11:05
jjpktilman: amazed at your patience or at the setbacks? ;)11:07
tilman"setbacks"? i don't quite understand what you mean11:09
jjpkdevs leaving, delays, so on.11:10
tilmani've looked up the word twice and it doesn't seem to make much sense in this context :(11:11
jjpkHow about this: unexpected events that slow you down from what you want to accomplish in a given amount of time11:13
tilmanneither then11:15
tilmanit just seems a bit funny to use the same distro for ~4 years11:15
jjpkIt did not take too long for these types of questions to show up now did they?11:51
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clbUpdate from opt: 21 Mar 18:31 - mplayerplug-in: updated to 3.4013:36
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_mavrick61OK.. Shal I change to that now.19:22
_mavrick61I have setup as RR = 2 A-record with this IP address and
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