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tilman_mavrick61: thanks for setting up :)07:11
tilmanssh on ftl07:59
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tilmanjaeger: is functional. do you have rsyncd set up already?08:16
tilmanthen i'll update the mirror list08:17
jaegeryep, it's ready :)08:18
jaegeryour address wasn't subscribed to the contrib list, by the way08:19
tilmanugh, i didn't confirm the subscription yet08:20
tilmanheh, i suck08:20
jaegerI approved the mail08:20
tilmanthank you :)08:20
tilmaneh eh08:20
tilmani probably didn't even hit the "OK" button for the subscription08:21
jaegerno biggie :)08:23
jaeger19788 MB seeded here, no one downloading at the moment08:29
jaeger(from me, that is)08:29
Romsteri've got bugger all offf me i dunno why i keep seeding 70MB uploaded pfft08:33
jaegerevery part helps08:34
jaegerfor some reason, backing up this 17 gig dir with rsync to an rsync daemon is SLOWER than backing it up to the same server via rsync/ssh09:22
jaegeron top of that, both hosts are connected to a gigabit network and aren't even pushing 100mbit speeds (yes, they both have gigabit ethernet and both are connected at 1000mbps full duplex, according to the kernel)09:23
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tilman_mavrick61: can you please also set up with the same two IPs that has?09:45
j^2hey all10:08
sepenhi j^210:29
Romsterjaeger, i'd try this method "# find . -not -path "./dev*" -not -path "./proc*" -not -path "./sys*" -print0 | cpio --format=crc -0 -o | ssh -C root@arkanoid cd /home/romster/servBackup \; cpio --verbose -i -d"11:12
Romsteredit to your taste.11:12
jaegerI've tried tar and cpio as well, neither is faster =/11:13
jaegerthanks for the suggestion, though11:13
Romsterjaeger, and see if your cpu or hdd bandwidth is maxed out too.11:14
Romsteri've never had scp run at my lan speed11:14
Romsterah well was worth a shot.11:14
Romstercould check if oyur hdd's have dma enabled11:14
jaegerscp is a crap test, unfortunately... but usually rsync or cpio/tar are good11:14
jaegerfor what it's worth,11:15
jaeger/dev/sda: Timing cached reads:   2082 MB in  2.00 seconds = 1040.75 MB/sec Timing buffered disk reads:  194 MB in  3.00 seconds =  64.63 MB/sec11:15
pitillojaeger: is a sata disk? do you know if is there any way to put up the speed instead of work like a udma133?11:24
jaegerit is. not that I'm aware of11:25
pitillo(first time I see some info related at kernel using visa_sata and tryin to put some 1.5Gb link up to the sata disk) Thank you :)11:25
pitillox/ s/visa_sata/via_sata in my case11:26
pitilloI need more reading :)11:27
jaegeras I understand it the kernel should take care of speed settings itself on sata stuff, but I'm no low-level expert there11:27
clbUpdate from opt: 22 Mar 16:25 - epdfview: initial import || 22 Mar 16:20 - jre, jdk: took maintainership11:32
tilmanthat guy really is insane11:34
jjpko rly?11:35
jjpkI must be missing the sign that says #crux = the channel for the demented11:35
tilmani'm captain obvious today11:36
jjpknp: Thyrane - Heretic Hunt11:38
jjpkvery fitting song for now.11:38
treachhe's new, maybe he's just trying a bit too hard.11:39
* treach looks doubtful11:39
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pitillonice... a bit of work is waiting me at home... changing sata_via for ahci... it can be interesting12:01
pitillojaeger: are you using your chipset module or ahci?12:02
clbUpdate from opt: 22 Mar 16:58 - subversion: updated to 1.4.3 || 22 Mar 16:48 - neon: updated to 0.26.3 || 22 Mar 16:42 - gtklp: updated to 1.2.312:02
pitillo(in case ahci supports yours)12:02
jaegerpitillo: I use ata_piix, builtin12:02
pitilloummm sorry the module naming (built in in this case). Well I will try ahci to see if it works and I will compare both....12:04
tilmanjjpk: he reminds me of SiFUH12:21
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jjpktilman: :D I say he has severe speech diarrhea...12:26
tilmanViper_: i fix0red yer contrib!12:26
Viper_nice thanks tilman :)12:27
tilmanViper_: also talked to Romster re. the mucho merge commits12:27
tilmani'll hold his hand next time he commits stuff12:28
tilmanso we can probably improve things12:28
Viper_very good :)12:28
Viper_hmm there's no commit that you merged 2.2 into 2.3 - is this ok?12:29
tilmanof course there isn't12:30
tilmani deleted the branch12:30
tilmanand then ran12:30
tilmangit branch 2.3 2.212:30
Viper_ah ok12:30
tilman("create branch 2.3 and base it off 2.2")12:30
Viper_now i understand it :)12:30
Viper_btw: on committing something i still get the error of an invalid character12:31
Viper_but it's working anyway12:31
tilmando you save your commit comment buffer as utf-8?12:32
tilmando you use vim to edit the commit comment file thing?12:32
Viper_yes i do :)12:32
Viper_i am not using utf-812:32
Viper_should i?12:32
tilmanyou could try  :set fileencoding=utf-812:33
Viper_ok will try that12:33
tilmanthat might not be related to the error message12:33
tilmanbut it might fix the display of your surname in gitweb :)12:33
Viper_well that would be nice too :)12:34
tilmanViper_: or does :set fileencoding? already say utf-8 for you?12:36
tilmanin that case, setting it again won't help of course12:36
Viper_no of course not12:37
clbUpdate from opt: 22 Mar 17:57 - libgd: updated to 2.0.34, fixed deps for CRUX 2.313:02
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Viper_well i tried this setting at a test repo13:20
Viper_i still get an error that it's not utf-8 encoded13:21
Viper_really strange13:21
tilman? what errors out?13:25
Viper_commit message does not conform to UTF-8.13:27
tilmanwoher kommt die meldung?13:28
tilmangit commit?13:28
tilmanor what?13:28
tilmanis it really "git commit" or is it "git push"?13:29
Viper_really git-commit13:30
* tilman thinks13:30
Viper_but i am getting this strange error "invaild character" only when pushing to a repository13:30
tilmanyes, same thing i guess13:31
Viper_lol just tried to use a file git-commit -a -F msg and this file is utf-8 encoded according to 'file'13:31
Viper_but still getting the error13:31
tilmanyou run git 1.5.x.x from opt, right?13:32
Viper_yes of course i do :)13:32
Viper_lol fixed it right now.. recoding ~/.gitconfig to utf-8 as well did the job13:33
tilmandid you set i18n.commitencoding to a strange value before?13:34
tilmani'd not set it at all. utf8 is the default anyway13:35
Viper_... git-log is displaying my name utf-8 encoded of course now.. but my terminal cannot display it..13:36
tilmanexport LC_CTYPE=de_DE.utf813:38
tilmanmight help13:38
Viper_yeah already tried this but of course it isn't working13:38
tilmanget a utf8-capable terminal emulator?13:39
tilmanlike, urxvt13:39
Viper_well it's xterm13:39
tilmantry uxterm then13:39
tilman(ships with xterm)13:39
Viper_ok now it's possible to display utf-8 files using cat or stuff like that13:41
jjpkif you have a utf-8 enabled terminal + font, then yes.13:41
tilmanViper_: so how exactly did you fix the error on commit?13:42
Viper_recoding both (~/.gitconfig and the commit message) to utf-813:42
tilmanrecoding as in running recode on them?13:43
tilmanthat's silly13:43
tilmanoh wait, it's not13:43
tilmando you set your name in ~/.gitconfig?13:43
Viper_yeah and that was the problem13:43
tilmanViper_: i didn't think of it, cause i've got my real name in /etc/passwd13:43
tilmanViper_: makes perfectly sense though13:44
Viper_yes actual it does :)13:44
tilmanwonder whether jue knows that13:44
Viper_but i don't understand why git-log cannot display my name valid although utf-8 is working13:45
* tilman thinks13:49
tilmanyou have LC_CTYPE set to what?13:49
Viper_well i think it should be no problem13:50
Viper_i will set fenc=utf-8 to my commit-messages and it will be working13:50
tilmandn't think you have to do that anymore13:50
tilmani think the only problem was ~/.gitconfig13:51
Viper_hmm i will try it13:51
tilmanViper_: did you try de_DE.utf8?13:51
tilmanshouldn't make a difference, but i dunno13:51
Viper_no i don't have it :)13:51
Viper_ah it's not working without fenc=utf-813:52
Viper_but that's no problem for me: au BufNewFile,BufRead .git/COMMIT_EDITMSG set fenc=utf-8 :)13:52
tilmangood good13:52
Viper_and displaying the logs by git-log --encoding=latin1 and everything is working again13:53
Viper_(i don't want to use utf-8 by standard)13:53
tilmando you even have the utf8 locales?13:54
Viper_yes i do13:54
Viper_and with tools like cat utf-8 is working13:54
tilmannot using utf8 results in stupid errors like your git one13:54
tilmanif you use utf8, you can tell vim to use fenc=utf8 by default13:55
tilmanand never worry again13:55
Viper_well it was the first error with these encodings13:55
Viper_the problem is that i am not sure if all of my tools are really supporting utf-813:55
tilmanit's 2007, they probably do13:56
tilmanthe good thing, it's compatible to ascii13:56
Viper_are you using utf-8 by default?13:56
Viper_and no problems?13:56
tilmanbut i don't have umlauts in my name either :D13:56
jjpkI also use utf-8 locales, haven't noticed any problems really.13:57
Viper_hmm is it much work to switch to utf-8?13:57
tilmansince you already have the locales ;)13:57
Viper_hmm then i will have to understand why git-log isn't displaying this 'ß'13:58
Viper_before switching to utf-8 :)13:58
tilmandid you push an utf8 commit to opt?13:58
tilman""utf8 commit"" ;)13:59
Viper_not yet13:59
Viper_i don't want to push spam commits :)13:59
tilmanlet me try it14:00
Viper_but i guess it should working now14:00
tilmanmy ~/.gitconfig got corrupted it seems?14:00
tilmanAuthor: (null) <>14:00
tilmanhow lame is that14:00
Viper_try recode :)14:01
tilman[user] email = (null) name = (null)14:01
tilmansomeone called printf("blah %s\n", NULL)14:01
tilmanwhat the hell14:02
jjpkgitconfig gone crazy? :p14:03
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] > git config foo14:03
tilmancould not lock config file14:03
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] >14:03
tilmani think giggle did that14:05
tilmanholy shit14:05
Viper_this encoding stuff is so strange14:05
Viper_it's possible to display every utf-8 encoded character in git-log except this 'ß'14:05
Viper_perhaps it's a bug14:06
tilmanare you sure that one is utf8 encoded?14:06
Viper_ä ö in the same commit message are it :)14:06
jjpkß ö ä14:07
jjpkYou could try to copy / paste that, my output in irssi is utf-814:07
jjpkIf you can see it :p14:07
tilmanViper_: the difference is that your name comes from ~/.gitconfig, and the other umlauts come from the commit comment buffer14:07
Viper_yes and no14:08
Viper_i've put a 'ß' inside the commit message14:08
Viper_it's not possible to display this too14:08
Viper_in an utf-8 environment14:08
tilmanbut your font is okay, right? :P14:08
Viper_jjpk: i think my irssi is converting it because i can see it14:09
Viper_and this is not an utf-8 environment :)14:09
jjpkIf you have recode enabled, then maybe.14:09
Viper_my font seems to be ok14:09
Viper_cat can display 'ß'14:10
tilmando you run uxterm now?14:10
Viper_yes i do14:10
Viper_without it it's not possible to display any utf-8 character14:10
tilmanlol, git is kidding me14:11
tilmanso i want to edit ~/.gitconfig14:11
tilmanand it wants to place its lock file in ~/.git/config.lock14:11
tilmanand it doesn't complain about my missing ~/.git directory14:11
tilmaninstead it fails with a crappy error message14:11
Viper_how do want to edit it?14:12
tilmangit config foo14:12
Viper_ah.. i've done this manually14:12
Viper_'by hand'14:12
Viper_tilman: which font are you using?14:13
Viper_uxterm -fa smooth?14:14
tilmani run urxvt14:15
Viper_ah ok14:15
tilmanno idea how uxterm works :D14:15
tilmani'm an idiot14:16
tilmanit's git config --global now14:20
tilmangit config without --global will set the per-repo file ;)14:20
Viper_can you explain me this:14:22
Viper_git-log cannot display ?14:22
Viper_git-log cannot display ß14:22
Viper_git-log | less can display it14:22
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Viper_hi jaeger :)14:24
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tilmangit config --global color.diff true14:24
tilmanL  S  D14:24
tilman<    Viper_> git-log cannot display ?14:25
tilmanViper_: that wasn't a literal question mark, was it?14:25
jaegerheyo :)14:25
Viper_no that was a typo error14:25
Viper_sorry :)14:25
jaegerwonder if mine display properly14:25
tilmani'm not very leet when it comes to utf814:25
tilmangotta think ;)14:25
Viper_well i guess that the viewer git-log is using isn't really supporting utf-814:26
tilmangit recommends to use utf-8 for commit messages etc etc14:26
tilmanViper_: but it *does* seem to be abug14:26
Viper_well perhaps they don't use 'ß' very often :)14:26
tilmanoh right14:26
jaegerdoes it support a pager env variable?14:27
tilmanit only happens for that specific char14:27
tilmanjaeger: "git log" calls $PAGER by default i think14:27
tilmanViper_: what's $PAGER?14:28
tilmanlet me try it14:28
Viper_$MANPAGER too14:28
tilmaneh eh eh14:29
Viper_hmm that's why utf-8 is scaring me14:29
tilmanbut at least piping it trough less doesn't make it work for me14:30
tilmanso it's consistently bad14:30
Viper_well for me it works :)14:30
Viper_can you display utf-8 files with less?14:30
tilmanoh, no, i can't14:31
tilmanworks with umlauts, fails at s-z14:31
tilmanhow weird is that!14:31
tilmanman less for me!14:31
Viper_lol exactly the same problem :)14:32
tilmanlet's ask the temple of knowledge14:32
Viper_nobody seems to be using ß anymore14:32
Viper_do you have $LESSCHARSET set?14:32
tilmanheh, latin114:32
Viper_lol :)14:32
tilmanthat's really strange though14:33
tilmanisn't s-z in latin1 as well?14:33
Viper_it is14:33
Viper_but you cannot display a utf-8 ß in a latin1 less i guess :)14:34
tilmanless should convert from utf-8 (the file) to latin1 in that case14:34
tilmanthat *should* work14:34
Viper_well perhaps it's another bug in the conversion system :)14:35
tilmanViper_: i pity you for that s-z :D14:35
tilmanone of my coworker has one in his surname as well14:35
tilmanand it's in his login too14:35
Viper_well yeah it's making problems all the time14:35
tilman(no idea what dumbass thought that was a good idea)14:35
Viper_my bank also cannot display it14:36
tilmanhe's screwed everytime he tries to login with qwerty14:36
Viper_it's all the time writing a b instead of a ß14:36
Viper_ok i will give it up for now.. using fenc=utf-8 and git-log --encoding=latin1 do work14:37
Viper_in a non-utf8 environment14:38
tilmanViper_: export LESSCHARSET=utf-814:38
pitilloumm anyone using grub? is it possible to add a line to the appendix "grub installation" making reference to "# grub-install /dev/xxx" ? Is not needed for you or may be must be reviewed at doc online?15:11
pitilloI forgot to tell this last time I installed grub.... now reinstalled and remember it. (sorry if it is supposed to be done)15:13
jaegergrub-install isn't necessary if you run setup (hdX)15:15
pitillowell... in my case I need to do the steps maked as natively and then using grub-install15:15
pitillojaeger, sorry, I read at webpage in this moment15:15
pitilloand now starts a lot of doubts... because running natively and then using grub-install is the only way to install grub in my sata disk15:16
jaegerI don't follow15:16
jaegerwhat do you mean by natively?15:16
pitillo(yesterday finally installed lilo because, like I said, I forgot that grub-install)15:17
pitilloah sorry. i mean natively with the commands at handbook, setup() and root()15:17
pitilloonce I did it I need to install forcing with grub-install.... I have done it a few minutes ago... I will test. (I hope it works, I remember I need to do in that way the last time)15:18
jaegerroot() and setup() should be sufficient unless there was some error15:19
pitillobut forgot it... at grub webpage is very good explained... I am pretty sure it was my fault, but is quite strange15:19
pitillojaeger, with the copy of needed files and root-setup.... I only got the grub console at start15:19
pitillowell I smell the problem....15:20
jaegerif you got the grub console, it's installed15:21
jaegergrub.conf or menu.lst is likely missing15:21
pitillobut why can not acces to menu.lst?15:21
jaegerif you're running the current grub, menu.lst was replaced with grub.conf15:22
pitillothen may be that is the problem....15:22
pitillosoft link to menu.lst....15:24
pitillowell, I will test it with the non-native method. :)15:25
pitillojaeger, Thank you for your answers :)15:26
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pitilloreally not sure, but I think in 2 posibilities: bad root(hd0,6) instead of root(hd0,0) or bad mapping of sda. (with the grub-install way works fine, sorry to bore with this)15:31
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jaegerI think you missed my point... grub *is installed* if you get the grub shell thingy at boot time15:35
pitilloyes jaeger, but I looked at grub.conf, and is a link to menu.lst, It exists and was the same I run now. That is the reason why I really do not understand it.15:38
jaegerdon't know what to tell you. if the shell comes up, the boot loader is installed... just gotta find out what's wrong with the menu file at that point15:38
pitilloI think the native way is not "capable?" to map the sata disk.... with the grub-install way reports no-errors15:39
pitilloreports no errors and find /dev/sda and /dev/fd0 (if I am not in wrong)15:40
jaegerI use serial ata in all of my machines except for my laptop, no troubles so far15:41
pitillostrange... then i need to review all what I did to find the error15:41
pitillomay be the point to the root(hd0,0) instead of what I was using root(hd0,6) (/)15:42
jaegeris /boot on a different partition?15:42
pitillojaeger, no, in / sda715:43
jaegerthat should be right, then... root() points to where grub's files are installed15:44
pitillothen I am lost jaeger. I will have dinner and think about. (the only way to fix it is with grub-install)15:46
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jaeger :)16:29
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_mavrick61Core members fyi: The DNS entry with RR is created.  It seam myc IRC client just went dead without error info so I don't know if this messages went through before.18:47
jaeger_mavrick61: thanks :)19:15
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