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jjpkand the speech diarrhea continues04:29
jjpkMy mind cannot cope with the drivel out there :o04:35
tilmani'm sorry for comparing him to sifuh04:36
jjpkhow so? none of them made much, if any sense most of the time04:36
tilmanthat guy is much more annoying than sifuh04:38
sepenanyone want to test it?
sepenthis is an example of use:04:46
sepen$ ./portsearch rhapsody04:46
sepenrhapsody (contrib) # rsync -aqz rhapsody04:46
sepenrhapsody (sepen) # httpup sync rhapsody04:46
tilmansepen: you could turn those chained grep calls into one04:49
tilmanor just use sed only :D04:49
sepenone moment Im going to eat something04:51
tilmanhow can i download the script w/o checking out the whole svn repo?04:52
tilmancopy & paste is no good because of the line numbers04:52
pitillotilman, down in the original format link04:55
tilmani'm not quite awake yet :)04:55
tilmanseems to very slow04:56
tilmansepen: the parsing is slow like hell :)04:57
pitillolow bandwitch and a little cpu for all what sepen wants to put there... (I hope he can switch his computer to router and buy another one soon)04:58
tilmanpitillo: i mean the _script_ (portsearch) is slow04:58
tilmanthe result gets retrieved by curl in 1 second04:58
tilmanand the parsing takes 5 seconds04:58
pitillo(here seeing the trac sometimes is slow, thougth in that) I will take a look.04:59
tilmanthe portdb should support xml output05:02
tilmanwould be way easier to parse05:03
tilmandid tillb wrote the current portdb?05:05
sepentilman, I think that open your browser and go to url is slower than the script05:23
tilmansepen: try "portsearch xine-lib"05:24
sepensurely it could be faster with good bash programing05:24
sepenyeah! time = real    0m4.501s05:25
sepenI can't find any other solution for retrieving port searchs from console05:26
sepenI wrote this script for anyone who consideer it useful05:26
tilmansepen: i'll talk to tillb, maybe we can implement xml output05:26
tilmansepen: then you can parse it easier05:26
tilmanand likely faster :)05:26
sepenyeah of course05:27
sepenalso it can be reprogrammed with whatever language more powerfull and eficient05:27
tilmanbut parsing html isn't much fun :)05:28
tilmansepen: but the script is useful:)05:30
sepenif tillb could implement xml or rss output could be more efficient05:30
sepenIm plained porting my script to my repo and after that if people wants could be useful on contrib no?05:31
tilmanwe could maybe integrate it in prtutils05:31
sepenany git for prtutil??05:32
sepencan I work with it? or need an upstream member?05:32
tilmanyou don't have write access05:33
sepenno problem, I plained mantain the script as port in my repo05:33
pitillotilman, related to e-modules-uptime. I have a problem and I am not sure what I did bad ( ) If you have a minute to take a look and give me some clue.05:35
tilmanask #edevelop, i don't know :)05:35
tilmani don't run e1705:36
pitillotilman, ok thank you :)05:36
pitillolot of knowledge there too... :D05:55
tilmanlots of non-knowledge, too05:56
pitillome for example... but reading you I can learn a bit05:56
pitilloI think my Q can be moved to e directly... I think this dev channel are reserved for who really know. (Like I said I will try to read more and talk less in dev channels :)05:57
sepenthat's the port
sepensorry the malformed paste xD05:58
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tilmanmissing pppoe and wvdial on the iso is a bit annoying indeed06:42
sepencould be I should wrote a mail to ML about the portsearch script06:42
jjpktilman: any idea why were they removed anyway?06:43
jjpkNot everyone has a router box somewhere it seems :p06:43
treachor sane isps.06:44
treach(I don't know any DSL user who still needs ppp-oe.)06:44
tilmani'll ask git06:44
treachnot the 8ball?06:45
tilmandon't find it in git log06:45
tilmanand i gotta run soon06:45
tilmananyway, bbl06:52
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prologicrp-pppoe, wvdial should never have been removed :/06:57
prologicthere seems to be no indication in the logs as to why07:01
Romsterthats a major stuf up if you ask me..07:07
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j^2morn' all08:54
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* j^2 waves to jaeger 09:56
jaeger@seen sip09:56
clbjaeger: sip was last seen in #crux-devel 2 days, 17 hours, 27 minutes, and 10 seconds ago: <sip> bye!09:56
j^2i got a wii :)09:56
j^2thanks, havent played it yet, but i'm excited09:57
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jaegeris neon the requirement for svn to support https urls? the current combination in ports isn't allowing them; the build complains about neon being an incompatible version10:02
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jaegerlooks like the answer is yes10:23
jaegerdowngrading neon to 0.25.5 fixes the problem10:23
jaegerheyo, sip10:23
sipproblems with neon?10:23
jaegernot neon itself but subversion linking against it10:24
j^2greetings sip10:24
siphey j^210:24
jaegerwith the 0.26.x neon port subversion's https support isn't built. the build complains about the version being incompatible10:24
jaegerI'll post a log if you like10:24
sipoh. didn't notice that.10:24
sipone can hope a simple autohell patch would suffice ;)10:25
jaegerthat was next on the list to try :)10:25
siphmm, configure says 0.25.5 is required, it was probably broken before the latest update10:31
jaegerwell, that quashed the error, I'll let it build and see what happens10:31
sipaccording to it should work with 0.26.x, so your suggestion looks ok10:33
jaegerwill let you know in a couple minutes :)10:33
jaegerI looked at configure and it seemed I could either add 0.26.3 to NEON_ALLOWED_LIST, set NEON_ALLOWED_LIST to "any", or pass --disable-neon-version-check10:34
jaegerthe last one seems cleanest to me10:35
sipthanks, I'm troubleshooting a Win upgrade atm - silly relatives  :/ -10:35
sepenjaeger, please when you want and have some time look at this:
jaegerwhat's different from the current one?10:39
sepenremoved libGL.a10:39
sepennvidia and ati both dont' need it10:39
sepenIm using the driver on my desktop after using gl-select and works fine for me10:40
sepenalso I've a subversion repo on my server box, If you want write permisions for whatever tell me please10:41
sepenbut I consideer that gl-select isn't too big for it10:42
sepens/it/that ?10:42
jaegersip: ok, it works with just --disable-neon-version-check10:43
jaegersepen: yeah, not really necessary, but thanks for offering10:43
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sipjaeger, great thanks. I'll update the port10:53
jaegerthanks :)10:54
sipWARNING: skipping the build of mod_dav_svn <-- does this look that bad?10:55
jaegerthat's expected if apache isn't installed10:57
sipok, just wanted to be sure we're not enforcing it10:57
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jaegershould be ok10:58
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jaegerheyo, jue11:00
juewow, more than 500 downloads !11:01
jaegeryep :)11:01
siphey jue11:02
sipI'm slightly more impressed about the lack of complaints so far ;)11:03
deus_exsip: wrt subversion and neon : I just changed sed line to 'sed -i -e 's|0.26.1|0.26.3|g' configure', and it builds fine.11:04
sipah, there was a trick for that11:05
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juesip: do you remember why you/we removed wvdial/rp-pppoe ?11:06
sipmainly because there were no maintainers11:07
sipis this out first complaint? :)11:07
sipuh, I see you're the maintainer11:07
sipmaybe you weren't a few months ago? (started working on 2.3 last year)11:08
jueno, I'm maintaining both since years11:09
jaegerdoh :/11:09
clbUpdate from opt: 23 Mar 16:02 - subversion: fixed neon checking11:10
sipsorry about that11:10
juenp, I don't miss them11:11
sipthey'll be in 2.3.1 anyway ;)11:11
sepengreat works guys!11:11
sepenmany thanks, Im going to update my svn11:12
jaegerany objections to adding LSI Logic SCSI support as well?11:12
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jueto the boot kernel?11:13
sipno objections. That's why I asked for a review of the kernel config back at the time...11:14
jaegerat the time, I didn't know it was needed11:14
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sipGenerally speaking, I think it's better to enable all non-experimental scsi stuff, and maybe some experimental-but-known-to-work ones11:16
jueone request:11:16
jueI have updated ports for coreutils and fakeroot, the first with enabled *at functions, the second patched to support them.11:16
jaegerfair enough11:16
jueWould be nice if someone could do additional tests, esp. the chown/chmod calls do not work with upatched fakeroot.11:16
jueopenat for example11:17
jaegerhaven't had trouble with the older fakeroot but can test it11:18
juethx, but together with coreutils 6.9 please11:19
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clbUpdate from opt: 23 Mar 17:08 - squid: update to 2.6.STABLE1212:10
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tilmanjjpk: not sure. feel free to bring it up on the mailing list and state that you consider it a must-fix problem13:22
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treach :D14:42
treachsry wrong window. :/14:42
aonyeah, crux-devel doesn't tolerate humor >:|15:01
jaegeramazing how many people still use ps2 mice, to me15:18
jaegerwhere does the page say windowmaker is default?15:21
juegood question, we have nothing about wmaker in our wiki15:25
jaegerthat's what I was thinking, couldn't find it15:27
jjpkHe's trying to pass old information as still current.15:28
jaegerperhaps so15:28
jaegerseems a reasonably fair review otherwise15:30
jueyes, my thoughts as well15:33
juebut the part about evilwm is really nice :-)15:34
jaegerI found that pretty amusing15:34
jaegerI might email him and ask about the window maker thing15:37
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clbUpdate from xorg: 22 Mar 19:25 - xorg-makedepend: updated to 1.0.116:41
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jjpkone or two more days and 2.3 will out do 2.2 in torrent downloads \o/16:50
jjpk530 so far16:50
clbUpdate from xorg: 23 Mar 21:44 - xorg-mkfontdir: updated to 1.0.317:11
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prologictilman, ping21:53
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