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clbUpdate from opt: 25 Mar 08:22 - dovecot: update to 1.0.rc28 || 25 Mar 08:20 - conky: fixed typo03:50
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treachmodest proposal; add a sane /etc/default/useradd.06:33
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clbUpdate from opt: 25 Mar 13:30 - tightvnc: replaced x11 dependency by xorg08:51
jjpkmplayer's port needs the same change, since it depends on x11 and not xorg.08:59
jjpkFound some of those using prt-get dependent x11, but that is more definitive.09:09
aonpartly bogus, tho09:11
tilmanqt *shivers*09:11
aonok, the list should be correct now09:18
aonwonder if it should go to the mailinglist09:18
jjpkJust do it, I doubt it would please many to have changes without notification.09:19
aontilman: if i want to commit only part of what i've changed in my local 2.3 branch, how do i behave with the fetch/rebase stuff?09:21
aonaon@beech:~/dev/crux/git/opt/emacs$ git rebase origin/2.309:21
aonxemacs-sumo/Pkgfile: needs update09:21
aonxemacs/.footprint: needs update09:21
aonxemacs/.md5sum: needs update09:21
aonxemacs/Pkgfile: needs update09:21
aonaon@beech:~/dev/crux/git/opt/emacs$ git push09:21
aonerror: remote 'refs/heads/2.3' is not a strict subset of local ref 'refs/heads/2.3'. maybe you are not up-to-date and need to pull first?09:21
aonfetch was done before..09:21
clbUpdate from opt: 25 Mar 14:35 - emacs: changed x11 dependency to xorg09:51
aonthe above means 'nevermind' :)09:52
aonbut still, it'd be good to know09:52
aoni guess i should make a separate branch09:52
tilmani *think& the "foo needs update" shouldn't mean anything09:52
aonbut it didn't push in that tree09:52
aonafter fetch/rebase09:52
tilmanwhat do you mean? all your changes are on 2.3, no?09:53
tilmanit's probably to create a local (!) branch called "soon" or whatever09:54
tilmanwhere you commit the xemacs changes09:54
tilmana general rule of thumb is: don't have uncommitted changes lying around for too long09:54
aonthere's some other stuff, too, which i have but don't dare to commit09:54
aoni learned a bad habit of committing very, very, very carefully from one place09:55
aonwhere the commit log could be like09:56
aon"1.1.2002: somesoftware: version 1.0"09:56
aon"5.4.2006: fix stuff x"09:56
Romsterconsidering i have to redo all mine again....10:13
aonheh, a winner is accidental rm(1)10:19
tilmanwas it very bad?10:34
aonnot really10:41
aoni had a crux-2.2 chroot with my git trees mounted in it10:42
aonthought that "won't need this anymore"10:42
aonshould've unmounted the stuff there first...10:42
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tilmandoes anyone else find it annoying that "git rm foo" prints15:43
tilman`rm foo`15:43
tilmanprobably not :/15:46
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treachincredible amount of response on the 2.4 handbook thing. :P16:31
clbUpdate from opt: 25 Mar 21:51 - dbus-python: updated .footprint16:52
jaegerI think they need to be copied and pasted into new pages, don't know of a way to copy a page to a new name... but I don't use the wiki a lot16:53
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jaegerI still wonder why glibc has alsa files in it17:57
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clbUpdate from opt: 26 Mar 01:42 - pyrex: updated .footprint20:53
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clbUpdate from opt: 26 Mar 03:14 - avahi: updated .footprint22:23
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