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aon@seen sip06:39
clbaon: sip was last seen in #crux-devel 2 days, 19 hours, 23 minutes, and 16 seconds ago: <sip> Generally speaking, I think it's better to enable all non-experimental scsi stuff, and maybe some experimental-but-known-to-work ones06:39
aonhmmh. anyone else have access to the public keys on
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* sepen =======> Building '/devel/crux.sepen/trunk/ports/qt4/qt4#4.2.3-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.08:00
jaegeraon: need yours updated or something?08:09
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clbUpdate from opt: 26 Mar 13:12 - atk: updated to version 1.18.008:24
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j^2hey all08:45
j^2how's it hanging jaeger ?08:45
jaegerok so far08:47
j^2i watched TMNT this weekend with my girlfriend, Turtle Power!09:22
Romsterthat new movie i used to be a big TMNT fan when it came out as i was a child09:35
j^2yep that's the reason i went to watch it, i still have all three live action ones :P09:35
Romstereven had all the cards at one stage.09:37
aonjaeger: yes09:40
Romsteri've got the origional TMNT magazine :D09:49
Romsterused to have the hots for april lol when i was a tiny tot09:49
Romstermovie any good?09:49
Romsteri'll go and watch it when it comes down here09:50
jaegeraon: sorry, back now. I can update it if you want to send me the new one10:01
j^2Romster: it's ok, apirl looks like a whore though10:11
j^2though they totally set up for a sequal10:11
Romsterprobbly not how it used to look10:15
j^2not at all :(10:18
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j^2it's all cg now10:20
j^2kinda crazy10:20
Romsterhi jue10:20
juehi Romster10:21
juejaeger: I've uploaded the i586 version, IIRC is our new master?10:23
jaegerI guess tilman and I are sharing that, kinda10:26
jaegerI'll add it to the rsync repo10:26
clbUpdate from opt: 26 Mar 15:09 - pango: updated to version 1.16.110:26
jaegerwhere is it uploaded?10:27
jueok, so the nice stuff is here
jaegerthe nice stuff? :)10:28
jaegerit'll take me a few minutes to download, I'll let you know when it's up10:28
juebtw, have you had the time to test the new coreutils/fakeroot?10:31
jaegerI installed them on my desktop at home and its SATA posts died afterwards, so I'll have to install them on another machine and test, I'll give it a try today10:32
jaeger(for the record, I'm sure the two are NOT related)10:37
juehopefully :-)10:37
jaegerironically, I wanted to get a motherboard with SLI support anyway, so I ordered one with 2 pci-x16 slots and SLI10:39
clbUpdate from core: 26 Mar 15:38 - bash: update to 3.2.15 || 26 Mar 15:35 - m4: update to 1.4.910:56
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Viper_tilman: does Xorg don't contain xdm anymore?11:16
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Viper_it seems that there is no useful login manager except slim11:19
tilman-> han has a xdm port11:19
tilmanif more people want xdm in xorg/, i can port it though11:19
jaegerjue, tilman: added the 2.3 i586 files to the rsync repo11:23
tilmanyou mean the ftp/rsync site?11:24
juejaeger: thanks11:24
Viper_i will try this port11:24
jueViper_: how about adopting tcl/tk?11:24
jaegertilman: to my rsync site11:25
jaegerjue: np11:25
Viper_hmm i don't use it11:25
juegitk is a nice app ...11:26
Viper_haven't tried it yet :)11:27
tilmanjue: did you try giggle?11:27
tilmanfrom my repo11:27
tilmanjue: actually, don't try it yet. i think the current version broke my ~/.gitconfig11:28
juenot yet11:28
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Viper_hmm xdm is still very ugly11:28
treachViper_:  :P11:30
tilmantheming xdm is easy11:31
Viper_lol tilman it seems that my pc is to sill to use login manager; again these fucking keymap errors11:32
aoni somehow doubt that the main xdm development focus is "0mg 3y3candy!1"11:33
jaegertilman: just mentioned it to you as well in case you wanted to sync it instead of downloading from crux.nu11:33
Viper_of course not.. but does it really have to look like this?11:33
tilmanjaeger: yep11:33
jaegerAFK for lunch11:34
treachViper_: same muse as the fvwm people. :)11:35
aonis the 2.3 contrib rsync for some reason still actually 2.2?11:45
aoni could swear i committed a patch for libcap there..11:45
Viper_can somebody please give me an example configuration of his keyboard which should be part in xorg.conf?11:45
Viper_especially somebody who uses a login manager11:45
tilmani don't think your xorg.conf is to blame11:47
Viper_well yeah i doubt that it's my xorg.conf but anything must be wrong :)11:48
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Viper_i've just solved these keymap errors with xdm and slim12:33
Viper_it's due to a non-existing /var/lib/xkb12:33
Viper_tilman: could you add this directory in any of your ports?12:34
Viper_right now it's only writable by root12:34
tilmanXorg is setuid root12:34
Viper_just wanted to mention it :)12:35
juehmm, xorg-server has a /var/lib/xkb already12:40
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Viper_well that's strange13:05
Viper_why hasn't it been created? I've upgraded by using our bootable cd13:07
treachhmm, why on earth does "x11" depend on cvs?13:09
treachah, sorry, forget about that.13:09
tilmani was scared for a moment13:09
tilmanjue: thanks for your reply btw, i'll copy the handbook "shortly"13:10
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jaegerjue: testing fakeroot/coreutils now13:36
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