IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2007-03-30

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clbUpdate from opt: 30 Mar 12:54 - postfix: upgraded to 2.4.007:55
tilmanViper_: how painful is the upgrade?07:56
Viper_seems to be not very painful07:56
Viper_it seems that you only have to run postfix upgrade-configuration afterwards07:57
Viper_it's working quite well on my pc :)07:58
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* j^2 waves08:58
tilmani think i found a port that doesn't work with coreutils 6.909:16
tilmani'll reveal which one it is once i verified that the build failures are actually due to fakeroot09:17
tilmanso, tension.09:17
tilmanfalse alarm09:21
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jaegeranyone want to look at a backtrace and see if there's an obvious fix? :)10:33
jaegerinteresting that it says "backtrace generated from /usr/libexec/gnome-settings-daemon" since there's no /usr/libexec10:35
tilmanwonder where those funny symbol names come from10:36
tilmanjaeger: did you try to change your gtk theme with that program/daemon?10:37
tilmanjaeger: or with any other program10:37
jaegerwith a separate app, gnome-theme-manager10:37
tilmanmaybe the theme/the theme engine is buggy10:38
jaegercould be, I guess. I'll try with a clean gnome desktop and not tweak the theme10:38
tilmananyway, it's not trivial ;)10:38
jaegerI'd just like to know what's causing it in case another crux gnome ports user asks10:39
tilmanyou could find out whether it happens only if you try to switch to a specific theme/engine10:40
tilmanit has something to do with that anyway:10:40
tilmansettings_update_color_scheme ()10:40
tilmanthat's the earliest meaningful function in the backtrace10:41
tilmanjaeger: you could try to get a better debug build (-g -O0) and valgrind the daemon process. but that's not trivial either ;D10:41
tilmanjaeger: better check for this issue :)10:42
jaegerI appreciate the help, I find those backtraces pretty voodoo10:42
jaegerI have :( Though it's possible I'm searching for the wrong terms10:42
tilmani'd just file a new bug then10:42
tilmannot that big an issue if it turns out it was a dupe10:42
jaegerI love nested X sessions :) make it easy to test10:44
jaegertilman: seems to work fine so far without switching the theme... I guess tango is buggy, perhaps. at least gives me something more to look for in the gnome bugzilla10:57
jaegerthanks for your help10:57
tilmansure, np10:58
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juejaeger: thanks for the info11:24
juetilman: any news wrt fakeroot?11:24
jaegerjue: np11:25
tilmanjue: hi -- no failures here. i didn't build *all* the ports though11:25
aonjue: works here, too11:26
jueok, thx11:26
jueso I think it's save to commit the stuff11:26
jaegergrrr... now that my main box is once again at least powering on, neither windows nor linux will boot, nor will any CD I've tried so far... but memtest finds no problems11:28
clbUpdate from opt: 30 Mar 16:38 - [security] dovecot: update to 1.0.rc29 || 30 Mar 16:33 - fakeroot: update to 1.6.5, added patch to support *at() functions11:58
clbUpdate from core: 30 Mar 16:29 - coreutils: update to 6.911:58
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Viper_hmm building fakeroot doesn't work13:17
Viper_checking for type of second arg to stat... configure: error: cannot determine second stat argument13:17
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clbUpdate from opt: 31 Mar 04:16 - xchat: added japanese translation patch, freedesktop entry23:29

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