IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2007-03-31

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Romsterheh i did that patch to mine ages ago..00:29
Romsterwould be nice if t enabled python too i don't care for perl plugins :/00:29
jaegerhadn't looked at their downloads lately00:29
jaegerI actually use the python plugin but someone bitched about it last time I suggested that00:29
Romsteri'm ging though my stuff in contrib now00:29
Romsteri think python is kind of neat, and i'd tell them to prt-get edit xchat or add there own version to there repo.00:30
Romsteri was thinking of pkgmk needs some way to see if the date on the fiel on the site has altered for files that don't have a version or date in there filename, wget can use timestamps00:34
Romsterwould save the pain in the arse foo.tar.gz and findig later the md5sum don't match as its changed, but won't redownload as there is a copy of the archive on the system, and if ya delete the local copy it be a pain to over download it too.00:35
Romsterunless you can think of a better method? i'm thinking of hacking a patch for it00:35
Romsterwhen i get some time00:35
jaegernot off the top of my head00:36
Romsterwould my idea be accepted if i do manage to make a patch?00:36
jaegerno idea00:37
Romsterhrmm the web site dosn't seem to list crux-2.3 repos yet?00:37
jaegerthe portsdb or someplace else?00:38
Romsteryeah the portsdb dosn't list crux-2.300:41
Romsteronly 2.200:41
Romstertheres no kde 2.3 branch yet either.00:42
Romsterbut thats upto that person todo.00:42
Romsteri've uped my kde.rsync file so when it is out i won't be left behind00:43
Romsterwhere did the gnome go there should be a git repo for gnome too.00:43
Romsternot that i use gnome00:44
jaegerI don't like git00:44
Romsteri might actually get an itch to try it oneday00:44
jaegersome gnome didn't actually go anywhere00:44
Romsterheh i didn't but it seem to have to be forced to use git00:44
Romsteri was quite hapy with svn00:44
jaegerI still prefer svn but I wasn't the majority00:45
jaegeranyway, I think viper is the man for the portdb, not sure these days00:47
RomsterConnecting to
Romster  Failed to download REPO: The requested URL returned error: 40400:48
Romsterbeen like that for awhile00:48
Romsteryou moved it?00:48
jaegerrsync-only now00:49
Romsterarn't on the port db yet either.00:49
jaegerit's never been on the portdb as far as I know00:50
Romsteri'd get it added and alert viper about the crux-2.3 listing00:51
Romstersee if it can be at the top of the repositorys listing in that group :)00:51
jaegerperhaps he'll see it in the logs; if not, I'll mention it next time I see him00:52
Romsteras gnone would be jsut as important as kde and xorg etc00:52
jaegerperhaps. I figure the wiki has the right info, but I don't have a preference00:52
Romsteryou'd see him more than me so thats why i asked you00:52
jaegeranyhow, need to get some sleep and gotta drive home first :)00:52
jaegerwell, can also leave notes with the bot if needed00:53
jaegersee the "Later" plugin00:53
Romsterah hadn't know00:53
Romsterwell catch ya later m800:53
jaegertake care00:53
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clbUpdate from opt: 31 Mar 20:11 - wine: updated to 0.9.3415:37
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Romsterhi Viper_  are you the one to see about the portsdb not listing crux-2.3?19:25
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Viper__Romster: what do you mean?21:18
Viper__ok.. you will have to tell me the answer tomorrow21:19
* Viper__ is going to sleep now21:19
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Romsterdoh was about todo a ctcp Viper___ time, but realsied he's quit :/21:27
aon04:20, i suppose22:00
aon...i mean around the time he quit it was22:15
Romsterah k23:37

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