IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2007-04-01

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clbUpdate from opt: 1 Apr 09:45 - scite: update to 1.73 || 1 Apr 09:43 - uw-imap: update to 2006g05:13
clbUpdate from xorg: 1 Apr 09:44 - xorg-xf86-input-joystick: updated to 1.2.005:13
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clbUpdate from opt: 1 Apr 15:09 - xchat: replaced external fd.o entry with included one, no rebuild needed10:16
jaegerRomster: I ended up creating an xchat-python-plugin port in my personal repo10:17
Romsterah k10:19
Romsteri got one in my repo but i can't honestly see why not to have python enabled10:19
Romsterif they don't want python then they don't have python installed :D10:20
Romsterlike configure enables everything it can get its hands on approch.10:20
jaegerI don't feel too picky either way, installing the plugin as an extra port doesn't bother me much10:20
jaegerthe only reason I like to avoid that approach is constant mails or questions about footprint mismatches10:21
Romsteri guess :/10:21
Romsteri'm gonna recheck my ports in a chroot and only install whats on the dependent line and chek the footprint, if its out i'll update it10:23
Romsterany extra packages may add new files but at least none of the files will be missing, then i think pkgmk should warn on adding files and error on missing files10:23
Romsterjust look at hal and dbus as examples it makes ya wanna ignore the footprint don't it10:24
jaegerI don't have any dbus/hal-related mismatches besides cups10:27
Romsterand rebuilding glibc added /usr/share/info crap too :/10:28
Romsterwonder if i even need that reched makeinfo app10:28
Romsterthink i installed it to make a program compile that refused too10:28
jaegeralsa-driver and glibc have a conflict now, which annoys me to no end10:29
tilmanjaeger: where/what?10:29
Romsteri haven't noticed anything10:30
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jaegerI'll save the list next time I install it10:32
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treachtilman: libtiff has changed url. apparently the felt "pub" wasn't needed anymore. :)15:45
treachs the/they15:45
tilmantillb: it's very likely that you can hack away at the ports db :)15:52
tilmantreach: maybe it's an april fools joke ;)15:55
treachyou never know..15:56
tillbtilman: ok16:37
tillbdo you have a special use case for the xml-export-feature?16:38
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Viper_does anybody know why openoffice 2.1.0 has these ugly looking fonts?17:29
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clbUpdate from opt: 1 Apr 22:50 - zsh: updated md5sum of zsh-lovers manpage18:17
treachaon: you should probably add libmad to the deps for cmus.18:49
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