IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2007-04-03

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clbUpdate from opt: 3 Apr 10:49 - cabextract, sloccount: new ports05:58
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clbUpdate from opt: 3 Apr 13:01 - firefox-java-plugin: adopted from Jay Dolan08:32
aonmorning j^208:54
j^2how you doing aon ?08:55
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aonhmm, i'd like to take over netpbm, but they make releases only in svn08:58
aonsince changing the port to svn isn't an option, i guess i need to look for some place to host a tarball, then..08:58
clbUpdate from opt: 3 Apr 13:44 - sharutils: took over maintainership09:02
clbUpdate from opt: 3 Apr 15:17 - netpbm: took over maintainership, updated to 10.35.2510:32
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tilmandamn, how big is that thing?11:02
jaeger1.9M... a search for "failed" will turn up the interesting bits, though11:02
jaegerthought at first it was a coreutils issue but this machine doesn't have the same problem11:04
tilmancould you upload a gzipped copy?11:04
tilmancan't grab it on $favouriteremotehost because port 81 isn't open11:04
jaegerupload where?11:05
tilmans/upload/make available/11:05
tilmani can connect to port 81 from here11:05
jaegeralright. gzipped in the same location11:06
tilmani guess /root/.fontconfig didn't exist11:07
tilmanand fc-cache didn't try to create it11:07
tilmanjaeger: line 13631, the open fails11:07
jaegeraye. the file was created in /var/cache/fontconfig, not in /root/.fontconfig11:10
jaegerand the previous open succeeds11:10
jaegeropen("/var/cache/fontconfig/74f36e770a965d1fd3034b3222e9d25e-x86.cache-2", O_RDONLY) = 311:18
jaegerfstat64(3, {st_mode=S_IFREG|0644, st_size=286920, ...}) = 011:18
jaegerbetween the fstat64 and close there's a read call in the strace on the machine that works11:18
jaegerwell, I'll look at it again later, almost lunchtime11:22
tilmani need to dive in the code to see why it didn't create ~/.fontconfig :/11:23
jaegerit never seems to. I don't have one on this machine, either11:24
jaegerof course, now it's working on the other machine (without ~/.fontconfig)11:24
jaegersometimes I hate computers11:24
clbUpdate from opt: 3 Apr 16:26 - subversion-bashcompletion: adopted, updated to 1.4.3 || 3 Apr 16:25 - bash-completion, crux-bashcompletion: adopted || 3 Apr 16:19 - openoffice: updated to 2.2.011:32
clbUpdate from opt: 3 Apr 16:38 - whois: update to 4.7.21 || 3 Apr 16:37 - samhain: update to 2.3.3 || 3 Apr 16:36 - sqlite3: update to 3.3.1412:02
clbUpdate from opt: 3 Apr 17:16 - ccache: adopted || 3 Apr 17:15 - libtiff: fixed source URL12:33
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clbUpdate from opt: 3 Apr 21:58 - audiofile: adopted17:03
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clbUpdate from opt: 3 Apr 22:07 - wireless-tools: adopted || 3 Apr 22:06 - madwifi: adopted17:33
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