IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2007-04-04

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jaegersomeone named Alexander Feller emailed me saying he wants to provide a mirror08:40
jaegerhttp, ftp, and rsync, and he's syncing from code-monkey at the moment08:41
jaegerI'll add it to the mirror list after I check it out08:49
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j^2hey jaeger any chance you use know any good books on active directory?09:12
jaegernope, sorry. no experience with AD, myself09:13
j^2lame! yeah it seems our AD server went down this morning and i'm charged to figure out a back up09:13
jaegertilman: are the packages in the ftp-install tree just the ones from the release ISO or are they updated?09:17
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deus_exj^2: Maybe this can help you  with AD?
j^2oh nice!09:25
tilmanjaeger: it's the original packages from the cd09:57
jaegerI removed my loopback mounts and synced that instead09:58
tilman___mavrick61: ping?10:18
clbUpdate from opt: 4 Apr 15:38 - git: updated to 1.5.110:41
jaegergonna try to build a 2.3 initramfs ISO today10:45
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tilmanhi jue11:27
juehmm, our list of mirrors is rather outdated atm11:28
tilmanit should be less of a problem once we have set up11:28
juedo we have a list of contact addresses?11:29
tilmannot afaik11:29
jueI'd copy the current list to DownloadOldReleases and remove all none-2.3 mirrors from the Download page11:35
jueobjections ?11:35
jueok, done11:50
jaegerwow, that's a short mirror list11:59
clbUpdate from opt: 4 Apr 17:10 - unison: update to 2.27.1012:12
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j^2ahh! that list is short.... i can host a mirror at if ya'll would like13:27
jaegerI don't think more mirrors can hurt13:48
j^2yeah true ;)13:48
j^2just the iso?13:48
j^2it's a ubuntu box :P...and i've never messed with rsync :D13:49
jaegerwell, quite easy to mirror with rsync :)14:03
j^2what would the advantage be?14:03
j^2btw, i added my mirror ;)14:03
jaegerit's quick and smart about changes14:03
j^2other then the iso?14:04
j^2or just the iso?14:04
jaegerwell, you can do whichever you like14:04
j^2i always wondered why our ports tree was only at crux.nu14:06
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j^2tilman: Catatonic by Tactical Sekt is awesome!14:36
jaegerso I'm not the only person who likes tactical sekt :)14:39
tilmanthe jaeger likes the sekt14:39
j^2it's got the beat that i like ;)14:39
jaegeryeah, pretty good stuff14:39
tilmanxfixiation is probably my favourite track14:40
jaegerI like lots of electronica and d&b stuff14:40
tilmansooooo awesome :D14:40
j^2i just finished the Burn Process EP and Geneticide albums14:41
j^2finshed getting them i should say14:41
aonfinished walking home from the recordstore eh? :)14:41
j^2of course :D14:42
aon@seen sip14:49
clbaon: sip was last seen in #crux-devel 1 week, 5 days, 3 hours, 32 minutes, and 59 seconds ago: <sip> Generally speaking, I think it's better to enable all non-experimental scsi stuff, and maybe some experimental-but-known-to-work ones14:49
jaegerthere is no sip, there is only zuul14:51
jaegeryou know, symlinking /etc/localtime to /usr/share/zoneinfo/$TIMEZONE could cause problems if /usr can't be mounted15:12
jaegernothing huge, I suppose, but annoying15:12
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j^2tilman: ping18:49
treachj^2: that's probably futile. you should study the timezone phenomen some day. ;)18:54
j^2treach: never!18:56
j^2yeah i dont honestly think about it...hell we all are almost always on irc :P18:56
treach"You say godbye, I say hello."18:57
treachor something like that.18:57
j^2works for me ;)18:57
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