IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2007-04-05

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j^2hey all09:01
aonhi j^209:30
j^2haw's it going aon ?09:30
aonnot bad09:30
aonjust got home from work, now it's easter vacation until monday09:31
aonlike, including monday09:32
j^2you bastard09:32
j^2i dont even get friday off09:32
aonokay, time to try if the server routes09:36
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tilmanj^2: pong10:06
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j^2tilman: hey10:22
tilmanhey hey10:22
jaegerhey hey hey!10:29
tilmanhey hey hey hey hey10:30
jaegeryou win10:32
jaegerI can't compete with that10:32
tilmani had hoped you'd go on fubinacci-style10:32
jaegerit was tempting but there'd be a point rather soon where I'd get tired of typing hey10:33
treach"fibonacci"? ;)10:35
tilmanmea culpa10:35
tilmansorry, seniore fibonacci10:35
tilmanthis is very embarassing10:36
tilmandon't tell anyone10:36
treachI'll try to keep it secret to Mr Fibonacci.10:38
tilmanto the rest of the world, too, please10:38
treachNot sure what happens if he reads the logs though..10:38
tilmannormally i do know how to spell the name10:38
* tilman hasn't finished his after-work-coffee10:38
clbUpdate from xorg: 5 Apr 15:27 - xorg-libxfont: updated to 1.2.810:50
j^2tilman: btw, testement isn't _that_ bad :P11:56
j^2jesus i cant spell11:57
tilmanthat's one of maybe three songs that don't suck12:14
j^2i just bought tickets to see 'em on June 5th :)13:04
j^2pretty cheap too, 20 bucks13:04
j^2hella cheaper then sxsw13:04
tilmanplease tell me more about it!!!!!!13:04
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