IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2007-04-07

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clbUpdate from xorg: 7 Apr 12:04 - [security] xorg-libx11: applied fix for CVE 2007-166707:12
clbUpdate from xorg: 7 Apr 12:26 - [security] xorg-server: applied fix for CVE 2007-100307:44
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aonjaeger: did you once say that you don't want to keep wxgtk?12:40
jaegerI rarely use it anymore; if you'd like to take it over, I don't mind at all13:01
aoni'll update it to 2.6.4; the 2.8 branch breaks scorched3d13:12
aonthey've most likely fixed it in cvs so i guess it's just waiting for them to release13:13
jaegerok. thanks :)13:13
aon(the problems are in gif handling and scorched3d has switched to png)13:13
jaegerhopefully for something simple like that a release is forthcoming... if not, we could make a cvs port if necessary13:14
aonwell, there are two apps using wxgtk in opt and contrib so there's no hurry :)13:19
aonas amule still compiles with 2.613:20
clbUpdate from opt: 7 Apr 19:10 - wxgtk: adopted, updated to 2.6.414:17
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