IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2007-04-08

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tilmanjaeger: ping?02:31
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tilmanjaeger: unping, you've got mail instead ;)04:15
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jaegertilman: I see your mail, I'll update it when I get back home, gotta leave in a few minutes09:42
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tilmanit would be cool if the portsdb showed the version of the port11:13
tilmani know the new one is to be light weight, but using something like "version=(.*)$" should be doable11:13
Romsteri liked the old portsdb better :/11:18
Romsterwas it that much of a load?11:19
tilmandunno, i guess sip had a good reason :)11:19
treachiirc the new version was supposed to be more easily maintainable.11:55
treachgranted that apparently he managed to pass along the maintainership, you could deduct that he was successful. ;)11:56
treachRomster: btw, did you verify that xine-lib really built against the external liba52?11:59
treach(Makes you look kinda dumb if you list a dep which isn't subsequently used.. :p )12:00
Romstererr, goes to check it _again_12:02
treachRomster: same with libmad, btw12:07
Romster--with-external-libmad  use external libmad library (not recommended)12:10
Romsteri should be paying more attention.. i've been doing alot lately...12:11
treachwell, it appaars that linking to libmad works anyway, but it seems like --with-external-a52-dec does nothing for me.12:13
treach*appears* (damned cat..)12:13
jaegerI think the old portdb wasn't ideal because it did filesystem searches (grep, find) rather than having a database of some sort12:18
jaegerseems we could have fixed that without making it so much less useful but I don't remember12:18
Romstertreach, testing.12:19
Romsterjaeger, ah i'd sugest a sqlite3 database todo it all it be fast and a cron job can go over the Pkgfiles .footprint etc once a day.12:21
Romsteri've been meaning to do someting like that..12:21
jaegerI think I suggested something like that at the time12:21
Romsterbecasue searching for files in all the packages was a handy feature...12:21
treachI wish that a52 stuff along with ffmpeg etc was mature enough to pull out from xine and mplayer alike. :-/12:22
clbUpdate from opt: 8 Apr 17:31 - scummvm: updated to use make install and install themes, thanks Tilman12:54
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clbUpdate from xorg: 8 Apr 21:00 - xorg-xgamma: initial release16:24
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